Chapter 15:

Escort Mission

My Devil Is A Beautiful Female

"Well, anyway, now that we have been introduced let's go back. We also got missions for our own teams." Akira saysBookmark here

"You guys are already leaving?" Shira asksBookmark here

"Yeah…" Reine saysBookmark here

"Well then, Goodbye." Everyone leaves after saying goodbye.Bookmark here

-Bookmark here

-Bookmark here

"So, the mission I was talking about is an escort mission." Shira saysBookmark here

"Who are we gonna escort?" Mio asksBookmark here

"Where are we going to escort him to?" Renjii asksBookmark here

"Is he an important person?" Roy asksBookmark here

"LET ME FINISH FIRST!" Shira yellsBookmark here

"Then ask questions." Shira saysBookmark here

"Okayyy" All of them say in syncBookmark here

"So, the person we will be escorting is a merchant. He has great influence in Aoikibara. He will be going to 'Juri' with his family." Shira explainsBookmark here

"Juri? Isn't that really far away?" Mio saysBookmark here

"Yeah, even with a carriage it will take probably two days." Shira saysBookmark here

"Do we have to accept this mission?" Roy asksBookmark here

"Yes…Sigh…" Shira saysBookmark here

"Where are we going to pick him up from?" Renjii asksBookmark here

"It's not that far away from here. It will probably take ten-twenty minutes by foot." Shira repliesBookmark here

"When are we leaving?" Mio asksBookmark here

"NOW!"Bookmark here

Everyone gets suited up and leaves.Bookmark here

"So we have to escort him and his family there, right?" Roy asksBookmark here

"Yeah." Shira repliesBookmark here

"Sigh...Why do we have to escort a merchant and his family on our first mission?" Roy sighs and saysBookmark here

"Why? Did you think it will be some hard and dangerous mission like dungeon raid or catching wanted criminal?" Shira says and laughsBookmark here

"Escorting missions are too boring..." Roy saysBookmark here

"But it's safe and there are no chances of getting hurt so it's perfect for our first mission" Renji saysBookmark here

"You are just scared, nothing else." Roy saysBookmark here

"No, I am not. I am just saying it for everyone's safety" Renji saysBookmark here

"Ok ok you guys stop fighting. We have arrived at our destination." Shira saysBookmark here

After arriving they see a big mansion in front of them.Bookmark here

The mansion is a two-story mansion with high walls surrounding it. Just by a look of it anyone can tell that this is a luxurious mansion.Bookmark here

A butler is waiting outside to greet them.Bookmark here

"Welcome, I am the butler of Mr. Shinbou. Please follow me, I will escort you to the ballroom."Bookmark here

Everyone starts to follow himBookmark here

'He looks like a normal butler but I can feel a strong aura coming from him!' Roy thinks to himselfBookmark here

"They have arrived sir." The butler saysBookmark here

In front of them are three people standing.Bookmark here

One of them is a male and the other two are females.Bookmark here

"Nice to meet you guys. I am Akiyuki Shinbou, a merchant"Bookmark here

He has narrow, darkly colored eyes, and black hair that's styled in a distinguishable fringe that just about covers part of his left eye. His clothing consists of a grey dress shirt underneath a long, midnight blue blazer, trousers of the same color, suspenders, a single white glove on his right hand, and blue boots colored brown at the collar.Bookmark here

"This is my wife Akemi Shinbou."Bookmark here

Akemi possesses a curvy physique; she has red eyes and red hair. She is wearing a formal dress with earrings.Bookmark here

"Nice to meet you guys." Akemi greets themBookmark here

"And this is my daughter Sarada Shinbou."Bookmark here

Just as her mother, Sarada also has curvy body, beautiful red eyes, long silky red hair, and her face looks more mature then her age.Bookmark here

"Hello! Nice to meet you." Sarada greets them.Bookmark here

"Nice to meet you guys too." All of them sayBookmark here

'The merchant is really different from what I imagined. I thought he would be a fat and greedy person.' Mio thinks inwardlyBookmark here

"So, how long are we gonna wait before we leave?" Roy asksBookmark here

"We will leave right away." Akiyuki saysBookmark here

"Is the carriage ready?" Akiyuki asks the butler.Bookmark here

"Yes sir, the carriage is ready." The butler repliesBookmark here

After that, all of them leaves the mansion and comes to their front yard where they see two luxurious carriages waiting for them.Bookmark here

The merchant's family and Roy get on the same carriage.Bookmark here

Shira, Mio and Renjii get on the other carriage.Bookmark here

"Why is he with them?" Mio asks ShiraBookmark here

"We have to leave one person with them to protect them. And Roy is the strongest one among you guys." Shira repliesBookmark here

"No he is n-' Shira interrupts Mio and says, "He is! Now get on."Bookmark here

"Hmph." Mio poutsBookmark here

The carriage starts moving.Bookmark here

-Bookmark here

-Bookmark here

After half an hour of sitting inside the carriage,Bookmark here

'Why is nothing happening…UGH' Roy thinks inwardlyBookmark here

"What's your name?" Akiyuki asks RoyBookmark here

"Roy Yagami." Roy replies while looking at AkiyukiBookmark here

Roy catches Sarada from the corner of his eyes staring at him.Bookmark here

Seeing Roy looking at her she diverts her attention outside the carriage.Bookmark here

'Why is she staring at me?'Bookmark here

-Bookmark here

-Bookmark here

Another hour passes. Roy catches Sarada looking at him frequently.Bookmark here

The road is very bumpy. Because of this Sarada almost falls but Roy catches Sarada before she falls. But when he grabs her, he accidentally grabs onto her boobs. Roy blushes a little but hides his expression.Bookmark here

"Are you okay?"Bookmark here

"Y-y-yes. Thank yu-you." Sarada replies while her cheeks are red.Bookmark here

To Be Continued…Bookmark here

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