Chapter 267:

Chapter 267: Obtain the Fourth Altar

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 267: Obtain the Fourth Altar

Narrator: In Heaven.

*Zeth and Sasha have returned to Heaven and are meeting with Harmona*

Harmona: Did you enjoy your trip?

Zeth: Yeah, we had a good time.

Harmona: I’m glad you did. Now there is something else you need to do and that is—

*Harmona is interrupted as Zaydra opens the door to the room they are in*

Zaydra: Is it true!? Zeth is finally up!?

*Zaydra sees Zeth and then she opens her eyes wide in happiness*

Zaydra: Zeth! You really are up!!

Zeth: I understand that you are happy to see I’m up but why are you being loud about it?

Harmona: Zeth, she—

*Harmona is interrupted by Zaydra*

Zaydra: No, mom. Let me explain it. I have been up for 20 years and I have felt extreme guilt for all of this time.

Zeth: Why?

Zaydra: I feel that I should have been able to protect you from being corrupted and I failed miserably. In fact, in the years after Sasha got up, I was wondering if you were even going to survive. Now, I’m just relieved that you are alright.

Zeth: I see now. It’s just that 42 years having passed by is a lot to take in. It certainly doesn’t feel like it’s been that long to me.

Sasha: I think you will adjust to that eventually. After 12 years of being up, it has for me.

Harmona: I have an idea, Zaydra. Go with Zeth and Sasha to where I am about to send them.

Zaydra: You’re sending them somewhere?

Harmona: Yes, I was just getting to that before you arrived. Zeth, Sasha. I think you both need to use another altar. As you recall, there are eight total altars that I made and you have used three of them.

Harmona: Six of the eight altars are on the mainland of Harmone. The last two I hid off of the mainland just in case we couldn’t reach any of the mainland altars during the Great Chaos. Since things as a whole are quiet right now, you should take this opportunity to get the off-land altar that is not hard to get to. The altar I want you to use is located on a set of small islands off the northeast coast of Harmone. Those islands are technically a part of the country.

Zaydra: Perfect! There’s always the chance that some vampires could be there! We can find out for sure if they are trying an invasion!

Harmona: *Sighing* If you say so but I’m confident those bite marks on Goma’s head were not vampire bite marks.

Zaydra: That’s what they want us to think!

Harmona: Okay, Zaydra. I will leave it up to you then to find out. Now all of you go.

*Zeth, Sasha, and Zaydra leave*

Harmona: (Thinking) I’m a little worried. Is it because of what Zaydra is saying or is it my maternal instincts? Whether those bite marks are vampire bites or not, I do feel that they are close to launching some big, well-thought-out plot.


Narrator: Later at Angel Sanctuary.

*The three heroes are at the Angel Sanctuary near the northeast coast of Harmone*

Zaydra: We need a ship. It doesn’t need to be big.

Male Angel: Understood.


Narrator: Later at the ocean shore just outside of the Angel Sanctuary.

*It’s now the night hours. Zeth, Sasha, and Zaydra are on a ship*

Zaydra: Thanks!

Male Angel: No problem. We’ll send some other ships with angels behind just in case something happens.

Zeth: Appreciated. Well, it looks like we are setting sail!

*The ship sets sail and goes out to sea*

Zaydra: The northeast islands are about 108 nautical miles away. This ship moves at about 22 nautical miles per hour so we should arrive in just under 5 hours. You might think that we could just have flying angels fly us there but you never know when you need something to transport supplies. And of course, if there are vampires on the island, going by air would leave us easily spotted and attacked.


*As the ship continues to sail, Zeth looks around the ship and just has an empty feeling*

Zeth: I miss our friends… and Kurt… Damn it…

Sasha: I do too and I’m sorry about what happened to Kurt. When I first heard that he died, I couldn’t believe it.

Zaydra: Zeth, you probably don’t want to hear this but it was a mistake to involve them in this.

Zeth: I know… I said it myself.

*Zeth stares at the night sky*

Zeth: Now I wonder if I will ever see them again.

Sasha: There is always a chance. Fate has a way of surprising.

Zaydra: Get some rest. Once we arrive, it will be the morning and you won’t get the change to sleep.

*Zeth nods*


Narrator: The next morning. The ship is close to the Harmone Northeast Islands.

*An angel flies onto the boat*

Female Angel: Pardon me but it should be mentioned that we have heard there has been a lot of pirate activity on those islands lately.

Zaydra: Vampires?

Female Angel: We don’t know.

Zeth: Either way, we know that simply going to the altar won’t be without some resistance.


Narrator: Somewhere at an unknown location.

*There is a door labeled “Captain”. Inside is the captain sitting on a chair but only his silhouette is visible. A pirate underling is in the room*

Male Pirate: Captain, we have reports of unauthorized ships approaching the island.

Captain: You know what to do then.

Narrator: The heroes are on their way to the islands but pirates will be awaiting them when they get there!

Chapter 267 END

To be Continued in Chapter 268: Pirate Attack