Chapter 18:

Woodland Chaos Part 3

Tales Of The Chosen "Heroes"

Kuran stood there; blade still drawn. His lungs were burning as he struggled to feed his muscles the oxygen they needed. The fight against the chaos chief had been going on for a while now, he along with Blake and Eleanor were beginning to reach the end of their line.Bookmark here

They had been successful with some of their attacks, able to find openings through their multipronged attacks and slash or bash the chaos chief. Unfortunately, none of their attacks have ever been able to cause a major wound, only shallow cuts. Part of the reason was the various magical enhancements that the warlock had given them.Bookmark here

It also didn’t help that the chaos chief had been able to dish out almost as much damage as he had received. His insane strength had sent the three flying on more then one occasion.Bookmark here

His overwhelming power often stopped any attempts of cohesion that Kuran and the others tried. However, much like them, the chaos chief’s stamina was not limitless and damage throughout this fight had accumulated.Bookmark here

The chaos chief’s movements had become more lethargic, the loss of blood had weakened him. He was no longer moving as quick or hitting as hard as he was. Bookmark here

The fighting that occurred around them all also wasn’t doing the chaos chief any favours. The chaos worshippers had begun to be pushed back and it seemed that every minute more Esterwood soldiers and adventurers were joining the fight. The chaos worshippers were losing, and the chaos chief was aware. Bookmark here

Kuran could tell that the chaos chief at this point no longer cared for winning, he was trying to escape. Though right now the chief didn’t have an opportunity of escape, Kuran wanted to finish this fight before one emerged.Bookmark here

Kuran began to formulate a plan and began to instruct the other two.Bookmark here

“Eleanor how long is it going to take to enchant my weapon?” He asked.Bookmark here

“Only a few seconds but I’ll need to actually chant it out to cast it and I doubt he’ll let me.” She replied, not taking her eyes of the chaos chief.Bookmark here

“Well, I could hold him off.” Blake offered.Bookmark here

“No, even if its for a few seconds, at this point in the fight, facing him alone is way to dangerous.” Kuran shut the idea down immediately.Bookmark here

“Do you have any other ideas to stall him so that Eleanor can cast her spell? Because I am not in the mood to dance around that guy for the next hour.” Blake challenged.Bookmark here

Kuran gave no reply.Bookmark here

“He has a point.” Eleanor said.Bookmark here

Kuran gave a small grimace before asking Blake, “Are you sure?”Bookmark here

“Yep.” Blake gave a reassuring nod, “I can handle it.”Bookmark here

“Alright then.” Kuran said taking in a sharp breath before speaking to Eleanor, “Go ahead.”Bookmark here

With a firm nod she put her sword to the side and began to chant. The chaos chief realizing the situation began to charge forward. Blake stepped in to intervene.Bookmark here

“Out of the way!” The chaos chief growled out, attempting to swat Blake to the side.Bookmark here

Blake weaved to the side and managed a small cut across the side of the chaos chief who snarled in response.Bookmark here

Eleanor used this opportunity to begin start chanting, “Great Goddess Dola, for good and for prosperous may you make this strike reign true with your holy judgment for the sake of justice. Go forth with and strike with a Radiant Burst.” Bookmark here

As Eleanor finished her chant, Kuran could see his blade gain a new layer of shine, he could feel power coursing through the blade, a low hum reached his ears. His sword shined brilliantly.Bookmark here

“You have one shot.” Eleanor reminded him.Bookmark here

“That will be enough.” Kuran said before charging towards the chaos chief.Bookmark here

At the same time, Blake and the chaos chief were battling. Blake attempted to slice down on the chaos chief only for the chief’s battle axe’s wooden haft to take the hit instead. The chaos chief then gave hard shove, the power of the chaos chief pushed Blakes sword to the side leaving him undefended. In desperation Blake tried to throw himself backwards.Bookmark here

With one smooth motion he then swung his axe back down, the axe’s blade managing to catch Blake’s retreating leg, digging into his flesh. Fortunately, as Blake was already moving backwards, his momentum caused the blade to unembed from his leg. Stopping the axe from going through bone.Bookmark here

Before the chaos chief could do anything further to the now prone Blake, Kuran came charging in. A few quick slashes from his blade drove the chief away.Bookmark here

“Help him.” Kuran quickly instructed before reengaging with the chaos chief.Bookmark here

Eleanor quickly approached Blake and began to cast a healing spell on his wound.Bookmark here

All the while Kuran battled the with the chaos chief. Who was now fighting far more defensively against Kuran then had been with Blake. It seems that the chaos chief was aware of Kuran recently enchanted blade and was currently doing whatever he could to avoid being hit.Bookmark here

Kuran slashed and struck wherever he could. He threw faints and attacked every part of the body. He hit fast and he hit hard. His speed was insane, his movements were hard to read. He moved without pause, no sign of exhaustion. He attacked and did not stop.Bookmark here

For any opponent this flurry of unrelenting attacks would have overwhelmed them with at least a single strike breaching past their defences. However, this magically infused chaos chief Kuran was facing was anything but normal. At speeds just as blindingly fast as Kuran, he met each strike with his axe.Bookmark here

The chaos chief wielded the massive cumbersome axe as if it were nothing, his magically enhanced muscles and reflexes allowed his body to react to each attack and defend against it.Bookmark here

As the seconds flew by Kuran began to be bolder with his attacks. Not by choice, but by necessity. He wasn’t sure how much longer he would be able to keep up this onslaught and he knew that the enchantment on his sword was going disappear soon, he had to land a blow.Bookmark here

The chaos chief stared Kuran down as they exchanged, fully aware of Kuran’s predicament and acutely aware that it was a losing one. Despite Kuran’s best efforts he just couldn’t keep up with this pace forever. He was slowing, while the chaos chief wasn’t. As long as the chaos chief had these enchantments Kuran just could not keep up.Bookmark here

As Kuran’s blade got into a bind with the chaos chief’s axe once more, Kuran suddenly saw the glow in the chaos chief’s eyes dim. The chaos chief began to draw more ragged breaths, the strength the chaos chief applied onto Kuran’s sword lessened.Bookmark here

The two of them stared at one another in surprise at this sudden change. His strength is gone. Kuran realized. How? Kuran chose not to dwell on this issue and pressed his attack.Bookmark here

The chaos chief on the other hand was in disbelief. He had no idea why the spells his warlock had cast on him were now gone. But now without the enchantments the chaos chief felt the affects of fatigue. Desperately he tried to defend himself from Kuran’s attacks, still having some strength left.Bookmark here

Kuran faked an opening of attack for the chaos chief, who, now desperate, took the bait. Kuran quickly sidestepped the mighty downward slash and now had the chaos chief’s undefended flank in his sight.Bookmark here

Kuran struck.Bookmark here

A blinding flash of light and the sound of a small explosion echoed through the forest. Kuran was momentarily blinded by the light and felt as if his blade had passed through nothing. Surprisingly just as quickly as he lost his vision it returned to him.Bookmark here

Quickly searching for the chaos chief, he found him standing a few steps away from him. The chaos clutched at his side, eyes vacant, his clothing seemed to have blasted away, showing his extremely charred side. Kuran’s blade ran straight through the chaos warrior.Bookmark here

After standing there for moment longer, the chaos chief collapsed.Bookmark here

A lull in the fighting occurred as everyone in the area looked towards the source of the loud sound. As the chaos worshippers watched their chief fall, the already losing side completely broke.Bookmark here

As moral for worshippers plummeted the remaining chaos worshippers began to run. Some disappeared of into the trees while others surrendered themselves. As they did so, the Esterwood soldiers and adventurers began to cheer. The fight it seemed was over, as a wave of exhaustion hit Kuran he breathed a sigh of relief and went over to Blake.Bookmark here

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