Chapter 250:

Chapter 250: The Night the Sky Cried

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 250: The Night the Sky Cried

Narrator: Zeth, Emily, and Joe must now immediately cope with the loss of their good friend.

*Zeth, Emily, and Joe continue to look at Kurt’s dead body with despair. The rain continues to fall heavily. Joe falls to his knees*

Joe: It’s all my fault…

*Zeth hears this and walks up to Joe with a disapproving look in his eyes*

Zeth: What did you do?

Emily: Zeth, your body is highly corrupted.

Zeth: Never mind that for now. I want to know what Joe did.

*Zeth suddenly just becomes angrier and starts yelling as he bends down to look Joe in the face*

Zeth: What the hell did you do, Joe!?

*Joe starts bursting out into tears*

Joe: Gen had interrogated me! He forced me to tell him where Kurt was otherwise, he would kill my family and everyone else I know!! I was too scared to know what to do!!

*Zeth walks over to a loose wall and punches it which completely destroys it*

Zeth: Damn it, Joe! You know we could have dealt with Gen before he actually does that!

*Zeth walks back over to Joe and yells more*

Zeth: You made a selfish decision!! You just sent Kurt to his death!!

Joe: I… I… *cries more* I’m sorry!!!!

Zeth: Don’t apologize to me!! Apologize to Kurt!!

Emily: Please, Zeth, consider the situation—

Zeth: No!! Kurt’s dead!! Sold out by his own friend!!

Emily: You’re being completely irrational right now, Zeth! It must be the corruption! This is not like you at all!

Zeth: Is it!? From what I see, Joe has proved he is not above other mortals! He can’t be trusted anymore!

*Those words hit Joe hard. He has a flashback to when Zonbi warned them at the end of the Chaos Tournament that Zeth would “drop his mortal friends like yesterday’s news”*

Emily: You can say whatever you want, but I know that’s not how you feel! You are completely corrupted!

Zeth: Kurt would not have sold out Joe!!

*Zeth turns away from them and starts walking away*

Emily: Where are you going!?

*Zeth turns his head back with an expression that is both sad and angry*

Zeth: I’m going to avenge Kurt!

*Joe suddenly has a flashback of the vision in his head while the heroes were in the Temple of the Light Goddess. In the vision, Zeth starts walking away from Joe with a sad and disapproving face. Now it is happening in reality*

*Zeth begins running out away from the mountains, trying to find Gen. The direction he is heading in is where Dom and Goma were fighting*

Emily: Don’t worry, Joe! Zeth is simply not mentally stable!

*Emily looks at Joe and sees that he is in mental shock*

Emily: Joe! Please don’t let his corrupted words eat away at you!

*Dom then shows up and sees Kurt’s dead body*

Dom: Kurt!

*Dom runs over to Kurt’s body*

Emily: You couldn’t be…? Are you Master Dom?

Dom: Yes! What happened to Kurt!?

Emily: He was killed by a powerful demon!

*Dom cries over Kurt’s body*

Dom: No…! The student isn’t supposed to die before the master!

*Emily can do nothing but look sad*


*Zeth is running out in the flat plains towards where the small lakes are as the rain continues to rage on*

Zeth: Gen!!! You bastard!!! Come out!!! I’m going to get you for this!!! I’m going to kill you!!! I swear it!!! You have to be around here somewhere!!!

*Soon, he sees a figure out in the distance*

Zeth: Is that him!!?

*Zeth runs towards the figure*

*The figure turns out to be Goma. A lot of the blood on him has been washed away by the rain. Goma sees Zeth and stops him*

Goma: You are quite corrupted, divine being. Allow me to finish you off.

Zeth: Get out of the way!! I have someone I need to kill!!!

Goma: You won’t be going anywhere! As the commander of the Crow Beak Divine Killers, I have a duty to kill you!

Zeth: You are the commander of the Crow Beak Divine Killers!? Then I’m going to quickly kill you first and then move on to Gen!!


Narrator: At the entrance of a cave at the mountain.

*Some Crow Beak Divine Killers soldiers are blown out. Zaydra somewhat limps out of the cave and sits down. Parts of her body are glowing green*

Zaydra: I feel so weak right now and I couldn’t find Zeth…


Narrator: Meanwhile, out on the plains, not far from where Zeth and Goma are.

*Hamura, Korobu, and Gen are standing and waiting*

Hamura: Less than an hour until the invasion begins.

Gen: I killed my target. Did you find Zeth, Korobu?

Korobu: Now I have.

*They all look out and see Zeth and Goma in the distance*

Hamura: (Thinking) How did he escape the barrier I put him in?

Gen: I guess you can go eliminate him now.

Korobu: This won’t take long.

*Just as Korobu was about to go after Zeth, they notice a golden Star Shine Blast coming at them. They jump away to avoid the explosion*

*The three of them look to see where the attack came from and see Harmona as well as a small army of angels following her. Harmona has changed her clothes to a wardress. The dress is gold-colored and is outlined with lightweight ruby red metal strands. The uniform is sleeveless. Harmona is wearing a headpiece that looks similar to a crown. It goes on her forehead rather than the top of her head. It is gold-colored and it has a star-shaped ruby on the front. It has four prongs sticking up, two on the front of her head and one on both the left and right sides of her head*

*Behind Harmona and the angels is golden light that brightens up the darkness behind them even as the rain rages on in the night. Harmona looks furious*

Korobu: So I am graced with your presence again? How interesting.

Gen: I’m surprised you have come to fight us yourself, Harmona. Hmhmhm!

Hamura: Looks like the three of us are going to have to entertain her.

Harmona: I’m here stop your invasion before it even begins! I have been preparing for this moment!

Narrator: Everything is falling apart for the heroes! Zeth has abandoned his friends and now must take on Goma! And Harmona must deal with Korobu, Gentorious, and Hamura! Can Harmona prevent the invasion!?

Chapter 250 END

To be Continued in Chapter 251: Zeth vs Goma