Chapter 0:

The day where it all ends and starts.

The hero's rise? : Reborn as a Demon, I'll show you what a true Demon Lord is.

The Kingdom of Vhanrea, being known for serving generations ofBookmark here

True Heroes is where l Arizhel Reize keeping everythingBookmark here

peaceful and balanced. Bookmark here

well that is my duty as the current "Title Holder" of the True HeroBookmark here

I grew up being raised only by my father although we're not blood related along with my little sister.Bookmark here

My father serves the king directly and i think it's really cool. Bookmark here

I spent everyday training sword, magic and my Skills for i was called the Chosen one of the whole kingdom, i decided to live with that title proud. Bookmark here

At the age of 8, i got in the highest ranks of paladins really quick. people there mocked me a lot for being a kid thoughBookmark here

"you're just a kid, how come you're higher than us?"Bookmark here

"go back to your home and suck om your momma's tits"Bookmark here

Are what i repeatedly hear everyday until i met my first friend. Bookmark here

"That's enough—!" someone shouted from afar. Bookmark here

"if you're jealous that he's higher than you, spit it out  Bookmark here

Don't approach him like that you bunch of good for nothing"Bookmark here

A young man close to my age, perhaps older by years approached from distance.Bookmark here

Golden blonde hair reflecting the sunlight giving it a shiny look with Turquoise crystal looking eyes wearing an armor equipped with sword and a young girl behind him who has exact details on hair and eyes, probably his younger sister i thought. Bookmark here

Bookmark here

The people who were enthusiastically bullying me fell in silence.Bookmark here

"we sincerely apologize for our behavior, if you excuse us"Bookmark here

They quickly uttered and left immediately. Bookmark here

The young man who just drove them away approached me.Bookmark here

"are you good? Why don't you fight back against them? For someone as strong as you."Bookmark here

He curiously asked. Bookmark here

I looked directly at his eyes and gave an answer. Bookmark here

"my father thought me not to hurt anybody who's not an enemy"Bookmark here

He tilted his head. Bookmark here

"but they're bullying you though?"Bookmark here

Said the person. Bookmark here

"words like those don't affect me at all, I'm completely fine."Bookmark here

I answered. Bookmark here

"i see, if you say so.Bookmark here

Anyway, My name is Jez, and this one behind me is Mihka"Bookmark here

The girl behind him stepped forward.Bookmark here

"I'm Mihka" she said. Bookmark here

"nice to meet you, what's your name?"Bookmark here

I fixed my stance and gave them my name.Bookmark here

"My name is Arizhel Reize"Bookmark here

As we both recognized each other, we performed a handshake.Bookmark here

Since that day we spent time together everyday on missions and in our free time.Bookmark here

That kept going for years until i was officially announced as the "Hero"Bookmark here

And formed our team of three. Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Now in the present.Bookmark here

with my comrades, we wander around deep through a dungeonBookmark here

that's been manifesting Magical Beasts lately. Bookmark here

a type of Beasts that originated and formed from pure and denseBookmark here

Mana Regions and mostly classified mid class tier of threats. Bookmark here

in this world there are tiers of beings depending on their sheerBookmark here

power and destruction potency. Bookmark here

-Low class:Bookmark here

Below human to Village Threats are considered low classBookmark here

-Mid Class:Bookmark here

beings that threatens the whole town/cityBookmark here

-High Class:Bookmark here

Beings thaf may threaten a whole country or two such as DragonsBookmark here

Special Class:Bookmark here

A threat of a special case unlike other classes, it doesn't depend on it's destruction capacity alone and more on how much capable it can do,Bookmark here

possible examples are Title Holders, Armament Wielders andBookmark here

Superior Races such as Vampires.Bookmark here

And finally the last one. Bookmark here

A Demon Lord Class with being able to threaten the whole world orBookmark here

even the reality itself.Bookmark here

I'd rather mot mess with one to be honest even as the hero. Bookmark here

and of course we don't fight completely powerless, as Magic has been mentioned.Bookmark here

we wield a lot of various skills and spells. Bookmark here

Although performing almost the same thing. Bookmark here

Skills and Magic are different things. Bookmark here

Skills are Natural Abilities born from a person where they can naturally use it without consuming mana nor learning how to perform it unlike magic that needs to be studied, uses Magical Power and requires to be mastered. Bookmark here

Unlike skills, Magic can be created and be thought to other people.Bookmark here

And i'm also gonna mention the Titles given by the Universe to an individual. Bookmark here

A "Title Holder" are rare that most of them aren't humans. Bookmark here

An example of them is i, i hold the title of "True Hero" having the duty to protect my people.Bookmark here

While on the other side of the world of Demon Continent. Bookmark here

There the ruler are famously known as their title "Demon Lord"Bookmark here

Although we don't know that much about them, im destined to fight them someday. Bookmark here

Right now our current responsibility is to exterminate what i mentioned Mana Region and completely nullify the surrounding before things get worse.Bookmark here

At the final floor of the dungeon, we finally found the source. Bookmark here

we left it to our Mage Priestess Mihka, the blonde girl with turquoise sparkling eyes with this guy standing beside me who'sBookmark here

her older brother, a fellow Hero, not precisely as me although he's ahead paladin. his name is JezBookmark here

"one...two....three and... we're finished"Bookmark here

phrased by Mihka who just finished her part. she picked up her staffBookmark here

and calmly approached the two of us waiting at the entrance.Bookmark here

"you're done? you did a great job today again" phrased Jez as he raised his arm and softly patted her head. "should we go back and report now?" i offered with a relieved tone in my voice. "I'm sure Father and The King would be really pleased about this news" switching their attention to me, Jez Responds. "For sure, it's been a 5 year problem after all, and it's now resolved all thanks to you, way to go Hero" i averted my eyes and put a smile in my face "it's all thanks the two of you, i doubt I'd be able to do this without your help" i responded. immediately the vibe changed from seeming cheery to a silent moment. "thanks to us huh?" Jez phrased. picking up his stuffs, Jez let of a smug on his face as gets ready to take off. The way he phrased it left an unexplainable feeling in my chest. "what's wrong?" i asked. "Oh there's nothing wrong" i just remembered something. I'm really curious but i have a feeling that i shouldn't ask furthermore. "I see" i responded and an i ended the conversation. We walked for hours and finally got out and returned to the capital, there at the entrance. the crowd has already gathered giving cheerings and thanks to our accomplishment. i felt happy about it. I want to go with the two and report but Mihka insisted that i should take a rest first for the celebration later. i entered my room and lied on my bed letting out a sigh out of tiredness. "today is sure tiring, but at the same time wonderful" diving into my thoughts as i get sleepy. "the two of them are sure great people, i respect themBookmark here

and trust with my whole life, i wish we could go to more adventures" i closed my feeling heavy eyes and fell asleep.Bookmark here

After a few hours, someone came in to get me. "Hey wake up!" whoBookmark here

turned out to be my younger sister Yheula. "oh, it's you Yheu" i spoke on a lazy manner. "Don't Oh it's you me, did you forget about a celebration for your own honor? what a dumb brother" Shouted Yheula. "I know, I'll get ready now also lower down your voice" i got up and prepared immediately and it seems like it already started when i got outside of my room. lots of people around dressed really fancy with the King as well being present. Things happened really fast, i had lots of fun with the time being,this might be the best day ever in my life and I wish it lasts for eternity. and the party ends leaving only a few people behind including the King, it seems like he still have some few business here. i excused myself and entered my room, lied in my bed. seems like someone followed me. "How's the great Hero doing Tonight?" turns out to be Mihka. "Great, it was fun" i replied" Mihka sat down and slowly approached me with a luscious manner. "How about we two have fun as well?" She whispered to my ears. she slowly undressed herself as well as she undressed my top.Bookmark here

I'm too tired to question what's happening and let the moment flow. Bookmark here

"Show me what a hero can do" she whispered again to my ears. she lied on my bed as i got on the top of her as i held her arms. i noticed some bruises on her wrist, it looks new but i didn't let it bother me, she probably got it from earlier. slowly getting closer to her face,Bookmark here

As i hold both her hands something really unexpected happened. with all her might, MihkaBookmark here

Screamed as Loud as she can "HELP!!!! BIG BROTHER!!!" within only a few moment the door got busted open with more than 10 paladins pointing their weapons at me. "P-please help me!" the tone in her voice changed, as if she's facing something really frightening. "N-no! this is not what it looks like!" i tried explaining myself although the situation says everything. "Silence!" said one of the paladins. and the situation didn't get that long, Someone stepped which is Jez. "I didn't expect your real nature to be this Hero, I'm really dissapointed, let go of my sister criminal" is the response i got wiith a disgusted look in Jez's face. "H-huh? what are you saying? you on all of people should know that i won't do such a thing!" I've started to panic, what's this situation?.Bookmark here

"Silence Garbage ever since before i knew you've been trying to get on my little sister with every story she tells me on how disturbed she feels about it" Phrased Jez as he slapped me with his sword after. "Supress him, i must report this to the the King", bring him to the place" in confusion, i couldn't speak furthermore, i just stayed quiet wondering what went wrong" i couldn't do a thing, not even fight back or that would just make my situation even worse. everything happened so fast. the next day i was brought to be judged, all of the higher ups are present, with the king at the middle with his side who is my foster father. "Today we brought you our Suspect, The Holder of True Hero, Arizhel Reize with the attempt of rape and murder." the crowd sounded really shocked. Bookmark here

What? Wait! Rape and Murder? what do you mean?" i asked them "a criminal has no rights to question their doings, and it's even worse as you're the Hero" the door behind has opened, i averted my eyes from them and looked down. Today we also brought our Victim. Mihka. i immediately looked up when i heard that name. i tried speaking. "Hey Mihka!" although i got no response aside from her seemingly getting creeped out and scared.Bookmark here

"The Victim doesn't want to talk to you" the case has gone for some time with a lots of statements saying that i attempted to Murder Jez and the Paladins after getting caught with my rape attempt. They've brought in those paladins as well as Jez and they all have injuries i never saw last night. they all explained how i fought but at the end they suppressed me. Everything was so messed up, i can't understand a thing. what? why? how? questions has been flooding my mind and finally i blew up as well. Bookmark here


there should be no concrete evidence. so i thought. An order in mage stepped forward showed a footage of me. actions i never committed, words i never said, moments that never happened.Bookmark here

"What in the? Bookmark here

I've been charged as guilty. Bookmark here

apparently the case has been broadcast throughout the country"Reize, i didn't raised you to be like this, truly a dissapointment". those words pierced me through my chest, knowing the fact that that even my father won't believe me, then who will? i also tried talking to the King, who once said he'd trust me as im the country's sword and shield. but i got nothing.Bookmark here

I tried being silent as i know i have 3 weeks for this case and a chance to clean my name. However. Bookmark here

I've been charged with execution immediately.Bookmark here

"the hell? But i should have 3 more—!"Bookmark here

At a moment,i felt every people's stare like im some garbage on the road, i immediately fell silent.  the case ended. i tried talking once more to my so considered friends.Bookmark here

"what's this? hey Mihka, Jez? Aren't we friends by soul?"Bookmark here

Mihka suddenly from a gentle and freaked out manner to a really confident person answered. Bookmark here

"don't get the wrong idea, I've never once thought of you as a friend"Bookmark here

Reminiscing my past. I've realized it all, the two of them. no. all of them set me up to this. i was enraged upon my realization.Bookmark here

"you've finally realized? said Jez with a smug. Bookmark here

i clenched my fists really hard to the point that i wound myself. Bookmark here

The king who was left with us called the two. Bookmark here

The two of them adressed him as "Father"Bookmark here

"father? You mean the two of them? Child of king? Then that's..   "Bookmark here

A thing i never knew about until now. Bookmark here


AZALEA MYKARAE!!" Bookmark here

"Don't address us formally with our full name scum" said both of them while looking down at meBookmark here

with all of my rage, i cursed them inside me countless times, silentlyBookmark here

gazing to nowhere doing nothing but curse them. How could all of this happened? Was i been set up since way back before i got adopted? What for? What could they gain from it? I repeated the same question over and over.  and only a few days later. i was called out and then brought to the center of capital. there, the execution was prepared. The time has come. The citizens are in chaos. but one thing in common. they all now despise me, this country i loved and protected. and this is all i get in return? don't fuck with me. I'd fight back if i can however im chained with an anti-magic cuffs. They also purposely dehydrated and starved me so i wouldn't be able to perform my skills properly.Bookmark here

 50 High Class Mages has circled on me, apparently the method their going to use is to exterminate not only my life but my soul as well.Bookmark here

there the king and my so called father are watching along with the two who set me up to this. the incantation has started slowly forming the circle. now I'll only wait for my death. and after some time it's finally prepared. "Any last words?" Stated the King. It seems like they still want to humiliate me, well them. "My last words? hmph, Go to hell" and the spell has activated burning my everything. everything, my honor, my properties, trust and even my own life now. i lost them all.Bookmark here

For a reason i don't know about. Bookmark here

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