Chapter 21:

20. Ah, I see… Master Brian caught another Pokemon

Lost souls: Road to Godhood

Instead of catching Luz, Lewis merely stepped aside with a smile, letting the poor Luz crash right against the marble ground.

Seeing how the latter crashed, Lewis offered the groaning Luz his hand, which the latter immediately accepted.

"So, how will I assist you today?" Luz asked in curiosity while beating the dust from his clothes.

"Well, Alfred told me to spend some time with you so that you get familiar with this place," commented Lewis casually while suppressing a yawn.

"B-But I thought I would be working today," Luz commented hastily in disappointment, to which the latter replied in laughter: "Follow me. We two will be enjoying our day. Tomorrow will be the day you work yourself to the bone."

Nodding, Luz followed Lewis and the duo left the estate before walking through the lively city.

"So? Where are we going?" Luz asked in curiosity as he glanced through the crowd of people who were busy walking through the streets.

In the crowd, he immediately spotted all kinds of social classes through the way they dressed. It seems like Liv's classes paid off.
But in reality, it meant nothing as even a child could easily spot the difference between a monk, a mage, an aristocrat, and a peasant walking through the street.

"Well, we are going to the arena. Liv probably taught you some boring-ass classes, which is why I thought of spicing it up to keep you motivated for your stay here," Lewis casually explained while leading the way.

'Lewis, you are the best,' thought Luz as he whipped away a small tear due to gratitude.
Soon the two reached the other end of the city, where a giant building, the height of five floors, stood, built in ancient Roman style. The two stood in the shadow of the construction, and Luz marveled at the many arches the building had.

The two went inside and got greeted by the reception. The receptionist merely glanced with a smile at the insignia embedded on their chest, which depicted a golden double-headed eagle, before calling someone to guide them.

Shortly after, a giant man with red hair and tanned skin sprinted towards the duo while wearing full leather armor while being chased by two girls who shouted: "Where are you running, Franciiiis!?"

As he was about to run past them, Lewis grabbed the latter's collar, forcing him to a halt.

"Lewis, there you are," Francis shouted while immediately hugging Lewis with his muscular bear arms. Lewis attempted to protest, but Francis overpowered him with ease, without even trying. In laughter, Francis lifted Lewis, and for Luz, the current situation almost felt as if Francis met his long-awaited younger brother after many years.

"I already thought that you've given up on training here, so what made you change your mind, young lad," laughed Francis while rotating a few times with Lewis.

By now, the two girls caught up to the trio, and one of them panted: "Yo… Lewis, long time no see. Who is that newbie, by the way? I've never seen him before?"

The two girls, dressed likewise in leather armor, were mustering Luz's body from head to toe while mumbling into each other's ears.

Francis didn't even realize Luz's existence till he got mentioned, and he immediately dropped Lewis to shift his focus onto Luz.

"He is our newest member, also known as Luz," announced Lewis like a proud parent while patting Luz's shoulder.

"Ah, I see… Master Brian caught another Pokemon," commented Francis with a chuckle before offering Luz a handshake, which the latter confidently accepted.

Upon seeing the latter's confidence, a grin formed on Francis's face, and he exerted such a force onto his grip that forced Luz onto his knees. Luz yammered in pain loudly: "I give up. I give up. I GIVE UP, FRANCIS!"

The group laughed, and Luz got immediately lifted up back to his knees before Francis led them to a locker room.

"Yo, Lewis, we'll be waiting for you two on the second floor," commented Francis before leaving with the two girls that hadn't said much till now.

Fortunately, Liv sent the leather armor she made for Luz to the arena as the two spent their time in Simon's mage tower. Luz immediately put on his brown leather armor, which fit him like a second skin.
After equipping a metal helmet and changing his shoes to metal-capped ones, Luz followed Lewis towards the field.

There were cuts all over the latter's leather armor, while the brown color faded away at this point. As Lewis led him to the field, he asked Luz: "With which weapons are you familiar?"

"Hmmm… I've got experience using a butcher's knife and a bow," Luz replied honestly, as he thought about how he used to cut dead animals next to his father when he was younger.

Lewis merely shook his head before telling him: "Luz… how should I say it… A butcher knife is not a weapon we would allow you to train with."

"But why?" Luz immediately asked in curiosity as he didn't mind learning a new weapon.

"Well, to put it simply, a butcher knife isn't the best weapon choice since it may be potent in short-range fights but useless in midrange weapons as they would get dominated by spear and halbert users," Lewis explained Luz.

After some talks, Lewis brought Luz to the armory so that the two could pick a weapon. Luz picked three weapons, a bow, a short sword and shield, and a halberd, to try them out. On the other hand, Lewis picked the same combi before heading towards the field, where three people were waiting for them without wearing their helmets.

Francis stood there with folded arms, and Luz immediately guessed that the man must have some barbarian bloodline as he was like 2.3m tall and a musculus monster. Nex to Francis's raging masculinity, Luz looked like a starved man. But that wasn't all. His face was square, and Francis had a short red beard, while his eye color was fiery red eyes.
His hair and eye color literally screamed: LOOK AT ME. I'M A GODDAMN FIRE MAGE.

The two girls standing beside Francis didn't stand out as they looked rather ordinary. The girl on Francis's left side, also known as Anne, had pale blond hair, followed by ocean blue eyes. Anne also had an athletic body with no visible scars, but other than that, she seemed like a kind person.

The girl on Francis's right side was known as Alice. Alice's favorite color seemed to be black, as her leather armor, shoulder-length hair, and eye color were coal black. In contrast, her skin was as pale as it could get, and Luz questioned himself if the latter's body ever saw the sunlight. But at least she had quite a muscular body that even put Luz to shame.

As one might expect and definitely not due to the Author's laziness, Alice was a dark mage.