Chapter 20:

19. Too bad that I don’t give a single f*ck about it.

Lost souls: Road to Godhood

While Luz enjoyed his rest alone in his room, the door suddenly got yanked open with a loud bang, frightening Luz, who didn't expect any intrusion.

As Luz readied himself for an attack, a loud crying but nevertheless familiar voice shouted: "I'M SOOOO SORRRYYYY," while pouncing towards him.

"N-N-O LIVVVV," were the last words leaving Luz's mouth as a creature pounced onto him with lightning speed, burying him immediately beneath it.

As the girl crashed against his chest, Luz heard how his ribs crack.

Frightened by the sudden action, he tried to free himself from the creature that jumped onto him. Unfortunally, he was at the mercy of the elf, as no matter how much he tried, Luz couldn't push the girl back that was hugging him tightly.

The creature buried its face deep into his chest while sobbing loudly: "I'm soooo sorrrryyyyy," as tears ran down her beautiful but pale cheeks.

Seeing her teary eyes, Luz gave up on pushing Liv away and accepted his fate as a teddy bear while gently petting the back of her head.

Quietly, Liv continued sobbing: "I never thought that my young brother was stupid enough to accept an offer without asking his older sister for advice."

As she continued blaming herself for Luz's stupidity, her hug around him tightened, and Luz returned her hug while having a smile. It seems like someone cares a lot about him in this new but strange place.

Her words and self-doubt made Luz feel bad for his actions, and he felt compelled to confess:
"You know that it was my choice… In the end, I wasn't willing to become a cripple," whispered Luz quietly as his palm gently stroked the back of her head.

"Why!?" asked Liv quietly back as her teary eyes stared holes into the latter's face, who was avoiding eye contact.

Silently, Luz continued to caress her, but even the narrator wasn't sure now if he was doing it to comfort himself or to calm Liv.

While doing that, he muttered with a trembling voice: "The more you lose, the more you cling to the things you still have, and I can't give up my future so easily. If I became a cripple, I would never accomplish any of my goals… that's why I can't give up on my talent since without it… I would be a nobody."

Hearing his words, Liv quietly shook her head in displeasure before pinching his cheeks.

"D-Do you have the slightest idea how wrong you are? EVEN AS A MAGE, YOU WILL REMAIN A NOBODY!! It's not about talent because you will always be someone to the people you left an impression on," the elf girl pouted while not letting go of Luz's cheeks.

Since his cheeks were still hurting from Brian's pinches, Luz immediately grabbed her soft white cheeks.

Liv immediately smirked while remarking: "You got some balls to pinch the cheeks of a mage who is a few ranks above you."

"Well, that's because you, my elder sister, taught me to be like that," replied Luz as he used more strength.

Her grin widened, and she headbutted the young man while saying: "Listen here, you little shit. I'll be taking care of your upbringing for the next week. So we'll be spending a lot of time together.~"

"Finally, someone will teach me magic," Luz replied while grinding his teeth as he pressed his forehead against her's with all his might.

The latter simply chuckled at Luz's naivete before answering with a grin going from ear to ear: "We will do everything except magic theory or magic. It will be hell, and I'll be the one who tortures you for a whole week.~"

Luz's face immediately turned horrified, and he stammered: "Well… I probably need like a week of rest since I got a headache, and they will definitely not go away in a week. Too bad, ehe."

Liv's loud laughter echoed through the room, and by now, Luz got pushed further into his bed as her physical strength was beyond his league.

"Too bad that I don't give a single fuck about it. Anyway, you are coming with me," Liv replied to his hasty excuses before dragging him out of his bed.

"No, please… have mercy upon your poor brother," Luz pleaded as he grabbed onto the nearest thing while getting dragged out of his bed.

"There is no mercy," Liv answered mockingly to Luz before dragging the young man into the library where his demise awaited him.

A few floors above them, a sleeping Jodoc shuddered as Luz's damped scream reached his ears.


Narrator: AUTHOR. Listen, man… You know I'm narrating your book for free… So make it at least interesting. You know what these young readers nowadays like. Big fights for survival and boom, and so forth.
Author: But my work is currently like 18 chapters long…
Narrator: Yes and? That is no excuse. It's even worse… YOU MADE LITTLE TO NO ACTUAL GODDAMN PROGRESS! The dragon is still alive, and we haven't heard of any of the other siblings…
Author: You know, Jack, I can't just insert chapter-long fighting scenes against enemy nations without naturally establishing the MC in his new surroundings…
Narrator: "I don't care. Just make it happen, and don't pretend that you couldn't do such a thing. Anyway, what can I expect from the next ten chapters?
Author: Well, we'll be focussing on what Luz is being taught this week. To keep it short: simple world-building.
Narrator: So another goddamn info dump…
Author: Yes…
Narrator: Well, we'll be skipping that.
Author: But Jack, these pieces of information play a significant role in the story…
Narrator: Do I have to repeat myself? It may be important to you, but not to me.


A week passed, and finally, Luz was allowed to leave the tower. The time he had spent with Liv over the past week was hell to the young man, as she taught him useless stuff about the world from morning to night.

The subjects ranged from basics etiquettes between different social groups to more interesting things such as history and the races living in the various geographical lands.

But even then, one would quickly lose interest the moment when such knowledge gets hammered into one's brain 24/7 for a goddamn week.

Today was the long-awaited day when Luz finally could escape the wrath of his newfound and obsessive sister. But before he could leave the tower, Simon still needed a few measurements and scans from Luz's mana core. Thankfully, his good-for-nothing elf sister was a night owl who generally slept till midday.

Unfortunally for Luz, taking the measurement took longer than expected, and only at around 11 o'clock did the results come. Fortunately, most of his cracks have healed, allowing him to use mana and magic again.

After saying farewell and thanking the parrot-Master mage duo for their hospitality over the past week, Luz finally took his leave. But as he took his first step outside, a familiar person opened their tower window.

"Luz!? Where are you going? Don't you want to spend more time with me? You know we haven't finished the subject yet.~" yawned Liv loudly as she looked down at him with folded arms.

Luz glared at Liv with an evil grin before shouting back at her: "ME? I'M GOING AS FAR AS POSSIBLE FROM YOU!"

He was in full anticipation of his future servant life.

'Maybe working to the bones 24/7 doesn't sound too bad if I don't have to be near that monster,' Luz thought as he turned his back to Liv, marching towards the mansion with a grin going from ear to ear.

Liv, shocked by Luz's words, climbed out of the window while shouting: "DAMN YOU, LUZ!!!!! JUST WAIT. THERE IS NO ESCAPE FROM ME!!"

But before she could continue, a loud thundering voice echoed through the tower. "HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO TELL YOU THAT NOBODY EXCEPT ME IS ALLOWED TO SHOUT IN MY GODDAMN TOWER!"

"I'm sorry, uncle!" shouted Liv sincerely back as Luz escaped towards the horizon.

Liv could only look back at Luz while gnashing her teeth. It seems like Luz won… for now.

After finding and small talking with the butler Alfred, the latter called after a servant with whom Luz was familiar. The person in question was non-other than Lewis.

"Long time no see," shouted a familiar voice, standing ten meters behind him.

With wide eyes, Luz immediately turned towards Lewis before running towards him while shouting:
"Leeeewwwiiiiiissss. Finally, a normal person."

"Wow, wow, wow, calm down," shouted Lewis as he saw a man older than him, jumping with raised arms towards him.

Through his mind shot, only one thought: "LUZ, YOU ARE WAY TOO FAST TO CATCH SAFELY."