Chapter 17:

Renjii's Confidence

My Devil Is A Beautiful Female

[Mio and Renjii's POV]Bookmark here

"Looks like Roy got started." Renjii saysBookmark here

"You take those big 2 guys and I will take care of this guy." Mio says while pointing at the bandits.Bookmark here

"Wait a minute, isn't it better if we fight all of them together, rather than fighting them separately?" Renjii says to MioBookmark here

"Why? Are you scared of taking on two guys alone? Are you a coward or something? You can't even fight two weak bandits?" Mio says with a mocking toneBookmark here

"What?! You think I am a coward? Me? A coward?! HAHAH-"Bookmark here

"I was saying it so that you don't have to fight that strong-looking guy and we could take them on together." Renjii saysBookmark here

'What the hell happened to him? I thought he was a cheerful boy…' Shira thinks observing him.Bookmark here

"Oh? Is that so? Are you sure you aren't just scared of fighting two people alone?" Mio says with a smug faceBookmark here

"What!! Ok, now you have done it. Now I am going to fight all of them alone, you just stand back and watch while I beat all of them to pulps."Bookmark here

"Hey! Don't try to act all cool and strong. You can't take all of them alone, let me help. And I was just kidding with you." Mio saysBookmark here

"No, now it's a matter of my pride so I have to prove myself. So you just stand back and watch." Renjii saysBookmark here

"Ok whatever you say. I am pretty sure you will just get your ass kicked by them." Mio saysBookmark here

Then Renjii takes out his daggers and floats his dagger in the air using his telekinesis power and prepares for the fight.Bookmark here

'Oh shit! I acted all cool and strong but in reality, I am scared as fuck. And now I can't even ask Mio for help. Man, what I am going to do now?!' Renjii thinks in his mindBookmark here

'I am pretty sure he is scared. He can't fight them all on his own. He will just come back and ask for my help' Mio thinksBookmark here

'Ok, I think I now know what I have to do! I have to know their abilities before doing anything.' Renjii thinksBookmark here

Before the bandits notices Renjii he hides in a bush.Bookmark here

After that Renjii throws his daggers at the bandits. At first the bandit doesn't understand what's going on. So, one of them get's a scratch on his cheek from it and the others dodges it.Bookmark here

"What?! Who is attacking? Come Out!"Bookmark here

"Hey, do the people from camp know that we are here?"Bookmark here

"Yeah, that's what it looks like. I think we should all escape."Bookmark here

"But how are we going to do that? Only one of us is an ability user and the other two only knows body strengthening"Bookmark here

The bandits talk with each other.Bookmark here

And from the bushes, Renjii hears all of it.Bookmark here

'Hehe- looks like only one of them is a mage and the other two are just normal peoples. Now I can easily defeat them and prove to Mio that I am not a coward.' Renjii thinks while smilingBookmark here

Then Renjii gets up from hiding and throws his dagger at the bandits with no ability.Bookmark here

"Look out!" One of the bandits screams but it was too late.Bookmark here

They get hurt by it but they immediately react by strengthening their body. But Renjii's dagger still hurts them and they become unable to move.Bookmark here

Renjii's daggers are poisoned daggers. Just a little scratch can poison anyone!Bookmark here

After taking down two of the bandits, Renjii gets too confident and he comes out of hiding, thinking he can take care of the last one without any trouble.Bookmark here

But then all of a sudden the last bandit throws a poison bomb at Renjii!Bookmark here

Mio sees it and runs at the scene and binds the bandit using her sand magic, and knocks him out.Bookmark here

"Are you fine?" Mio asks RenjiiBookmark here

"Yeah…" Renjii says in a low toneBookmark here

"I told you not to attack alone." Mio saysBookmark here

"…Sorry…" Renjii saysBookmark here

"It's fine." Mio saysBookmark here

'Looks like Renjii is back to being his old self.' Shira thinks while looking at them.Bookmark here

"Let's go back to the tents." Mio says to RenjiiBookmark here

After going to the tents,Bookmark here

"Thank you so much for the help." The merchant says to themBookmark here

"It's our job to protect you…" Roy says back to the merchant with a neutral faceBookmark here

"HAHA- But still thanks." The merchant laughs and saysBookmark here

"It's no big deal." Shira says to the merchantBookmark here

"You didn't even contribute in the fight." Mio says to Shira.Bookmark here

Shira then hits her head."Ouch. Why did you hit me?!" Mio screamsBookmark here

Shira hits her head again and says, "Shut up!"Bookmark here

"Hahaha, you guys get along really well." The merchant comments seeing everyone's behavior.Bookmark here

"HUH?!" Mio and Roy expressesBookmark here

"Go and get some rest, it's still midnight." Shira saysBookmark here

"Yes, I will." The merchant says and goes back inside the tent. Shira's team also does the same.Bookmark here

To Be Continued…Bookmark here

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