Chapter 21:

Cap 20 - Own Feelings

Eyes of the Mind

" Haruka... If you wanted to see me so much, you might have waited for later.

Kirien after saying it hid behind a blushed face while looking at Haruka from the corner, in counterpart, Haruka stared at her with a vague look.

" All right... And I'll come back later.


Haruka then closed the door while covering himself around the towel, quickly Kirien opened the door again looking for the girl.

Are you done? You were pretty quick morceguinha.

"Why?! Why didn't you try anything?

"What kind of question is this little morceguinha? I'm not an anime ecchi protagonist for depressed teen.

"What does that have to do with it?! We're girls, you shouldn't be ashamed to shower with me!

"But I do! I don't like showering with other people looking at me!

While Haruka was arguing with Kirien about the two bathing, Karissin suddenly entered the bathroom after hearing the two's argument, she at the same time came across the two towel girls staring face to face.

" Um... it is dismayed to interrupt you. — Karissin then closed the door at the same moment.

"Okay, now she's going to think I'm a pervert too.

What do you mean, too?! You think I'm a pervert?

"You're a succubus, clearly you're not a saint, are you?

" Umm! I may be a demon of lust, but I'm a very innocent girl for your government.

Haruka then swerved from Kirien as he walked toward the shower.

"Where are you going?

"I'm going to take a shower.

"So... Can I wash your back?

" ... You know, I don't really like physical contact, you also seem to be looking for something more than just helping.

"No, no, no, no I swear, word of explorer, I would never do anything you wouldn't let.

" ... That sucks, so cool then, but if you try anything.

"I won't do anything! I swear!

The girl only accepted the request of the succubus while entering the shower, Kirien accompanied her without thinking twice, while they were in the bathroom, Kirien noticed that Haruka was somewhat pensive while clumping the floor, the succubus can not help noticing the mark of the blow that Haruka had taken from Elijah already healed and apparently disappearing, Kirien couldn't hide his curiosity as he passed his finger through the mark.

"What are you doing? "Haruka said while he was mistaking the girl.

"Don't get me wrong! I'm just curious, I mean, this wound shouldn't be like this... When I was bringing you here, I had treated him, but I didn't think he would heal so quickly, do the hunters have any healing technique or anything that helps them regenerate their wounds?

No, i'm not... I mean, they must have something like that, but I don't manjo of anything like that, the old man still hasn't taught me anything like that.

"So why did this wound...

Haruka suddenly got up and turned to the girl.

" This happens a long time ago, since I was a child, my injuries heal at an abnormal speed, this has gotten faster lately, when I broke my arm in the fight against youkai, it healed much faster than the usual expected by doctors, this intensified even more after I fought against a hunter who copied magic, After I defeated her, something changed in me, now for some reason non-fatal injuries take hours to heal, I have no idea why this happens, just know it happens.

"That..." it's quite tin indeed. — Kirien said as he stared at Haruka.

As the girls stared at each other, Kirien noticed the tattoo Haruka had on her left hand, she didn't take long to realize it was an ideogram that meant beginning.

"When did you do this?

"I have not done, I have always had it, to avoid problems I cover it with a glove to avoid unnecessary questions.

Kirien slowly grabbed the girl's hand, she suddenly approached Haruka's hand from her face while analyzing the tattoo.

"What are you doing?

"Looking at, analyzing, I like intriguing things, this tattoo represents that very well.

Haruka slowly raised her right hand and placed it calmly on top of Kirien's head, the girl at the same time looked Haruka in the eye, Kirien came across Haruka looking with a sweet look as she stroked her head.

" Haruka...

" It's over, let's go out.

After saying that Haruka came out of the bathroom while the girl was sequessured , she noticed Kirien watching her with a worried look.

"You look like an old pervert staring at a helpless young morceguinha.

"Who are you calling old?!

"It's a joke, the face... my clothes are just a rag. - Haruka said as she stared at her favorite t-shirt with the juice box logo.

"Good... we have practically the same size , you can wear some of my clothes if you want.

"Would they be the same as the ones you use on your farms?

Haruka at the same time began to imagine himself wearing the same explorer's uniform as Kirien.

No, i'm not... I'm fine using only the towel anyway.

"Why was I offended by this comment?

"I'm not wearing your little black uniform.

" Uniform? I don't wear uniforms at home, I usually wear ordinary clothes just like the ones humans wear.


"I have something that I think you'll like, wait a minute here.

Kirien then left the bathroom, Haruka decided to wait for the girl, after a few minutes, the succubus returned with a black T-shirt with skeleton logo and a gray cloth pants.

"Here, I wear these clothes to sleep normally, I haven't used them for a long time since I haven't been back here much.

" You have a very good taste for morceguinha clothes, I loved the t-shirt.

While staring at Haruka enjoying the t-shirt, Kirien was filled with a feeling she couldn't even distinguish, Haruka didn't wait long to wear the outfit, as Kirien had said, because they were the same size, the clothes served completely in Haruka.

" I loved it, no problem even I use?

" ... No, I don't mind.

"Really?! That's great, thanks morceguinha, I owe you one.

The girl then came out of the bathroom while heading to the kitchen, Kirien however remained in the bathroom even after the girl's departure.

"She was wearing my clothes... what feeling is that? I feel warm.

Kirien then saw Haruka's old clothes, she slowly took the girl's clothes and directed them to her face.

" These clothes... the smell of Haruka... No!

The girl then returned the clothes to the basket where they were while she was totally panting and hearing her heart beating extremely fast.

"What is this? Have I become a pervert?

While thinking about what she was doing, Kirien noticed that someone was watching her, she quickly turned her face to the door only to come across Haruka staring at her while hiding only half her sample face.

" Perverted.

" ... N-it's not what you're thinking!

Sometime after Kirien had been seen by Haruka, the girl was in the living room of her thoughtful house with her face fully blushed.

"I made a bed with our neighbor, he owed me a favor, I put her in his room so her friend could sleep there too.

" ...

"Well, I'm going to sleep, I'd tell you to do the same, your friend's already gone to your room too. " Karissin said as he headed to his room.

While thinking about the events until then, the girl decided to go to her room too, after sneaking into her room, Kirien saw Haruka lying on a bed in the corner of her room, she then headed to her bed while staring at Haruka, the logo girl lying on her back to Haruka.

" Morceguinha...

"I thought you'd be asleep already Haruka.

"I'm not very well, I can't say... But I can't sleep.

"What are you feeling?

" I think I'm going to give up being a hunter.

" ... Why? What are your reasons for stopping now?

"I'm tired morceguinha, it seems that the more I try, the more I fail, I could not even fight contra that ogre, if it were not for you, I do not even know what would have happened to me.

" ...

" Most of my fights so far, the most important, I have not been able to do anything alone... I'm a little jealous of you, even though you're alone, you can always complete your goals, in my case I've always needed help, and it almost killed you.

By the time Haruka realized, Kirien had gotten out of her bed and was by her side, the succubus suddenly climbed on top of the girl with her face to hers.

"What are you doing?

"You're not wrong, but the reason that made me leave most of my holdings unharmed, is because I never had to defend anyone, Never had to fight anyone with the clear goal of defeating, I never had reason to risk, for the first time I had a chance to risk to save someone I like, If it wasn't for you, I never would have had the guts to go back to that place and be able to relive my memories with my father.

" ...

" Our lives are made up of Haruka challenges, we can't handle everything without help, you're much stronger than me physically, your combat skills are much more advanced than mine, what's wrong with getting help?

" I was weak, if something had gone wrong, you would have died because of me.

Kirien hugged Haruka at the same time, the girl in reverse was left without any reaction.

" You should not give up now, I thought many times to abandon that guy and save only you, even so, I remembered that you had asked me to save you, knowing that I did not give up until the end, even being weaker than you I continued, to get here I had help, I would never have gotten alone, Why don't you understand that Haruka?

' ... I don't know if I can protect anyone.

"Of course you can, I believe you, that's not enough anymore?

" I... I don't know what to say.

"You don't have to say anything...

Haruka then remained silent after hearing Kirien's words, she began to think a lot about what Kirien had said to her, in counterof which, the girl remained attached to Haruka while trying to calm the girl's thoughts.

Time passed, when Haruka noticed it was already morning, she slowly tried to get up, however, she noticed that Kirien was sleeping while still on her.

" ... I think I can wait a little longer.— Haruka said as she stared at Kirien's sleepy face.

After some time, Haruka used her magic to get up without waking up to succubus, after leaving the room, Haruka went downstairs from the house and met the girl's mother, after noticing the girl, Karissin called Haruka so they could talk.

" Haruka, did you sleep well?

"I didn't really sleep, but I'm fine, I think I took a really big weight off my shoulders.

" Um... well, I want to go straight to the point, what do you intend to do with the other hunter?

" ... I have no idea, he worked for a crowd that doesn't hit me too well, he deserves to get punched, but if he disappears, the ACP might end up wanting to investigate it and they can get to me.

"You don't seem to be in a very good situation.

"Can't you use some magic to change his memories or something?

"We are succubus, we don't have these kinds of magic.

Haruka at that time began to think a little about her current situation, she knew that when a hunter disappeared the organizations had a reputation for searching for clues about them, she also had in mind that she could not use her powers against humans, if she were discovered, her situation would get much worse.

"Do you want something that changes memory? " Kirien said as he yawned and rubbed his eyes.

"Do you have anything like a morceguinha?

"Um, easy there, let me see here.

The succubus then headed to her purse that was in a corner of the room, she suddenly took the bag and began to snag her invocation scrolls, after a few moments looking for the girl caught a very old scroll that was already degrading by the time it was not used.

"That's the one right here, come on.

Kirien then used his magic and activated the scroll, at the same time he burned himself and began to take the form of a kind of black crown with red and purple stones.

"What's that?

" A crown that can alter memories, it was used many, many years ago corrupted human pelos.

" Corrupted humans?

" They are the humans who were left behind after the ancient wars, they were trapped here after the barrier stones were created, after they were isolated here, they evolved and created an empire, but after some time they ended up crumbling and decaying, you can find some of them looking for a lot, they look human even, it just changes that they have white hair, turning back the crown, they used it to be able to put spies in enemy kingdoms, they basically kidnapped normal people or creatures and changed people's memories so they would think they were their friends.

"Did they create a perfect spy in quotes?

"Well, basically yes, they had a spy who basically thought he was friends with them, so they did everything they could to help them without knowing they were helping the enemy.

That's bizarre.

"It only works on weak people, if you're going to use that guy there, he's going to have to be very weak spiritually or physically, otherwise it won't take effect on the memories you want to create or alter.

"Um, so how are we going to make him weak? I mean, I'm not going to beat him up or anything.

"In that case I can help.

"What are you talking about, Mom?

"You can let me handle it, helping a friend of my daughter's is the least I can do right now, I just need to know what you want me to change in his memory.

" I think just changing the part where he met me is already a good start, putting that he thinks he's a great friend of mine and creating memories where he never came here with me and that I never fought him, if putting something that makes him trust me give me some answers afterwards would be great too.

" Um, well, you can leave it to me then.

"Mom... You're not thinking about...

"No daughter, at least not me... but the other girls can do it for me.


Karissin then left without even hearing the girl's words, Kirien at the same moment lowered his head sighing soon after.

"Your mother seems like a very nice person.

"If you're saying so.

" Morceguinha, I didn't want to say this, but I need to go home.

" ...

" It's been two days since I've been in the ACP, the old man must be preparing his fists to punch me because of my disappearance ... if possible could you send me to my house? Yes, could you send that guy too? But for any alley, it'd be good that way.

Kirien at the same time hugged the girl, Haruka stopped talking after being hugged, she was silent without even reacting.

"I don't want you to leave.

"That this... I'm not leaving, I can come back later to visit you.

" ... Promises?

"You can trust me morceguinha, I never lied to you.

"Then make the promise of pinky. " Kirien said as he stretched his hand toward the girl with his pinky stretched out.

Haruka seeing it let out a small smile accompanied by a slight laugh, she then raised her hand with her stretched pinky firming the deal with Kirien.

"It's a promise, if you don't come back... I'm never going to talk to you again.

"You don't have to threaten me, I'm coming back.

After some time, Kirien prepared a portal for Haruka, before he could return home, Haruka reached out to Kirien to greet the girl, seeing it, Kirien shook the girl's hand with a cheerful smile on her face.

"I'll see you around, morceguinha.

"I'll see you.

Haruka then passed through the portal coming across the front of her building, after passing through the portal, she noticed that the street was slightly deserted, she soon headed to her apartment, after arriving on her floor, Haruka saw Jean stopped in front of her door sitting on the floor while moving on her cell phone.

"Why doesn't that seem like a good thing to me? "I thought of the girl.

The girl then walked towards her apartment ignoring the boy's presence in front of her door, she slightly stopped in front of the door and pulled out her key to get into the house.

"Where were you?

" ... Who are you? My dad?

Jean then rose slowly while staring at the girl, Haruka in contraparte still staring at the door with a vague look.

"Two days ago you disappeared, Sebastian was worried about you, why don't you answer your phone?

"My phone's gone, I dropped it and it broke all over.

" ... You didn't answer where you were.

"Damn drums, you look like a possessive ex-boyfriend, why would I have to tell you where I was? Does it matter what I do with my life for you?

"You are now a hunter and the leader of our team, you know we have an important mission in a few months.

"I was at a friend's house, my need iness hit and I went to console myself with her, I needed some time to think, okay for you now?

" ...

"If you'll excuse me, I'm going to come in now, get out of the front of my door too, you weirdo. "Haruka said as he entered the house and closed the door.

After seeing that the girl had returned, Jean left the scene and picked up her cell phone, he quickly dialed a number on her cell phone, after calling a little someone answered the phone.

" Jean? Any word from the girl?

"Hi Sebastian, she came home now, said she was at a friend's house.

"At a friend's house? Since when does she have friends?

" ... Wasn't that supposed to be normal?

"I... Thanks for informing me, I'll visit her later.

"Okay, I'm going to hang up then.

Sebastian then hung up his cell phone, he was in the middle of the training room while thinking about the current situation.

"Since when do you know how to use a mobile phone? I thought people your age liked to hunt words or sit in a chair in front of the house looking down the street.

" Umm? How long have you been here, Speack?

"Not much, I was passing by and Listened to your conversation, where has Haruzinha been?

"Apparently at a friend's house.

" ... Good, well, she's a teenager after all.

"I was not like that in my adolescence, my commitments came first always.

" Times change Sebastian, young people today are much more impulsive than those of old, in his case, quite the old days. " Speack said as he left the room.

" ... Back in the day, like I used to be?