Chapter 20:

Cap 19 - The Succubus City

Eyes of the Mind

Hey, i'm going to go. Syfer! Hey? ! Why are we here?!

It said a strange girl who wore black clothes accompanied by a hood and a cloth covering her face was behind Syfer as she looked around.

" The Sovereign asked me to investigate an intense form of magical power that he identified in this area, as you are part of the special containment unit I thought it was fair to bring you with me.

"Does this waste of time not please me a little wise? What are you going to give me if this place doesn't come to anything?

Syfer then suddenly stopped as she looked in the corner at the girl, the girl noticed that the strange figure stared at her, even behind that cloth the girl could feel a ghastly look accompanying her.

" Your track record is not very well seen by others, what do you think you deserve? Beyond your strength you serve no more in the sovereign's plans.

"Maybe it's time for our sovereign to have another right arm, the current one pleases me a lot, I think you should take him for me. "The girl said as she made strange gestures in the air toward Syfer.

" Your tastes disgust me, maybe I should kill you at once.

" You seem pretty confident, scarlet reaper, are you sure? You're talking about me, I'd love to shave every bit of yours very slowly.

" Let's see if in practice you live up to your words.

As the weather warmed up between Syfer and the strange girl who followed her, a strange figure emerged from behind one of the trees, drawing the girls' attention.

" Why are you fighting? Fighting is wrong, we're friends, aren't we? Friends must be nice to each other, right?

That figure was a strange children with eyes that appeared to be glass, she wore a blue cap with a red ball on the tip, her clothes were a children's jumpsuit of blue and red colors.

" What have you discovered so far about dani's magical anomaly? "Syfer asked.

" To be more specific, it was a big explosion! "The boy said as he opened his arms emulating the explosion.

" Explosion? In the middle of this forest? Was the sovereign testing any new Syfer weaponry?

" Why would he have us investigate if he had S98 involvement?

" Where's the depressive?

" Samuel is in the blast area, he asked me to call Syfer as soon as possible.

" So why didn't you warn Dani before? You want me to sink your eyes? " I asked S98.

Syfer at the same time headed to the blast area at high speed, his allies seeing it just stood still while they were surprised.

" She's gone...

" That leaves me with a time to play with you Dani, maybe you show me why the prisoners call you a freak, right?! "The girl said as she bowed forward.

The child on the other hand turned his eyes to the girl as he left behind the tree.

"I don't want to hurt you. "The child said with a voice that distorted every word.

" How lovely, that false personality of yours, is what makes me want to destroy you whole!

Before any drastic measure was taken, an intense headache affected S98 and Dani, they instantly fell to the ground while holding their own heads.

" That's enough of this fight.

They heard a voice coming from inside their heads, they quickly noticed a magic circle around their necks.

" That..." Hurts!

"Good... Oh, that's great! Depressed bastard, I wanted to be on your side to see you do this! "He said S98 as he laughed and writhed in pain on the floor.

Far from that location, Syfer had just arrived in the blast area, the girl noticed that the place had been blown from the bottom up just to see the blast area, while walking she spotted a man on his knees, he totally albino, despite looking like a statue, he was like a normal human, he wore leather clothes full of belts that tightened him, his face was pale but had a totally human appearance and well cared for, his eyes were black and he had long hair that reached almost to the ground.

" What's the situation, Samuel?

The man slowly raised his hand and directed it to the side of his head, he then pulled out a knife that he himself had stuck in his head.

" Sorry, I was preventing the two of them from killing each other, basically here was a cave, from what I could tell, there was some kind of prison or dungeon here, the determined cause of the explosion gets difficult, but based on magical power, it was some demon work.

Demons around here? Interestingly, the sovereign will be kind enough to know that.

As they analyzed the place, something caught Syfer's attention, a noise of stones opening up had begun out of nowhere, while searching for the source of the noise, a hand came out of the ground, she in the same minute supported herself and lifted a huge body totally injured and worn out, it was Morgan who had survived the explosion.

" What are you?

"A human? But a human apparently modified. "Syfer said.

Morgan as soon as he spotted Syfer and Samuel, advanced in their direction even though they were totally weakened, as they approached their focus turned to Samuel, noting that the man reached out in Morgan's direction and created a magical circle around his neck and Morgan's.

"I don't think that's going to stop him. "Syfer said.

Instantly Morgan struck Samuel in the face that threw him away causing him to destroy several trees in his path, almost at the same time, Morgan had several parts of his body destroyed as if he had felt the impact, the damage took him to the ground at the same time.

"What was that? !

" Impressive, you have a very abnormal human force.

"Are you hunters? "Morgan asked.

" And then Samuel, have you recovered?

In the distance Samuel walked to Syfer as he showed his completely destroyed body slowly regenerating.

" The pain sharing was very effective, I thought using only partial mode would not stop it, so I used the full mode so that it would be destroyed instead of just feeling the same as me.

"I didn't think his body would be so broken so, even though he's a human being, this body he has is very peculiar, so it must have been destroyed so it must be because he's already very weak.

Morgan then got up as he prepared to attack again, at the same time Syfer struck a blow with his sickle against the chest of the man who overtook him, Samuel at the same time had his chest open causing him to fall to the ground.

"What the hell syfer... you could at least let you know when you were going to do that.

" For this drama Samuel, it's not as if you don't love that pain.

Syfer then withdrew his sickle from Morgan, the man then fell to the ground while agonizing with the wound.

"What are we going to do with him, Syfer? "He asked Samuel as he stood up.

" A modified human, extremely strong, the sovereign will like it, call the other two before they end up destroying the entire forest, let's take it with us.

" In that case, I have one more information to share.

" And what would that be?

" I found traces, apparently three people left this area, by the way it was the place where I found the tracks, two of them were well injured, but it seems that one of them must have found some way to carry the two.

"Great, apparently you live up to your tracker techniques , don't you?

" Should I find out who they are?

" It would be a waste of time at this point, we were sent only to know what the magic anomaly was, now that we have this thing, we don't need to stay here anymore.

Even brutally injured Morgan rose standing in front of Syfer, his size standing with the girl's was elusive, despite his oppressive aura, Syfer staring at him with a look of inexplicable naturalness.

" Get out of my way!

The man then punched Syfer, however, the girl just deflected the man's blow by slight a slap in his hand.

" Just human.

" Damn girl!

Again Morgan struck another blow against the girl, this time Syfer held his hand using only one of his hands.

" Don't get me wrong... I told you you were really strong, but you're not strong enough to even scratch me.

A totally red flame emerged from Syfer's hand as soon as she shook Morgan's hand, instantly the man's arm burst into flames causing him to completely lose his arm.

Morgan at the same time staggered back as he watched his arm completely destroyed as he caught fire.

" If I had not undone my magic would you have destroyed my entire wise arm? Regenerating an entire arm would take six hours, do you know that?

" I'm going to keep you from moving so rough while we take you, so things get easier, don't you think? "Syfer said while ignoring Samuel.

After saying that, Syfer turned her sickle back and hit the sickle handle so hard against Morgan's head that she could hear the noise of the man's skull cracking, after taking the intense blow, Morgan fell unconscious on the ground without even moving.

Hey Syfer... That way you could have killed this guy.

" Kill him? Maybe, but it doesn't make any difference, except neurons here or there doesn't change anything, now take it, let's go back to base.

" What's all this talk about? Did you see the size of this guy?

" You are very strong Samuel, if you have problems ask S98 to help you.

Samuel did not take long to follow Syfer's orders, while facing Morgan lying on the ground, the only things that passed on Samuel's head was how much pain that man should be feeling, Samuel was totally attracted to more of that sense of pain, he held his arm tightly while facing Morgan with a pale look.

" Samuel...

" Sorry Syfer, I got lost in my thoughts.

" You'd better start staying more awake, or I'm going to open your head in the middle of it the same last time.

"Open my skull? You know, you're the strangest person among us, Syfer, you hide behind this good girl countenance, rule-follower, the sovereign's right-hand man, but here you are, running a team that you formed yourself, tell me, what made you create this little group?

" Make no mistake Samuel, you have nothing that interests me, beyond your strength, all I see is mere garbage and a waste of time.

"Try not to say this in front of others, unlike me they should not take it very well if they hear these things.

"I am not here to please you, the moment you are no longer useful, I will kill each of you myself. "Syfer said as he turned his back and left.

" What a love you are...

Samuel then grabbed Morgan by his arm that had not been destroyed and placed him on his back as he walked behind Syfer.

Far from that location, amid a gigantic forest that hid a succubus town, Kirien had just woken up in the middle of her room from when she was still living with her mother.

" When did I end up here?!

Kirien said as she began to look around frantically, she quickly spotted a note in a chair next to her bed, hesitantly the girl took the note and opened it, in which she read that Haruka along with Elijah were being treated in a place that was used as a hospital by the succubus and inccubus, all written by her mother.

"Um, so they must be fine, that's great, I've completed my mission... Easy there!

The girl in the same minute rushed out of her room to where Haruka was supposed to be, while she flew quickly to the scene she could see a certain tumult around the place, she quickly landed and ran towards the crowd.

After passing through the crowd Kirien saw a series of inccubus and succubus passed out on the floor.

" What's going on here?

" You brought an interesting human, didn't you? Daughter.

As soon as Kirien turned she saw her mother standing next to her looking straight, when the girl turned her eyes forward she saw Haruka holding the head of an inccubus on the ground, Haruka was far from fighting for real, even if she wanted to still be too sore to try.

" What's up? Are you tired of trying to harass me?

"That makes you even more attractive... "The inccubus said with a tremulavoice and with a hearted face.

" Haruka! What the one you're doing?!

"Umm? Little morceguinha? Can't you see that? I'm defending myself against these freak perverts.

Haruka then let go of the inccubus' head and got up a little staggering.

" This girl is very interesting, since she woke up, she is surrounded by them, they are using the pheromones in her for a long time, but it is as if she is not feeling anything.

" And you did?! Why didn't you stop them, Mom?!

" What are you talking about? Humans live for pleasure, they're addicted to it... or almost that, it seems that this girl is not half normal.

"That's not the problem. Haruka, she's mine!

"Am I listening to you wise? What do you mean I'm yours?

Kirien after hearing it turned his face aside with a fluttering smile.

Like ... I... Know... putting that aside!

Quickly Kirien flew towards the girl, arriving near Haruka, Kirien began to check if she really was okay, Haruka was a little annoyed with the girl surrounding her.

" Can you stop this survey? You're a cop now a little girl?

" Good... I'm glad you're better...

Kirien then gave Haruka a hug, at the same time Haruka's face turned red and she pushed the girl away.

"It's stopped! Stopped, chega of this physical contact! This is not the time.

" You're still even more cute than when I met you.

Kirien said while still trying to hug Haruka, after hearing that Haruka took a slight punch to Kirien's head.

"Why did you do that?! "Kirien said with a weeping look as he was lowered covering his head with his hands.

"Idiot... But thank you for helping me... "Haruka said as she turned her face.

Kirien in the same second drew a huge smile and returned to hug the girl, meanwhile from afar, Kirien's mother only admired that scene with a look of doubt on her face.

"I wouldn't want to bother you, but... Kirien, why did you bring humans to our city? "I asked the girl's mother.

The girl then released Haruka, she turned to her mother, Kirien at that moment seemed not to understand her mother's question.

" What do you mean by that?

" You brought two humans into our homes, for what reason did you do this? Besides, you brought a wild wolf here too, so we went to a lot of trouble to arrest him.

"Um, I just brought them, they were in terrible condition, I couldn't take care of them at that moment, it was the only thing I could think of.

" Kirien, you brought two hunters to our city, besides, you have the crystal that created the darkness.

" Have you looked at my things?

The girl's mother then walked towards the girl stopping face-to-face with her as she stared into her eyes.

" How did you grow up... It's been a long time since I've seen you, it's been a while since I got your message saying you'd come to visit me, but I never imagined you'd come with two hunters and the crystal that caused us so much pain.

" I... I completed the adventure that my father took me, I got the crystal, I ended it all! I...

Before she finished talking, the girl's mother suddenly hugged her.

" You don't have to hide your feelings anymore, daughter, you're home now, I missed you so much.

" Mom... thanks. " Kirien said as he hugged his mother back as he cried.

Haruka next door only watched silently from that scene, the girl slowly began to sketch a cheerful smile, however it was interrupted while an inccubus that was on the ground put his hand on his foot.

" I would love to be trampled by these feet.

"I'm going to roll you over in the punch... "Haruka said with a nervous look accompanied by a smile.

Karissin slowly looked at Haruka, after a few seconds she let her daughter go and turned to the girl.

" What is your relationship with my hunter daughter?

" My relationship with the little girl? How can I say, I don't know.

What do you mean, you know? Aren't we friends?

" The question was this little morceguinha? It seemed to me that the question was more private.

" Private?

"Do you like her Kirien? "Karissin asked the girl.

Kirien at the same time stood motionless after hearing the question, the girl looked around as she watched the crowd staring at her, she suddenly moved her hands to her face, she spread her wings and flew away instantly.

"You know aunt... you need to be less direct with your questions, this can embarrass people a lot.

What are you talking about? We're succubus, we're not ashamed of anything.

"Um, then why did she run away?

Karissin then walked to Haruka and raised her hand to the girl's face as she pulled her chin close to her face.

" Kirien is a slightly abnormal succubus, that way of hers is what she has the most attractive, don't you think human?

" You could let me go... you're too close...

" This comment of yours reminds me of her father, he told me something like that when I met him, but returning to what matters, why my daughter helped you, hunter.

Haruka slowly pulled her face away from the succubus as she stared into her eyes.

" I met the morceguinha in a forest near a desert, she helped me many times, I can not tell what I feel about her, but I know that she is a person I can count, because of this I can say that I like her.

" In a malicious way?

" Why does everything for you have to have a perverted vision?

" Why do you think?

" If you were human, you'd be nicer to comment.

" My daughter likes you in a way that is no longer just for friendship, succubus cling easy to humans, you are the first human she has had contact after her father, she clearly clings to you.

" I understand.

" What do you plan to do about it, hunter?

Haruka after hearing the question, just turned her eyes to a corner, she then turned to the side while picking up her cell phone.

" I don't know... I'm not good at communicating with others. " The girl said as she looked at the cracked screen of her cell phone.

" Don't involve my daughter in this human.


"She continued to follow in her father's footsteps even after he died, she goes down this path risking her life every day, Kirien gave everything she had to save you and that other human, the state my daughter was in when she arrived here was far beyond a simple tiredness, the sister of her body was at such a low level that it is a miracle she woke up.

" I... Understand.

" You live in opposite worlds, you are a hunter, and she is exactly what you hunt.

" I would never attack the morceguinha, I'm not like the others if that's what you're saying.

" Changing the topic of conversation a little bit, what brings you here?

" I got in some trouble, where's the other hunter?

The succubus then picked something up on her back, she soon showed Haruka a dart.

"This dart, is the beast that my daughter took from her father, I removed it myself from the back of that hunter, he did not take long to try to escape and even try to kill the others who were taking care of him, I intervened myself and put him to sleep.

" Did he hurt anyone?

" Nothing serious, but could you explain the situation to me? Because to me, you're just aggressors.

" I can explain my side, I would practically be molested if I did not retry, in his case, he is a dealer of spiritual beings basically.

" Drug dealer? What would that be?

What do you mean?

Haruka at the same time remembered that Karissin was not like Kirien, she did not visit the human world, so she would not understand many things regarding the human world.

" Basically, in this case it's a guy who kidnaps people to sell to others.

"Um, a slave trader, what is your relationship with him?

" I kind of ended up with a scheme of him with elves, I ended up fighting him and an ogre and took the worst.

" Understand.

Karissin then turned his back on the girl and began walking toward the crowd.

" The other hunter won't be a problem now, my daughter almost died to bring you here, she seems to trust you a lot, so you're welcome in my house.

" As for that, I need to go back to my world, I can't stay.

" You must stay, it is the least you should do after all my daughter has done for you.

After hearing those words Haruka felt the pressure of the succubus argument, she at the same time lowered her head with a smile and a half-peaceful look.

" You're right... Very well, I'll stay a while longer.

" All right, come with me.

While following Kirien's mother, Haruka watched the succubus city, it was a very reserved place, it looked like the human world, people worked and lived exactly like humans.

"We have come, welcome to my home.

" I feel bad.

What do you mean?

" I feel like I've lost my innocence walking all the way here...

" Is it different from the human world? Human males also love the female body, they certainly look at you with sexual desires in mind.

" Please stop, don't make me seclude, my life is already too still.

" Well, let's go inside.

After entering the house, Haruka came across a house very similar to the Japanese, the floor was wooden while the walls were plaster, some magic unknown by the girl illuminated the place.

" What a cool place, it's only three times the size of my house.

" All right, make yourself at home, I'll prepare something for dinner, you can take a shower if you want.

Haruka then began to stare at Karissin with a look of fear.

" What's going on?"

" Nothing...

" If you want, I can come with you.

" That's my fear, so please don't come.

" I'm just kidding, I wouldn't follow my daughter's friend in the bath, I'm not that kind of succubus.

" And what kind of succubus are you?

Karissin just turned to the girl and started picking up some utensils to cook.

"Maybe you'll find out.

I hope I don't find out...

Haruka headed to the bathroom with a half-crested look, after arriving at the place she was getting ready to shower, she noticed that the place was very much like an ordinary human bathroom, until the glass door that separatethe toilet shower was the same as the human world.

" It's just like... it feels like I'm in a manga, even this scene reminds me of some comedy manga I've ever seen.

The girl then opened the glass door to get into the shower, after opening the steam door began to leave the scene, Haruka then came across Kirien, the succubus noticed the girl instantly.

" Haruka?!

"I should be surprised... but why do I think I've seen this stuff a thousand more times? "Haruka said with an empty look.