Chapter 108:

Interlude: A mother-daughter talk

The Y-files [GL]

Rosa's POVBookmark here

Now that my working day was over, I was making my way to my car with mixed feelings. I was really happy to see Sandra, but I dreaded facing Eline again. Had I been in the wrong putting my own happiness first for once in my life? It's not like Sandra and I are going to stop her from seeing Elodie. They can even share a room, so if anything we are supportive of them. But it did hurt me tremendously to see Eline so hurt, by my own happiness. I had hurt her in the past with my divorce and had sworn to never let something like that happen again. I thought I had thought things through. Maybe I should reconsider things. No, I could not risk losing Sandra again. I hope tonight we could at least put some peace between the two of us.Bookmark here

It's a bit ridiculous that they would not be able to get married if Sandra and I get married. Well, at least Anna and Claire were looking into it. They seemed to really know what they were doing. There was not much we could do about it now, as long as we did not have more information, and I had to be sure to tell Eline that Sandra and I would do anything to support the two of them. I am sure we would be able to find a way to all be happy. I did not want a stain like that on my new marriage. Knowing that my own happiness brought others unhappiness really hurt, and was eating me from the inside.Bookmark here

While I was lost in these kinds of repetitive thoughts, I drove home, preparing in my head what I would say to Eline. I wanted her to find her cheerfulness again. Like she had been ever since she started hanging out with Elodie. To think, I thought it was photography cheering her up. I chuckled. Sometimes you can be so naive as a parent. I even bought her some extra equipment, because I saw she was having so much fun with that course.Bookmark here

I drove to Sandra's place where we would be spending the night. Eline and I were moving into Sandra's place permanently. She had the bigger place, and it was hers, I rented, so the choice was rather easy to make.Bookmark here

On my days off, we would start moving the larger stuff, so for tonight, Eline and I would have to make do with our overnight bags, tomorrow I would have some time to move at least the necessities.Bookmark here

Once I arrived at Sandra's, I took a deep breath. It was a bit sad that our moving in came with such a dark atmosphere. When I felt ready, I pushed the doorbell. The door opened, Fien was in front of it with a big smile on her face. “Come in, aunt Rosa! I gotta go back to the kitchen and help aunt Sandra.”Bookmark here

Before I could say anything she scurried away. It seems Sandra was continuing what I started with Fien. It would be fun if all of us could share the kitchen one day and work together on a feast.Bookmark here

I couldn't help but notice how fast Fien scurried off, completely unlike her mother. I can't remember Charlotte ever being so chipper. She had always been the dutiful bookworm. Bookmark here

“Aunt Rosa” I whispered with a smile on my face. I would have to get used to that one. I followed Fien to the kitchen, walked up to my bride-to-be, and gave her a kiss. “Just relax for a bit dear, dinner will be ready in half an hour,” Sandra said.Bookmark here

“The two of you seem to have hit it off in the kitchen,” I said approvingly.Bookmark here

“Well, I neglected to teach Elodie anything in the kitchen, and now she's just not interested. So I am happy you found an enthusiastic girl to teach things too.”Bookmark here

“Keep it up and you'll make an excellent wife, Fien!” I said to tease her a little. She was already starting to blush.Bookmark here

“W-wife?”Bookmark here

That was too cute, so I decided to go a little further. “Seems like you have someone in mind. Maybe you should ask aunt Sandra to teach you how to make something for that special someone.”Bookmark here

Fien's blush intensified. “I wasn't thinking of Maura at all!”Bookmark here

“I didn't mention Maura.” Fien, realizing her mistake, was reaching her limit. Luckily for her, Sandra skipped in. “Rosa dear, stop teasing her and let us work in peace, you don't want her to put sugar instead of salt on the potatoes.”Bookmark here

So Maura eh. I would have to make sure to ask Eline about her. Eline... thinking of her brought me back to that heavy atmosphere.Bookmark here

“I'll go and talk to Eline and Elodie then. They are in their room, aren't they? ”Bookmark here

Sandra gave me a knowing nod. We had talked in length about the whole situation yesterday night. We both agreed that we needed to find a solution, without that solution being the two of us giving up on getting married. We deserved to be happy too. I walked to Eline and Elodie's room and knocked. The door flew open almost instantly and two giggling girls in very cute puppy pajamas with a cape with cute fluffy dog ears stood in front of me.Bookmark here

“Come in mom. We are having fun with the pajamas we got from Thea Trallic. Did I mention that we are working for her now? She was really friendly and just asked for some pictures for her catalog in return.” Eline said while clearly being already occupied again with her photoshoot.Bookmark here

This scenario was completely different from the one I was imagining that I would be walking into. And what was that about working with Thea Trallic? I thought I gave permission for some high-level apprenticeship that would get her a master's degree while working. I did not think she would start working with a fashion icon like Thea Trallic on the first day.Bookmark here

I walked into the room and said “I was hoping we could talk.”Bookmark here

Eline looked at me intensely and said “Sure mom, it looks like you need someone to talk to.”Bookmark here

“Should I go?” Elodie immediately asked.Bookmark here

“No stay, this is about you too,” I answered. I'd better get used to treating them both as my own. That is what marrying Sandra means after all.Bookmark here

They both looked at me to see what I was going to say. Well, they were big girls, maybe I should just be frank with them and just talk with them like they were adults. I instantly threw all speeches I prepared in my mind during the last 24 hours out of the window and saidBookmark here

“To be honest, I was expecting a totally different atmosphere. I am surprised to see the two of you look so happy.”Bookmark here

The both of them looked at each other and then blushed. “We had a long... talk today, and decided to do our best to make things work,” Elodie said. Eline turned red behind her ears. I could very well understand that reaction. That pause had even made me blush. Eline is my baby girl for God's sake. Bookmark here

“I also had a long talk with Claire, and Elodie talked with Mia. The girls at the FBY really helped us.” Eline did her best to steer the conversation away from the embarrassing part. But that made it all the more clear to me that something did happen. I wondered why I was still so shocked about that. I had already caught them once, and we allowed them to share the bed, so it wasn't like I did not know these kinds of things were happening. But hearing it come out of their mouths was really on a different level. It made me realize my baby girl was growing up.Bookmark here

“I am glad the both of you have such reliable friends, honey.” I wanted to steer the conversation even further away from the embarrassment, and I noticed Eline was very grateful for that.Bookmark here

“I wanted to tell the both of you that outside of not getting married, Sandra and I will do anything we can to help the both of you. We will not stand in the way of your relationship. So if at any point, there is anything we can do, let us know. I want you to know that I want you to be happy. I just can't sacrifice my own happiness for that. I already learned that that does not work.”Bookmark here

Eline looked at me pensively, it clearly was still a touchy subject, but after a short while she decided to say “I might have to hold you to that.”Bookmark here

Elodie grabbed Eline from behind and whispered something in her ear. Eline turned a little shy, but Elodie pushed Eline back toward me.Bookmark here

“I'm sorry for reacting like I did yesterday. I want you and Sandra to be happy together. You have my blessing.”Bookmark here

“Both of our blessings!” Elodie added to that, and she pushed the three of us into a hug.Bookmark here

I felt the tears running down my cheeks. This was such a relief. I could not bear the thought of having another home where I dreaded the atmosphere so much, that I liked being at work more. It was a good thing that the family would be united.Bookmark here

We weren't at the end of our sorrows, but at least we were no longer facing them alone. We would be facing them as a family. I could feel the dark clouds that were hanging over me slowly start to disperse.Bookmark here

We released the hug and I stayed a while with them to look at the cute pictures they took of themselves in those cute pajamas. When I saw how my daughter looked at Elodie, I knew I just had to do everything in my power to protect that. A little while later, Fien came to get us for dinner.Bookmark here

When we arrived in the dining room, Sandra was already filling the plates and looked at me a little worried. She probably could see that I had been crying. I signaled her that everything was fine, and I saw a huge relief come over her. I had made her worry, didn't I? I did not like it when I made everyone around me worry. I would have to make sure, that I made it up to her later tonight.Bookmark here

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