Chapter 22:

Cap 21: Focus and Progress

Eyes of the Mind

“... So, girl, why do you look like that?

I asked Sebastian as he stared at Haruka that he had a closed, nervous eye.

"Isn't it obvious old? It's been a week since I'm waking up 4 o'clock in the morning to get here at 6 o'clock to start high school classes, then I go through a series of psychological consultations and break still has your training, when all this ends is already 19 hours in the afternoon, until I get home already gave my bedtime, I have not been able to play any games anymore and not even see my animes so tired that I get home!

“... Humm, think of it as a preparation girl, adultlife is full of those days you're going through, except that maybe you've forgotten your mission in the spirit world, we have little time to prepare.

"Your idea was to reassure me? All I can think about is that adulthood sucks now.

Haruka's words pierced Sebastian like arrows, after hearing it for a slight second Sebastian lost his composure.

"Listen girl, adultlife is not at all bad, we have our duties and responsibilities, we take care of our tasks and follow hard routines so that we can have a good life after some time of arduous contribution.

Each word of Sebastian made Haruka's gaze increasingly vague, despite trying to somehow motivate the girl, Sebastian could only make the girl even less motivated by each example.

" What the hell in?

“... Well, you better enjoy your youth while you still can girl, we adults have many responsibilities, things that we earn over time, at your age you have something that we no longer have.

"Humm? What are you talking about? Hope?

" Let's leave this conversation for later... " said Sebastian with a vague look as he looked into the corner.

" Hey old man , at least tell me a stop there, what do you do cool in your spare time?

"Um, I usually read some articles, meditate, take care of the bonsai you have in my house...

"God... " said Haruka with a look of boredom.

Sebastian at the same time lost some of his patience after listening to the girl's comment.

"What about you girl? What are you doing in your spare time?

Haruka at the same time showed a certain interest in Sebastian's question, she quickly approached Sebastian going head-to-head with him, slowly the girl stood on tiptoe to get closer to Sebastian's face while having her eyes fixed to his.

“... If you want to know so much, why don't you go out with me tomorrow?

“What do you mean, go out with you? "I asked Sebastian as he pushed his face away from the girl.

Haruka then took a few steps back and grabbed his cell phone in his pocket.

"I saw you earlier using a cell phone, I'm impressed that you bought one, go pass it here.

"What do you intend to do? "Sebastian said a little afraid.

" What are you hiding in him? Content not allowed for minors? Don't you have to worry about it, young people nowadays have very peculiar wise minds?

"It's nothing like that girl! Here you can take it. "Sebastian said while delivering his cell phone to Haruka.

"Thank you, now or we'il see...

Haruka then began clicking non-stop on the mobile phone screen while Sebastian stared at her with a look of curiosity, after a few seconds the girl handed her phone back to him.

"What have you done?

"I saved my number, look at it here.

“... Why is he saved as "Best Apprentice of All" surrounded by hearts?

“I also downloaded the text app I use, so we can talk without having to call each other, cool right?

"You didn't answer my girl question.

"Well, I'll send the instructions to you later, is it better to follow them right in? If not, I'll stop coming here for good. "Haruka said as he left.

" Hey, what are you doing here? We haven't finished our training girl yet!

Even screaming at the girl, Haruka just ignored it and left while looking at her cell phone screen.

"This girl... but what did she mean by sending me instructions? Doesn't she understand that she's my apprentice and I'm her master yet? No... she sure knows it, she just doesn't want to act like a normal apprentice.

A noise caught Sebastian's eye, it didn't take long for him to find out it was the cell phone, he then picked it up to check out what it was, after looking a little he found out it was a message from Haruka.

" Hey old man , how are you? Seeing content for larger? "It said the message followed by a series of Emogis of laughter.

"Have you forgotten that we haven't finished our training as a girl?

“What are you talking about? We're discussing something more important here old!

" What is more important than your training at this point?

" Meet me in the center of tokyo tomorrow, let's take a little walk.

" In the center of tokyo? Could it be more specific?

" I go through the details later, I'm in a takoyaki shop now.

Sebastian then turned off the cell phone screen, he suddenly turned one of his hands to his face while thinking deeply about what was happening.

"What kind of relationship do we have? Even though I insist that she train the girl continues to act the same way, always web and disobedient ... but for some reason I like this side of her, it makes it seem like we're not in such a complicated situation. — I thought Sebastian while drawing a slight smile.

Seeing that the girl would not return, Sebastian also tried to leave, a few hours later Haruka sent them the exact place and time where they would meet, even though he was not very interested, Sebastian prepared and headed to the place, after getting off the subway and passing the turnstile he came across Haruka stopped with his back to a wall , she wore a yellow T-shirt with a drawn dog, on her head had a blue beanie, she wore blue jeans and a black sneakers, she was totally entertained with her mobile phone while giving light laughs seeing something.

"Good morning, girl.

"Oops! Hey old man...

Haruka for a slight moment stood with a vague look as he watched Sebastian.

"What was girl?

"What kind of clothes is that?

What do you mean girl? It's the clothes I usually wear.

"Old... I asked you out with me, why the hell do you come to a kimono pass?

— ... I don't have a straight answer for that.

" It's bone right? Well, since we're here, let's buy you something better to use.

"I don't see that much need for it.

" Shut up! You lost your talking place in this argument when a girl asked you out and you came in that outfit.

“ ...

Sebastian then just sighed as he followed the girl, it wasn't long before Haruka found a clothing store, after entering Haruka passed through the aisles of the store as fast as lightning while collecting several different clothes.

"Excuse me, young lady, are you picking up clothes for yourself? "I asked an attendant for Haruka.

" What? No, I'm getting clothes for that dinosaur over there. "Haruka said while pointing at Sebastian.

" Hey, what are you doing here? I'm listening to you girl.

"Think fast old!

Haruka then threw the heave of clothes she had put together in Sebastian, without difficulty he managed to pick up all the clothes.

"Young lady! Please don't throw the clothes.

"Oh, i'm so sorry. I am sorry... It was by instinct, it won't happen again.

"But what are these clothes?

"Just test them old, let's see which one looks better on you.

Sebastian then addressed the changer and put on the first change of clothes that Haruka had prepared for him, when he left the changer he wore a red social t-shirt, a white social pants accompanied by a social shoe, Haruka at the same time he saw it turned his hands to his mouth to drown out his laugh.

"Is this a joke?

"It's good on you sir, I must say it made your style look great.

"Yes! Yes... he looks like an end-of-career mobster... —Haruka said as he laughed.

" Tsk! That's stupid, I'm going to take this off at once.

"Easy there old man, put the other clothes there.

"I refuse.

"Time let's go old, try to do something different at least a little.

Listening to the words of his apprentice, Sebastian returned to the changer while again changing with the other change of clothes that Haruka had separated, this time he left in a sleeveless T-shirt with a tree design a denim shorts and a slipper, seeing it the attendant turned her face to the side while trying to hold on not to laugh, Haruka on the other hand fell to the ground while laughing, the situation was so funny for the girl that she came to cry.

"I was sure that was a bad idea.

I'm sorry, i'm sorry. I'm sorry, I had to see this, if not I was going to sleep badly tonight. "Haruka said as he stood still sobbing with laughter.


"Here old, put this, this time I swear I'm not kidding.

“... If it's a lie, I'm leaving.

"Come on old man, you can trust me.

Sebastian then took the clothes from the girl's hand and entered the changer for the third time, he quickly changed clothes and left the changer, the moment he left Haruka was using the cell phone.

" Hey old liked...

When Haruka turned her eyes to Sebastian she saw Sebastian wearing a white T-shirt and blue jeans, on his feet was a black social sneakers, his hair was tied forming a ponytail.

"Damn, man...

"This time you got the choice, young lady, he looked very good in these clothes.

"At least this time you chose something decent girl.

" It's pretty cool on you old, the old women who see you on the street will end up infarcting, so let's go, pay for the clothes there and let's go.

Haruka then left the store and waiting for Sebastian outside, Sebastian on the other hand headed to the cashier to pay for his new clothes.

"Did I really do the right thing by coming here?

"Your daughter is very excited, isn't she?

"Daughter? No... She's not my daughter.

"Really? Wow, you guys look so much like I thought she was your daughter, even the way you guys treat each other seems like you're a family.

"She's just my student.

Sebastian then paid for his clothes and left the store quickly, he soon met Haruka outside.

So girl, where are we going?

"Good... You wanted to know what I do in my free hours, come with me old, let's take a walk.

Haruka then took Sebastian to a square that was near where they were, amid the square was going on a kind of presentation, a small group of singers were performing for the population.

"What a noisy song that is...

" Don't call it noisy old, this band is at the beginning of its career, I love the sound of them, look here.

Haruka then showed his cell phone to Sebastian showing a playlist full of the songs of those singers, Sebastian on the other hand looked at the phone with total disinterest, after staying there for some time, Sebastian began to pay attention in Haruka, he just saw the girl vibrating with the sound of the song while singing along to the singers, that view of the girl was something innovative and surprising to Sebastian.

"All right! Old Bora, you're off to the next point.

" Umm? Don't you want to finish watching the presentation?

"If I stay here for another minute than I am, I'm going to end up freaking out, there's still a lot I want to do, so let's go to the next point soon.

Haruka then took Sebastian to a specialized sushi restaurant he had nearby.

" Hey the crown ! I'm back!

" Umm? Oh, Haruka, how long have I seen you around here, what have you been good at? "The man said as he walked to the girl.

"I work is eating my time, so today I took the day off.

"What about this man there with you? "The man said as he looked at Sebastian.

"Him? He's my master, he's a little cranky sometimes, but he's good people.

"I get it, you're going to want the usual.

"You know me, for the old man you can do the same.

"Since it's been a long time since you've been here, I'm going to give you a discount.

For Sebastian, that moment was something unique, he was having the opportunity to see a side of Haruka that he had never seen before, a sweet and quiet side, a side he did not imagine existed.

"I'd better eat it fast old, or I'll get it for myself." said Haruka while delivering a plate of men to Sebastian.

"Thank you girl.

Thank you a, then you're going to pay me, I'm not your mother to pay for food for you.

Sebastian at the same moment felt the girl's words like arrows penetrating her back.

" It's old just kidding , I'm not going to charge anything no.


After eating, Sebastian noticed that the girl was gone, while looking around looking for the girl, he found her talking to a young high school girl, he wasted no time and headed to the girl.

" Hey, what are you doing here? This item you have is rare! Where did you get it?! "He asked Haruka as he looked at the boy's cell phone.

“ ... I-I'm busy.

" Busy with what? Tell me at once how you got this item.

"What's going on here?

Haruka then turned his eyes to the voice that had drawn his attention only to come across a group of 3 delinquents and a girl who accompanied them.

"What's going on here Takeshi? Who's that girl in there?

"I don't know who she is. "The boy said as he turned his eyes to the ground and kept his cell phone in his pocket.

" Um... Going back to what matters, let me see your equipment, you have a cool character. "Haruka said to the boy.

"There... What are you doing talking to my slave.

Hey nerd, these guys are your friends?

“ ...

" I got it.

"Come here Takeshi, let's talk a little. "The delinquent said while he was calling the boy.

"What is it? You can't see I'm talking to him, do you?

Haruka then stopped in front of the boy preventing his passage.

"Are you trying to die?

The three offenders then went near Haruka staring at her while the other girl who accompanied them just looked from behind them.

"I'm praying to you Isaw m try." " said Haruka smiling as she snaps her fingers.

"Girl, what are you doing?

Sebastian suddenly entered the conversation questioning what was going on.

"Um, is that your father?" Maybe I should sink his teeth so you can stop being so sassy.

" I want to see you tentar the luck, if you lay a finger on it you will see the world upside down.

The offender then matched Haruka's threat and headed to Sebastian, stopping face-to-face with Sebastian, the offender trying to intimidate the man only with his presence, in contrapartly Sebastian only faced him with a normal and focused look.

The delinquent then prepared to punch Sebastian, however, before the man's hand had a chance to hit him, Haruka held the man's arm, soon after she applied an Ippon to him, quickly the girl designed the man causing him to fly over her, at that moment he could see everything upside down, soon after that sight his senses came back and he hit his back on the ground being knocked out instantly.

" Girl! Why are you using your skills against ordinary people?!

"Get out old, the elders forbade me to use magic, brute force is another story, except that he was going to assault you, I just practiced the attacking self-defense.

— ... Hunters like us should not use our knowledge to overstake normal girl people.

"Hunters... " Said the delinquents as they helped their friend who was still down.

" Cold erto , wait just a little.

Haruka then headed to the boy she was talking to earlier and took the cell phone fromhis pocket.

"Hey, that's mine!

Andshe quickly typed something into the boy's cell phone and returned it to him.

"Pronto, my number is there, if any of them came to pick on you again you tell me, I'll drop the punch on them.

The girl after hearing the girl's words just went silent, he suddenly kept his cell phone in his pocket and turned his back going away.

"So... You're a hunter, right?

Haruka slowly looked back at the girl before she was now alone looking on her phone while talking to her, the girl was brunette and wore high school clothes, her clothes were a black skirt accompanied by pantyhose, a satilha and a white T-shirt that she wore accompanied by a jacket tied around her waist, his hair was blond and tied back.


"I like you, do you want to be my friend?

"You look like a spoiled girl who bullies nerdy, why would I be friends with someone like that?

" It took me a while to figure out why you looked new, but you're Emi, right? — Sebastian said as he looked at the girl.

" Hey, Master Sebastian, I like your new look.

After hearing that Haruka turned her eyes to Sebastian with a look of surprise, soon after she returned to face the girl with an apprehensive look.

" What a lack of education my right? I was one of Master Sebastian's apprentices.

" I'm Haruka, I'm the old man's current apprentice.

At that moment Sebastian was surprised by the girl saying something so down to earth, he was more accustomed to catchphrases, satires or some irony coming from the girl.

" What's the cuteest name you have, what rank as a hunter?

— I am currently in the Drone rank.

"That's cool, I'm in the Visionary rank, that makes me your veteran I think.

"So you managed to climb emi rank? I'm impressed, when you chose to finish your workouts I thought it would be a lot harder for you at that level.

"What a rude master, I wasn't that bad. "The girl said while giving a slight laugh.

"There... I'm not enjoying this talk there.

Haruka at the time had a face that made her very much clear that she was upset.

" Are you jealous? "I asked Emi with a calm look.

"Then Auntie, I'm going to kick you pretty good.

"Do I love your wise personality? "The girl said after holding her laugh.

The girl then approached Haruka with her face close to hers, the two staring deeply at each other, it was as if they were looking into each other's souls.

"Tell me something master, have you ever explained about the zero zone to her?

" Zone zero? Not yet, I intended to explain this to her after I did the dragon challenge.

"Um, I'm going to help you, so I'm going to give her a little class, okay?

"Class? Wait! Don't do it, Emi!

With a touch of standing on the ground, the girl released some of her magic, Haruka felt the magical power that passed through her like a cold breeze.

“... Zone zero.

In a stellar of fingers, Haruka was now seen in a kind of dome that leaves the surroundings of where it was gray, the dome had a very small width compared to the street, it could be said that it covered the width of a football pitch.

" It's not perfect yet, can we only cover it these days? It's explained why only hunters of world rank up use this technique.

"Where did everyone go? Where's the old man?

"Well, come on, Haruka, this place where we are now is the zero zone, it's a technique developed by the elders to avoid large-scale havoc, it's used in very high-ranking fights to prevent certain battles from taking mass destruction to the entire environment, be it city or continent, maybe even the whole world.

— ...

" The zone is a false copy of our world, although it is false it is very real, whether physically or not, it simulates our reality perfectly, so the damage of the struggles caused within it are not passed on to our reality, you may wonder why hunters do not use it to prevent creatures from destroying cities and killed the population, sure?

"It's one of the doubts I actually have.

“This happens, because the zero zone is made for one-on-one fights, to create the zero zone, you need to keep in mind who you should imprison with you, after that the magic expands by detecting the target and creating the false world that traps us, imprison ing more than one person is half impossible, after all even why the zero zone works with those who have a magical level not much lower or equal, or a little higher than yours.

"I think I've understood everything so far.

"What is your form of combat?

"I'm being trained in din ran form...

" Din Ran right? The way of defense and counter-attack combat, I'm an expert in kin chu form, it gives me a great idea, why don't we put into practice some of our experiences?

"I'm not very into it, I fight with a sword, as you can see, I'm not carrying it.

"You don't seem to need it very much, except that I don't have my sword either, we can only use our spells and bodies, what do you say?

In that situation Haruka was apprehensive, her opponent's confidence exuded her, in a way, the girl felt she should not fight.

"I'll understand your silence as a yes, it may seem like no, but I've taken a look at some of your information a while back, you're a soul user, just like that damn G.

"Are you a stalker?

"That garbage destroyed the good image that my master had after he murdered his teammates, you have any idea how much Sebastian suffered after that, much of it was because of this disgusting magic that you have.

" I'm not to blame for anything that happened, if you want to blame someone throws in the crazy mask there.

"My magic has been called impact, it magnifies the damage of my attacks based on my magical power, so I can do something like this.

Emi then raised her arms up staying in a box fighting position, Haruka felt a menacing breeze coming from the girl as she quickly prepared her magic while waiting for the girl's movements.

In an instant Emi disappeared from where she was and appeared near Haruka, she then punched the girl in the belly, Haruka felt the punch with overwhelming pressure, the blow had been so strong that the girl lost her forces in her legs falling to her knees and going against the ground while covering her belly with her arms.

" I'm just taking out part of my anger, because of that I'm not going to hit you anymore, it's amazing how you continue at that level, you haven't even done the dragon challenge yet, does the master not believe you or anything like that? Andjust three months of training G was already the strongest student Sebastian had, having a frightening potential, he was so fast and strong that even fighting 8 of the best students of the master he did not even sweat, on the other hand you do not seem to have the strength to even get to the sole of the level he had. — Emi said while stepping on haruka's head.

Just as before, reality returned to normal, Zone Zero fell apart after Emi canceled the magic, Sebastian then came across Haruka lying on the floor while holding his belly and Emi typing something on his cell phone.

"What did you do Emi?

"Shit, I'm going to be late for my date, even more master, I have some appointments scheduled, then I'll stop by the ACP to say hi!

Emi said as he ran away, Sebastian then went to the girl quickly while trying to check on her condition.

"Hey, are you okay, girl?

Sebastian then began to approach his hand from Haruka thinking of helping her, however, before his hand came near the girl, Haruka slapped her hand.

"Do I look good to you?! That damn... I'm going to sink her face to the ground.

"Calm down girl, don't try too hard.

“... Tell me something old, did I evolve something in that time?

"Why the hell do I feel so weak?! I can't understand what's wrong!

“ ... You, are still very immature, you do not take things too seriously, you do not have much focus, you get distracted too easy, your attention is greater in situations of danger than in learning situations.

“ ...

"Your potential is great girl, but there's something about you that's hindering your progress, and that's an internal struggle you're fighting with yourself.

"I... I want to do that challenge.

“ ... You're not ready yet.

Haruka slowly stood on his knees in front of his master, his gaze had a determination that Sebastian had never seen before.

"Please master, help me get stronger!

The girl then bent over by putting her forehead on the ground while making the request for Sebastian.

"This challenge... it's not something you can do just with girl determination.

"I can do it, just trust me... I can do it, I'm going to make it.

Hearing the girl's pleas, Sebastian was touched by a feeling he hadn't felt for a long time, slowly he got up as he stared at the girl with an apprehensive, half-sad look.

“ ... All right, I'm going to let you do the girl challenge.

After hearing it, Haruka looked up and came across Sebastian reaching out to her hand so she could get up without hesitation she took his hand and stood up with a smile on her face.

"I'm going to do my best.

"So I hope girl.

After letting Haruka do the dragon challenge, they went to Sebastian's house, it was a classic Japanese house, he had a sort of dojo where they stayed for a while while Sebastian thought of the challenge.

" When I was still in training, I was selected for the dragon challenge, the first challenge was just to test our strength and endurance, we were all sent to the spirit world where we fought with some pre-selected threats.

" Which one will I fight?

" This challenge I'm going to let you jump.

" But why? Isn't that part of the challenge? I should have to do this!

" If calm down girl, now think well, so far you have proven to be strong and able, there is no need for me to see you fighting the threats again, until, even when I was selected for the challenge, I had never fought the threats before.

" Understand.

“ The second and third were focus and adaptation tests, although they are complex, are tests that you already surpassed me when I was still in training, but now comes the last 3 tests, these are the most important.

Haruka kept silent as he listened to Sebastian, he soon got up and picked up a kind of sealed pot, after picking up the pot, Sebastian slowly moved up to Haruka and sat in front of the girl while staring at Haruka, Sebastian could see that she was totally anxious, his eyes were totally fixed on the pot he held.

" Girl, I'm going to be honest with you.


" I didn't want to let you do this challenge now, yet you've shown yourself to be determined to go through the challenge.

"Old... No, master! When I think of everything that's happened so far, the only things I see is how weak I am, it may seem childish, but I hate losing, I don't want to be defeated anymore, by nothing and no one else.

" Being honest with you girl, there is an immense potential hidden within you that with all certainty can overcome any hunter, as your master I pay enough attention to you in all your trainings, when you have some interest, you become someone totally different, your focus, determination, adaptation, are totally surfaced, I can say with certainty that one day you will overcome me in every respect, however, you cannot expect someone to hold your hand and take it down this path, it depends solely and exclusively on you.

Haruka after hearing the words of his master lowered his face looking down, Sebastian suddenly placed the pot on the floor and pushed him towards the girl, the girl then turned her eyes to the pot covered with seals.

" Here are two challenges girl, after opening this pot, I will not be able to help you, everything against what you will fight will be created by you, your fears, anguish... try to do your best.

" I'm going to do my best.