Chapter 16:


My Devil Is A Beautiful Female

It's been seven hours since they departed for 'Juri'. It's very dark outside. Because of this they stop their carriage and set up tents for the night.Bookmark here

"What about the food?" Mio asksBookmark here

"Don't worry, we brought food with us." Akemi repliesBookmark here

"PIG." Roy says in a low tone while looking at Mio.Bookmark here

They set up a small fire to cook their food.Bookmark here

-Bookmark here

-Bookmark here

After having their dinner,Bookmark here

"Ok brats, go and take some rest. We have to start moving again in the morning tomorrow." Shira says to Roy, Mio, and Renjii.Bookmark here

"Okay" All of them say at onceBookmark here

-Bookmark here

-Bookmark here

After a few hours,Bookmark here

At midnight, when the whole atmosphere is calm and silent, some people approach their camping spot.Bookmark here

After they come to a certain distance, Shira starts feeling their presence and wakes up.Bookmark here

'Looks like we have some company...' Shira thinks inwardly with a smirk.Bookmark here

"Let's wake the brats up first." Shira thinks out loudBookmark here

As he was about to call them out he hears Roy saying, "Wake up guys, there are intruders."Bookmark here

As Roy turns his head he sees Shira sitting.Bookmark here

"So, what should we do now Mr. Shira?" Roy asksBookmark here

"We will of course fight. Wake them up first."Shira says to RoyBookmark here

Roy nods and tries to wake up Mio and Renjii.Bookmark here

"Oy, wake up." Roy says while shaking their bodiesBookmark here

"What…is it?" Mio says while rubbing her eyes.Bookmark here

"Hmm…? Roy?" Renjii saysBookmark here

"Get ready to fight." Roy saysBookmark here

"Why?" Mio asks in a sleepy toneBookmark here

"There are bandits." Roy says to themBookmark here

Mio and Renjii quickly get ready.Bookmark here

"Listen. You guys will be doing the fighting. This is your first mission! Give it your all!" Shira says to them.Bookmark here

"Okay, but what will you do?" Mio asksBookmark here

"I will be near the merchant's tent to protect them if things get out of hands." Shira repliesBookmark here

"Capture or kill?" Roy asks ShiraBookmark here

"Capture."Shira repliesBookmark here

"Got it." Saying this, Roy gets out of the tent silently without alerting the bandits. Roy then tries to locate the bandits.Bookmark here

Mio and Renjii also get out of the tent with sneak.Bookmark here

"Six in total, three on my right and three on my left." Roy whispers but Mio and Renjii hear it.Bookmark here

"I will take care of these guys." Roy says while pointing to his leftBookmark here

"Okay, we will take out those guys then." Renjii repliesBookmark here

All of them nod and get in their position.Bookmark here

Seeing them, the bandits get out of hiding.Bookmark here

"What do we have here…A couple of brats...Looks like today's job will be really easy." A bandit saysBookmark here

Roy looks at them with an angry glare and says, "So, you think some peony bandit like you can beat me?"Bookmark here

After hearing that the bandits get angry and two of them charge at Roy and both of them have long swords in their hands. And the guy in the back starts to do a spell casting.Bookmark here

'Looks like the two of them are going to fight me in close range and the guy in the back will use his magic to back them up in long-range. Such a predictable strategy' Roy thinks while preparing to fightBookmark here

The two bandits that charged at Roy swing their sword at him from both side but Roy jumps and easily dodges it. Then the bandits shout at the guy in the back.Bookmark here

"Hey, why aren't you backing us with your wind magic."Bookmark here

'Looks like the two with the swords have body enchantment magic and the one in back has wind magic." Roy thinks inwardlyBookmark here

Then suddenly Roy is hit with a wind gust and gets flown away by it and hits a tree.Bookmark here

"Hehe-hahaha boy you are thinking too highly of yourself just because you are a magic Knight."Bookmark here

At that moment Roy gets up instantly and takes hold of his sword from its scabbard and runs at the wind mage and swings his sword at him but to his surprise, the mage has a defensive armor but still, the bandit receives a huge shock from that attack and gets knocked out.Bookmark here

"Looks like I have underestimated you guys. Till now I was just messing around but now I am going to fight you for real." Roy says with a smirkBookmark here

Then Roy enchants his sword with magic to make it stronger and more durable. After enchanting his sword he jumps in the air and attacks the bandits with his sword.Bookmark here

The process of Enchantment amounts to the user adding their own Magic onto living or inanimate objects, thereby increasing their natural attributes; Enchanting wood to make it stronger than steel!Bookmark here

"Since your long rage attack dealer is now out, I can concentrate on you guys and not worry about getting hit from the back." Roy saysBookmark here

Then Roy starts to fight the both of them at the same time. Two of them start attacking Roy from all sides and try to create pressure on him. But Roy is not someone who gets pressured so easily. Roy blocks all those attacks like a pro.Bookmark here

"What's with this kid?!" One of the bandits saysBookmark here

"It's getting boring now. Guess I'll have to wrap this up." Roy saysBookmark here

Just after he said that he vanishes into thin air.Bookmark here

"Wh-where is he?" The bandits sayBookmark here

"Aghhh!" one of the bandits screams and falls to the ground.Bookmark here

"HUH?!" The last bandit says and looks back but Roy already pierced his blade through his stomach.Bookmark here

"EASY!!" Roy screamsBookmark here

To Be Continued...Bookmark here

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