Chapter 2:

Tatsuya, Shirou

The Vigilante From Hell

A world of war, that is all I have ever known.

Everything is anarchy, there are no rules, or government. There has not been for a while

This world that I live in is true hell

This is all caused by one man, a figure of the past that formed a large group that rebelled and overthrew the government, taking control of the country just to let it collapse completely.

This had led to the uprising of many anarchist groups.

This world that I live in became chaos.

Many saw the end of our race entirely in sight, but instead, something miraculous happened.

Civilizations started to rise again, heavily guarded cities were able to form, civilization started on the rise again.

Those who had been born in these cities knew nothing of the tragedies of war.

They were… the lucky ones

However many were forced to fight in order to survive.

Unfortunately… I was one of the unlucky few.


“Well well well, what do we have here” I heard a man say

I looked up to see a man standing in front of me

“Go away, I don't have anything for you to steal” I said

“Yes, that would explain what you are doing here” he replied

I was in the middle of a previous warzone, there were corpses laying around us. I had been looking for any scraps of food or equipment.

Taking a closer look at the man, I realized. He wasn’t wearing any traditional warrior clothing. Instead, he was wearing a robe.

“How can I kid like you survive out here all alone, don't you have a family to go back to.” He asked

I looked away from him in sadness.

“I see” he said

I felt that something was off, so I reached into my back pocket and pulled out a small throwing knife that I had gotten a few minutes before.

I threw it in his direction, thankfully he was distracted.

In the second before it was going to hit him, he noticed it and stuck up his hand.

He… Caught the knife, he had caught it by the smooth part of the blade in between his fingers

At first, I looked on in amazement, but then realized that he was probably going to kill me for that.

I looked down at the ground with my eyes closed and waited for him to strike, but it never came.

I looked back up and noticed that he had tossed the knife right in front of me.

I looked up towards him.

“You won't be able to last long with a throw that slow, you may have been lucky thus far but eventually you will find someone that wont show any mercy. Try it again” he said

I picked up the knife and threw it towards him again. And again, he caught it

He shook his head and walked towards me, I took a step back.

He grabbed my arm, I tried to pull away but his grip was too tight

He placed the knife in my hand, but in a different position than from what I was holding it before. He let go and back up again and signaled me to throw it again

I threw it, but this time, the knife released much smoother and faster. It was a direct hit

Thankfully I had thrown it off to the side so it wouldn't hit him.

But he got there before it landed on the ground and caught it.

“Are you just trying to show off” I said with an annoyed tone

He was in too high of spirits for the location that we were currently at

“What is your game?” I asked

“Nothing really, I am just bored” he replied

This only annoyed me more

“Well, I have to go” he said as he started to turn around and walk away

“Wait” I shouted towards him

He turned around and glared at me

“Do you mind.. If I travel with you.. At least until we get to the next town” I asked

“Sure, if you keep up” He said “But just know, that you are fighting for yourself”

I got up and walked towards him, keeping my distance as I still didn’t completely trust him

“What’s your name?” I asked

That was the first time I had met him, the man named…

“Tatsuya, Shirou” he said

“I’m Sota, Itsuki, nice to meet you” I said with a halfhearted smile

To Be Continued...