Chapter 268:

Chapter 268: Pirate Attack

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 268: Pirate Attack

Narrator: The heroes make landfall on one of the islands of the Harmone Northeast Islands.

*The heroes leave their ship and in the short distance ahead, a town can be seen*

Zaydra: Well, here we are.

Sasha: It certainly looks like a nice place.

Zeth: And no sign of pirates.

Zaydra: I know where the altar is. Follow me. We will take it slow in case there are pirates.

*They head towards the town and then enter it*

Narrator: Wesloy Town. Population – 39,643. This town is the most populated town in the Harmone Northeast Islands.

*The heroes are walking through the town and it has a lot of people in it*

Zeth: With how the people are living in this town, you would think there would be no pirates.

Sasha: I would agree with that.

Zaydra: So would I. If we encounter no trouble getting to the altar, that would be great.

*They continue walking and eventually reach the end of the town that leads to an area full of trees*

Zeth: So it’s in this area full of trees?

Zaydra: Not in the trees. It’s in the area past the trees but the fasted path is going through the trees. Let’s go.

*They walk into the area of trees but it does not take them long to see the end of it. Past the area full of trees, there are a bunch of structures*

Zaydra: Those structures were not there the last time I was on this island. Stay sharp from here on out.

*They continue heading towards the end of the tree area. From far away, there are silhouettes of people watching them. The silhouettes are using binoculars*

*Meanwhile, on a high tree branch, someone with a sword gets ready to attack*

Sasha: I have a bad feeling all of a sudden…

*The person on the tree branch then jumps down from above the heroes and is ready to slash them with his sword*

Pirate: Arrrrr!!

*Zaydra looks up*

Zaydra: Watch out!

*The heroes roll out of the way to dodge the slash. A good number of other pirates rush into the battle*

Zeth: It’s an ambush!

*The first pirate tries to attack again but is kicked back by Zeth. The heroes try to assess their enemies while dodging their swords and close quarters magic attacks*

Zaydra: Well, they are clearly not vampires based on their eyes!

*The heroes then begin to fight back and punch and kick their enemies with light hits*

*It does not take them long to defeat all of the pirates as they all go down in one hit*

Sasha: I think they’re mortals.

Zaydra: Agreed. Their power is nowhere near our level.

*In the distance near the structures, a pirate is holding a laser cannon and he starts charging it*

*Zeth notices the pirate with the laser cannon*

Zeth: Watch out! There is another attack incoming!

*A large blue laser beam is released from the cannon and the heroes jump out of the way*

Zeth: That cannon was powered with Channeling Magic!

*The pirate begins charging the laser cannon again*

*On a high platform behind him is a female pirate charging magic into her hands. She releases a chain of lightning onto the cannon and it fires again*

Zeth: It’s a combination attack!

*The large blue laser beam has a chain of lightning swirling around it and when it reaches the heroes’ location, the laser breaks off into blue lighting going into multiple directions*

*All three of the heroes get hit and they all take damage*

Zaydra: That hurt! That’s some advanced magic techniques they are using! We’re going to have to be more serious!

Zeth: I’ll take it out!

*Zeth forms a Star Shard and throws it at the cannon that the pirate is holding. The cannon is too heavy for the pirate to move out of the way in time so the star shard slices through the cannon and destroys it*

Sasha: Let’s finish them!

*The heroes run in the direction of the structures and get close to the pirate with the laser cannon. The pirate opens his eyes wide in fear. Zeth hits the pirate with a weak enough punch to just knock him unconscious*

Zeth: I’m guessing these structures make up the pirates’ fortress.

Zaydra: It would explain why I haven’t seen them before.

*The female pirate on the high platform isn’t sure what to do and she looks scared. But then, a male pirate shows up on the platform*

Male Pirate: Halt!

*The heroes look up at him*

*The pirate has short, light brown hair, blue eyes, and wears a gray uniform. He looks like a young adult*

Male Pirate: Who are you three and what business do you have here?

Zaydra: Are you the captain of these pirates?

Male Pirate: No, that would be my father. My name is Mike. And I believe I was the one asking questions, so answer them.

Zeth: We’re looking for the Light Goddess’s altar on this island.

Sasha: And you pirates are in the way.

Mike: That altar is under our control. You certainly will not be allowed to use it. If you want to use it, you need permission from my father.

Zaydra: Then take us to him and let us settle this without more violence.

Mike: Fine. Follow me.

Narrator: The heroes were able to stop the attacking pirates, and they are now being led to the captain of the pirates! What will happen?

Chapter 268 END

To be Continued in Chapter 269: He Who Was Lost