Chapter 107:

Interlude: The source of our rivalry

The Y-files [GL]

Elsa's POVBookmark here

Claire had already gone home, but Tina, Therese, Eve, and I were getting together at my place for idol practice. Tomorrow we would be meeting our manager, and I did not want to make a fool out of myself. For the four of us, this was not just a performance at the school festival, but the start of our future careers. They made me the center, so it would be my responsibility to make sure we don't slack off.Bookmark here

When we got to my place, mom was really surprised to see me in the company of the girls that had put me in the hospital. Bookmark here

“Why did you bring those girls here, Elsa!” I could feel the resentment in her tone.Bookmark here

I noticed Therese and Eve were really uncomfortable. Even though I could understand mom, Tina, and I were the victims. It should be up to us to forgive them or not.Bookmark here

“Mom, we are a professional idol formation from today on, so next to friends we are colleagues too,” I told her. “ I thought Ms. Lourdes called you to explain we got an offer today.”Bookmark here

“Not in so much detail. I didn't know those two would be in the same group.”Bookmark here

“They are called Eve and Therese, and they did apologize to us.”Bookmark here

“Is it really that simple for you? They attacked you and your girlfriend you know.”Bookmark here

“We made them work hard to make it up!” Tina said to support me. “They really did!”Bookmark here

“I don't know. Honey! Come over please.” Mom always did that. Every time something did not go her way, she called dad over to tell us “his” opinion on things. I rolled my eyes and let out an inner sigh.Bookmark here

My dad walked up from the living room, looking interested at the guests, and then looked at mom to see what the fuss was about.Bookmark here

“Tell her honey.” Mom said.Bookmark here

“Tell them what?” Dad did not seem to know what mom was going on about.Bookmark here

“Don't you recognize them?”Bookmark here

“That is Tina, Therese, and Eve. We talked a couple of times in Tina's hospital room, during the last week when I went to pick up Elsa at the hospital.” Dad said. He was clearly still not getting Mom's point. She was getting to her boiling point.Bookmark here

“And you didn't tell me! You let our daughter be in danger” Mom was really starting to become hysterical.Bookmark here

“Now now. Let's not exaggerate things. They apologized to both us and our daughter, and she accepted the apology. I trust Elsa's judgment, and they were very friendly to me afterward. Let's not dredge up all that old stuff.”Bookmark here

While mom and dad were having their little spat, Therese and Eve looked like they wanted to go. Who could blame them really?Bookmark here

“Please stay,” I said to them. “We need to solve this at some point.”Bookmark here

In the end, dad seemed to have won the argument. I was surprised at that, but he put his foot down for once. “But the two of you aren't staying for dinner. I need some more time before I can act as if nothing happened,” mom said to Therese and Eve. The both of them nodded a bit shy. The atmosphere was a bit awkward now. So I decided to take the girls to my room.Bookmark here

I put myself behind my keyboard and played some tunes that I wrote to see if they liked any of them to become one of our songs. I was no wizard behind the piano, but I had been playing the piano for 8 years now.Bookmark here

We decided on one of the faster catchy tunes that I wrote.Bookmark here

So all we needed now was lyrics!Bookmark here

That was the point where the collective writer's block set in. We had no idea what to sing about. Eventually, the silence was broken by Tina.Bookmark here

“Well, Claire is doing a guest performance with us, so why don't we call the song “The Yuri Jeanne D'arc” and make it a song about how all girls that meet her find love in another girl's arms. We can then act and dance it out since she will be there.”Bookmark here

“Brilliant!” Eve said. Therese also clearly agreed.Bookmark here

Well, as long as I was going to be the center, I guess I could give the spotlight to Claire for one day.Bookmark here

Once the theme was decided, the lyrics wrote themselves. Claire was presented as the heroine that liberated women all across the globe with her yuri gospel.Bookmark here

“We can end the song with all of us kissing on stage!” Therese said enthusiastically. “We are Yuri Blooms after all.” Eve agreed. “I don't mind kissing you on stage, hon,” Tina said to me. “Isn't that going a bit far?” I asked. “No, it's perfect. That way Claire brings us together too.”Bookmark here

I guess we were kissing on stage then. I felt myself getting really nervous about the performance all of the sudden.Bookmark here

We fooled a bit around with the song until we could sing the song together. It was already stuck in my head. Claire was going to be surprised. I am sure this would impress her. I was happy that we were going to share the spotlights on Saturday.Bookmark here

After a while, mom called us to say dinner was ready. That meant it was time for Therese and Eve to go home. So we all went downstairs.Bookmark here

We were all laughing and having fun when we arrived in the dining room, where mom and dad sat in a completely different atmosphere. The air still hadn't cleared completely from earlier.Bookmark here

Therese and Eve politely wished us all a good night and left.Bookmark here

We went to the table, mom said “In the future tell me beforehand, so I can prepare mentally to be confronted with those two. I just can't forgive those girls for doing such a dreadful thing to my baby. When I saw those images I wanted to rip their guts out myself.”Bookmark here

I was a bit at a loss for words, but Tina grabbed my hand. I looked back at her, and she nodded to me. It was clear she was showing me that she supported me, and wanted to give me strength.Bookmark here

“If Tina and I can forgive them, I am sure you will also be able to. Claire helped them to find their true selves, and they left all the hatred behind.”Bookmark here

“Now that Claire girl, that is a really interesting girl. Why don't you bring friends like her home? She seems like such a lovely girl”Bookmark here

“She's performing with us next weekend, so she might come along one of the following days,” Tina said.Bookmark here

I felt a bit betrayed. Why was it always Claire? Ever since I started going to school, my mom always admired Claire and told me to be more like her. So I felt like I was in competition with her. It led to the whole feud I had with her before we became friends. I just wanted to beat her and have my mother admit that I was better than her.Bookmark here

“How lovely. Let me know beforehand, so I can make sure to make dinner.”Bookmark here

“You do realize that she is friends with Therese and Eve too. She won't come if they aren't welcome here. Hmph!”Bookmark here

“You should have told me about Claire's role in all of this. That would have changed everything!”Bookmark here

Really mom? I felt depressed. My word was not good enough. But a girl you thought was like the ideal daughter, but that you never talked to was?Bookmark here

My dad added “I don't know this Claire girl, but she certainly sounds impressive. I can't wait to meet your friend."Bookmark here

I could explode with anger. Tina clearly noticed my frustration and squeezed my hand. I looked at her and she rolled her eyes to show me that she did not agree with my parents.Bookmark here

We finished our dinner and went back to my room. I wanted to be away from my parents as soon as I could. I felt tears starting to flow. “I did my best to defend my friends and my group. I am going to be the center, but I can't even convince my parents. But Claire can, without even being present! I am so useless!” I ranted.Bookmark here

Tina stopped me, embraced me, and said “You're not only the center of our group, but you are also the center of the universe for me. Claire does not even come close.” She kissed me. I kissed her back. Tina's kisses were working like the best medicine ever invented. The anger and powerlessness were leaving my system and being replaced with a strong desire. She led me to my bed and pushed me down.Bookmark here

“I will show you how loved you are, my beautiful center!”Bookmark here

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