Chapter 2:

The war of an Artist- extra chapter

Off kilter war of random occurring events

In the year 4498 it seems many countries and other places are geographically different then what any person from the ancient times would've have expects. Most places now are territories and small islands and I seemingly happen to reside in the Nihbrika territory. The countries Britalia, Kappon, and Neo Yrica have formed this secluded area seemingly untouched by the whims of the surrounding world.

But who am I exactly in this little quaint territory?
What I am is what many call a "genre". To be more specific I'm what is called an "UnSellable or an Undesirable". Meaning that little to no artist,writers,etc. in the current territory/country I'm in have about little to no interest in what I am or what can be achieved through me.

Then there is the "law of passion" or as I like to call it "The law of trends" that has embraced every genre since birth to dictate are life force and relative existence.
The first part being is when everyone forgets you... You no longer are visible to the world but free to roam hoping someone out there comes and rescues you, but in my experience I'd say that help doesn't come. Yet there is a catch to being alive, that is you are a slave to trends and your life force is literally people memories and since your affected by what ever creators make and how fans receive it a genre can lose there self identity do to popularity and get overrun by sub genres, concepts and tropes. Most now and days they never recover do to all the marketing and eventually once a trend dies out they become the thing that I am.

Non mainstream passing fad.

Enough about this saddness , I am the genre shoujo. Ironically I'm a boy.

I'm about five feet in height sadly with a horrible trap look, having an amazingly long dark hair, the most gorgeous of red eyes, and to top it all of I look pretty damn amazing in oversized clothes with large sleeves. I am truly the greatest combination of Moe+Shota+Bishi all in one... Even though that may be a contradiction at times.

But as "Dead Genre" for some reason I can't leave this area. Something's bound me to Nihbrika as if there is still hope for me to have someone sell copies of a romcom. Yet no one can see me? Right now since I've been a free spirit for to many years I thoughts be nice to move around and maybe even mooch off my sister "Shounen" since she somehow didn't die off in ancient times and is barely staying alive right now do to children's tv and people ever so often making fun of the genre in tv shows. She's been stuck in that crappy hospital for to long.

Then again now that I think about it, I bet my mother the original person designated as the shoujo genre would be very disappointed in me at this moment, since I haven't in her words "illuminated the lives of high school girls all the way up to their adulthood". I'm just a worthless reincarnate. Even grandpa Romance wouldn't be to happy with me right now but then again I heard he was to distracted trying to get with the Notherner genres again like historical fiction and drama. I think even a couple times he tried dating a sub genre.

All in all I am bound an shackled to this place to be unseen and unheard of. It must be nice to be a core genre like grandpa Romance. Actually no I wouldn't want to have as many children like grandpa Romance... most love crazy person I've met in this world.

Also I've been going by a new name recently, "HollowStarHeart34". Yes mother! Even though I'm actually just a reincarnation of shoujo I will now name my self with this new name for a genre!! If anyone is wondering I was just using a random name generator website. Hopefully this works out like when people get new identities on the internet.

I wonder how did I become an undesirable?