Chapter 19:

Blank Into Sour

Tales Of The Chosen "Heroes"

While the soldiers began to clean up the remnants of the chaos worshippers Kuran approached Eleanor tending to Blake asking them, “How is he?” He asked in concern.Bookmark here

“I’ll be fine, thanks to her.” Blake said with a smile, gesturing at his now bandaged leg.Bookmark here

“Not much of a paladin if I can’t even heal a small wound like that.” She joked.Bookmark here

“You call this small?” Blake said bemused.Bookmark here

“Oh please, you’re an adult. Something like this couldn’t stop you.” Eleanor then turned towards Kuran. “Great job out there.”Bookmark here

“Thanks, that was some spell.” He replied.Bookmark here

“Yeah, well my spell wasn’t meant to be that effective. Did you do something?” She asked.Bookmark here

“It’s my sword.” He explained as he presented it towards them, the blade had lost is magical glow but was pristine and shiny as if it had recently been cleaned. “Storm Steel, it’s very good at absorbing magic spells and enhancing the effects.”Bookmark here

“I could use a blade like that.” Blake whistled.Bookmark here

“Well, it is expensive and difficult to obtain.” Kuran said.Bookmark here

The large man with deep walnut shaded skin, Charron approached them. Despite blood being splattered across his clothes his eyes were filled with worry. Kuran sheathed his blade.Bookmark here

“You alright there Blake?” He asked in concern.Bookmark here

“I’ll live.”Bookmark here

“That’s the relief. I’ve got good news too, guess who’s back.” Charron said as he moved out of the way to reveal three other figures approaching.Bookmark here

Leading the trio was the violet half-fae Aron, one person behind him had the slicked back hair and a black goatee, Oskar, along with another man, this man, Kuran did not recognize. He was a tall, lean man with salt and pepper hair, a friendly smile plastered on his face as he walked alongside Oskar.Bookmark here

“Lawrence!” Blake breathed out.Bookmark here

“The one and only.” He said giving a small bow. “You alright there Blake?”Bookmark here

“I’m fine no need to worry.” Blake assured.Bookmark here

“It would take a lot more than that to stop you.” Oskar joked before introducing Lawrence. “This here is Lawrence, one of the gentlemen that we were looking for. Lawrence, this here is Kuran and Eleanor, they helped bring us here.”Bookmark here

“Pleasure to meet you all. My thanks for coming for us.” Lawrence greeted.Bookmark here

“Don’t mention it.” Kuran replied.Bookmark here

“Where’s Sara?” Blake quickly asked Lawrence.Bookmark here

“Safe with Michael, away from the fighting and headed towards the city.” Lawrence reassured.Bookmark here

“You boys did well here, taking out the chief by yourselves along with saving a load of folk, you’ll probably be awarded rather well.” Aron commended them. “Wasn’t there another one in your group?” He asked.Bookmark here

Lawrence nodded, “Yes, little o’ Shawn. He wandered off, should be reconvening with us soon.”Bookmark here

Just as Lawrence finished speaking, they heard rustling from the closet bushes, out of the forest emerged three new people. Kuran recognized flame haired sorcerer, Amelia, however the armoured figure and the boy with night black hair were new to him.Bookmark here

The boy was turned towards Amelia and the armoured figure seemingly discussing something, motioning towards some sort of strange skull staff that Amelia was holding.Bookmark here

“So, is that meant to be a trophy?” The boy asked her.Bookmark here

“More like evidence.” She told him.Bookmark here

“Hey Shawn!” Oskar called out. “Not going to greet us?”Bookmark here

“Oh. There you are.” The boy, Shawn said giving a small nonchalant wave as the three moved towards them. “What happened? Why did fighting stop?”Bookmark here

“The chief’s dead.” Aron informed him.Bookmark here

Shawn gave a look of surprise to Aron, “Huh, don’t usually see half-fae’s around here, nice to meet you.” He then turned to the others, “Charron good to see you, Blake seems that you’ve screwed up again. Also, the chief’s done already?”Bookmark here

“Don’t sound so disappointed. I’m glad that we don’t have to deal with him as well.” Amelia said, leaning her weight onto the staff, a look of exhaustion on her face.Bookmark here

“Need a sit down?” Shawn said.Bookmark here

“Shut up.”Bookmark here

Aron interrupted the two, “Isn’t that the warlock’s staff? What happened to him?”Bookmark here

“Dealt with.” The armoured figure replied with an echoey feminine voice.Bookmark here

“So that’s why the chief lost his magic powers.” Kuran realized.Bookmark here

Shawn stopped in his tracks and stared at Kuran, it seemed that he had just now properly noticed Kuran’s presence. His eyes narrowed.Bookmark here

“Fancy helmet.” Shawn whispered out as he stared down Kuran, moving ever closer towards him.Bookmark here

The tone shifted as Kuran met his gaze, “Thanks.” He slowly replied.Bookmark here

As the two had glared at one another the others watched in awkward silence. The armoured figure’s helmet swiveled towards Shawn and began to speak.Bookmark here

“What’s going on-”Bookmark here

Shawn interrupted, ignoring her question, instead spoke directly to Kuran.Bookmark here

“So… what’s a Pup doing so far from the Litter?” He asked.Bookmark here

As Eleanor mouthed pup in confusion, Kuran returned his question with another one, “What’s Page doing here?” Kuran snapped defensively back.Bookmark here

Shawn now standing two steps away from Kuran scoffed at that question. Giving a dramatic gesture to the area around them he asked, “Do I look like Page? Now stop deflecting Pup, why are you here, where’s the Litter?” His last question turning into snarl.Bookmark here

Kuran inhaled sharply and tensed up, “Don’t have one, I’m not a Pup.” He spat out.Bookmark here

“An abandoned Pup, is still a Pup.” Shawn said leaning in. “In fact, one would argue that an abandoned Pup is worse. Cause, unless I’m wrong, they don’t usually abandon one unless they’re desperate or, more often. It’s sickly.”Bookmark here

Shawn’s pitch-black eyes bore deep into Kuran’s own, who’s eyes flashed back with hostility.Bookmark here

“So, tell me, what makes you so sickly, Pup.” Shawn taunted.Bookmark here

The group around them continued to look at this strange interaction in confusion. They could almost feel the hostility between the two. Kuran had moved his right hand to rest on the hilt of his sword, slowly gripping it tighter.Bookmark here

“Shawn enough.” Oskar demanded.Bookmark here

Shawn stared at Kuran for a moment longer before staking a step back and slowly raised his hands.Bookmark here

“Right, right.” Shawn focused on Blake, ignoring Kuran’s hostile gaze. “How’s the wound? Can you walk or are going to carry you?”Bookmark here

“… I can move.” Blake said slowly after a moment of silence, rising to his feet.Bookmark here

“Hey, be careful now. I may have healed the wound, but you still need rest.” Eleanor advised.Bookmark here

“I will, thank you.” Blake said with a kind smile as he got up, Charron there to support him.Bookmark here

Oskar indicated to his group to leave as they began to walk away Shawn stopped and turned back towards Kuran.Bookmark here

“Never got your name.”Bookmark here

“… Kuran.” Kuran said after a pause.Bookmark here

“Huh, I’m guessing that’s your first and not family. Care to tell me your house name?” Shawn asked with a smile that didn’t reach his eyes.Bookmark here

“No.”Bookmark here

“Well alright then, oh by the way, as you might have picked up my name is Shawn. Though I guess you can call me Suān, if you want.” Shawn turned back towards his group and headed off without another word.Bookmark here

“So, what was that about.” Aron asked curiously.Bookmark here

“Nothing important. I’m going back. Collect my reward.” Kuran said as he quickly turned and strode away. Bookmark here

As everyone began to move on from this unique interaction and the final chaos worshippers began to be round up, people started to return to the city and collect their various rewards. Some people tried to figure out what caused the chaos worshippers to attack in the first place.Bookmark here

This event marked what was going be a rather interesting year.Bookmark here

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