Chapter 1:

Bound, shackled and, black mailed-Prologue

Off kilter war of random occurring events

"Wake up sleepy head"

I heard a voice pleasantly whisper in my ears. Yet something at this time felt a miss, a feeling, something I'm use to, something very hostile...

"Wake up you dumb clutz!! Get out of bed cause we got work to do."
That's what I was missing!

I responded with a by saying yeah I'll be up in five minutes. Now that I think about all this, why can't stories just figure them selves out. It'd be so much better if I didn't have this horrible job being given a terrible lot in this life to be enslaved by this women who believed she's some sort of goddess and dictator at the same time. Even though I'm her only subject.

With that I'd like to say this is only the third day I've begun to live this new life.

"Hey you shota looking piece of garbage spirit, stop your monologging and come eat breakfast