Chapter 110:

The next step toward world yurification

The Y-files [GL]

When Fien, Anna, and I arrived at Thea's, without us speaking a word she walked toward us and said, "I heard all about it, I'm invited too. It's your aunt's birthday after all. We all have to pay our respects. I'm surprised you got invited, did you make up with your family?”Bookmark here

Anna looked a bit surprised, at Thea's words. It sounded like a small dinner party earlier, but this sounded like an event of a different size. “Maxima said that she would pay for a dress for all of the girls at the FBY.” Bookmark here

“So everyone is invited to a big party?” Fien asked with a big smile on her face.Bookmark here

“Apparently so,” Anna answered.Bookmark here

“I am making a dress for all the girls at the FBY. I got their measures for the play anyway. We wouldn't want anyone to feel left out. Of course, I am bringing Narcy. That way you can enjoy her company too.”Bookmark here

Sure, while we are at it, why not have another demon to face at the same moment.Bookmark here

“So as you see, everything is already under control,” Thea added with a smile.Bookmark here

“I also need a black dress for a funeral tomorrow. Is there still a way to fit that in?”Bookmark here

Thea quickly size me up and then said “If it's okay that it isn't made especially for the occasion, I have a few from my catalog in stock that might fit you.”Bookmark here

She showed me pictures of a few dresses and I picked one out that I saw myself wearing outside of the funeral too. It was the most simple design to choose from really. I did not think a funeral was a place to show off a new artistic dress. Bookmark here

“Somehow I knew you would pick that one. It fits the image I have of you really well. I'll bring it over tonight after I'm done.”Bookmark here

I wanted to protest. Surely we could come to pick it up. I did not want to burden Thea more than necessary. It seemed like she had already more than enough on her plate, but Anna said “You're such a darling,” like it was the most normal thing in the world.Bookmark here

When we left and were well out of Thea's hearing reach, Anna said “This is a problem. Claire, Fien, I don't suppose the two of you can waltz?”Bookmark here

Where was this coming from? “I can't.” I looked at Fien, who also shook her head with confused eyes.Bookmark here

“I suppose it will be the same for all the girls. We will have to get some practice in. Maxima's birthday party has always been a traditional dance evening.”Bookmark here

My penny dropped. “She is testing us. Isn't she?”Bookmark here

Anna nodded.Bookmark here

Fien said, “What do you mean?”Bookmark here

“She wants to see how we act in the midst of high society,” Anna answered her. “Thea did us a favor by making Maxima invite all the girls. I will have to make sure to pay her back for that.”Bookmark here

“What do you mean. How is adding more victims doing us a favor?” I asked.Bookmark here

“That way you won't be alone, and even if you don't manage to waltz, you would not be the only one that hasn't had training in this sort of stuff since they were kids. We also wouldn't be the only lesbian couple. Maxima wants you to feel of a lower class than her, all while it looks like she is the generous one. She is my mother's sister. Never forget that.”Bookmark here

Another game. While I was thinking about what to do, Fien suddenly shouted, “Does that mean we are all going to a super fancy dress ball as they have in all those yuri mangas in all-girl schools? I really will learn how to waltz? Claire, since I hang around you, my life is becoming exactly like in those cute stories, and I am even getting paid for it. I am going to make sure I stick close to you! You're the best!”Bookmark here

I had trouble keeping myself straight. Fien's optimism was really hard to beat. I started laughing. So did Anna. Fien was right, this was just another yuri manga staple to beat. I would have to make sure to read up on stories that include this staple.Bookmark here

We went back to the school, we would be just in time to quickly eat our lunch and then head straight into the meeting with Ms. Lourdes.Bookmark here

The other girls were ecstatic when they heard we were all going to a traditional ball, and that Thea would be making their dresses.Bookmark here

“Since we need you girls to be able to waltz, we will have practice tonight after the rehearsals,” Anna said. “Maura and I will be your teachers.”Bookmark here

Maura looked up a little surprised to be named as a teacher. Of course, Anna hadn't asked her beforehand.Bookmark here

“Why do I have to teach?” she protested, but then she saw Fien looking at her puppy-eyed. Immediately she became a lot less sure of her protest. “I mean... You could at least have asked me.” Her protest was already wavering. Bookmark here

“We'll help!” Valerie shouted. She grabbed Mia by her arm and the both of them put their heads next to Fien's and also attacked Maura's resolve with some pouty puppy eyes. As expected, that kind of 3 pronged cute girl with puppy eyes attack was irresistible. Bookmark here

Maura started blushing heavily. She caved in and said “Fine, fine. I get it. I look forward to working with you all!”Bookmark here

Fien jumped toward Maura and hugged her really tight. “Thank you, Maura. You are the best! I look forward to dancing the waltz with you!” Then just as fast as she had hugged Maura, Fien moved to Mia and Valerie who were happily talking about the prospect of learning the waltz.Bookmark here

Maura stood there completely frozen from what just had happened. I think I could see the steam coming out of her ears.Bookmark here

Anna took her by the shoulder and said “Of course, it has got to be us. We don't want our friends to embarrass themselves at a gathering of our family, do we?Bookmark here

Maura, clearly still in shock, looked at Anna with dreamy eyes, and gave an inaudible reply. It seemed to me like she needed a reboot.Bookmark here

Therese put on some waltz music on her phone and started dancing with Eve. Of course, this was nothing like the way a waltz should be danced, but they were already having fun with the idea of a ball.Bookmark here

While everyone was still having fun, and talking about the prospect of the ball, Ms. Lourdes had arrived to start our meeting about the Gazette and Elodie case.Bookmark here

When they noticed her, everyone promptly stopped fooling around and walked to the meeting table.Bookmark here

Ms. Lourdes started the meeting and immediately asked Maura to explain everything she had found.Bookmark here

“First of all, for them to get married here in Belgium there are a few options. The easiest one would be for Rosa and Sandra to postpone their marriage until Eline and Elodie are married.”Bookmark here

“That might be difficult. Since I am only 16. I don't think our moms will want to wait 2 years if we see how fast things are moving.” Elodie replied.Bookmark here

Maura nodded.Bookmark here

“In that case, the two of you could get married now or on the same day as your mothers. That would only require the permission of your parents.”Bookmark here

“I don't think my dad will ever allow that. He is always ranting about how I should take my time and not get married immediately. He says that was the biggest mistake in his life.”Bookmark here

Maura sighed. “Well, that leaves us one more option. The hardest one. Present your case to the queen and ask for an exception. Since the two of you weren't raised together, you should have a chance of getting that exception. But the Royal house has never given permission to a lesbian couple before. So if we take this route, it will be a storm in the media.”Bookmark here

Before Elodie and Emma could say anything I said “Perfect!” I intended to say that sarcastically in my mind, but I had said it out loud. Now everyone was looking at me as if I was about to say something inspiring.Bookmark here

While my mind was racing, Anna said “I agree with Claire. The last option is what this organization is about. Spreading yuri awareness. If we can make a big case out of it we could spread our message on a national level. Maybe even an international one. I'm sure that is what Claire meant to say!”Bookmark here

Anna looked at me with shining eyes. She said to me. “You are just brilliant for always immediately spotting these things.”Bookmark here

Everyone looked at me in awe. So there was no way that I could take it all back now. So I just smiled and nodded.Bookmark here

Ms. Lourdes looked at us and said, “The two of you make a good point. I will get into contact with Polly and Vera, to see how we should proceed. A little caution might be necessary when we start a campaign of this magnitude. The queen's support might make some big changes for the lesbian community if we manage to pull it off. But that remains a big IF.”Bookmark here

Ms. Lourdes ended the meeting by asking Elodie and Eline to ask Edith Thorial, for help on this case too.Bookmark here

“I am sure we are going to need all the help we can get for this case. The queen is known to be decisive and stubborn once she made a decision, so we have to make her choose our side from the start. Starting a media campaign too soon might aggravate her. I think taking the advice of all the experts is the next big step for this case.”Bookmark here

The meeting went on for a little while longer, but everyone seemed more determined than ever for this case. This was no longer just for Gazette and Elodie, this was for everyone's sake, and for the good of the world. The next step toward world yurification so to speak.Bookmark here

What had I done? Me and my big mouth. One single uncontrolled word and Anna had made the whole situation spiral out of control once more.Bookmark here

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Belgian Trivia:
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Belgian Royalty:Bookmark here

In reality, Belgium has a king, Phillip I. Next in line is Elizabeth who will be our first female leader of the state, once the torch is passed. The person she marries can never become the king of Belgium.Bookmark here

The royal house I present in my story is completely fictional and has nothing to do whatsoever with the real ones.Bookmark here

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