Chapter 44:

A5P6: Vs. Fallen

From Assassin to Demon lord

„Heh, heh, yes this body is that of your beloved sister. Now watch her die!“

With that the fallen get out of Miira’s body.


„O-onii-chan? Y-you are alive? …that’s good… kids will be happy that onii-chan is safe.“

„Don’t talk like that Miira, I became a Demon lord, king even.“

„So you still took the throne.“

„More or less…yes. Wait I will heal you… now drink this…“

„S-sorry onii-chan…I can’t drink it… it won’t work… my illness got stronger with her inside me onii-chan…“

No! No! NO! I will not let you die on my watch! I have to do something! To save her, to heal her… wait… a smile creeped on my face.

„Miira? Could you eat this yummy fruit for your onii-chan?“

„What… is that?“

„It’s suuuuuper yummy and sweet. I eat these every day now, want some too?“

„But… that smile isn’t fair onii-chan… how could I say no to that smile…of yours…“


Miira bite into the fruit with all her might. And that was the only thing I needed.

„Heh, like some fruit could heal her now!“

„Zaru? Was that… what I think it was?“ Lizzie asked me.

„Yes. It was. A [Demon fruit].“ I shot smirk face at the Fallen.

„Wait what? No! You can’t do that! That’s cheating!!“ Fallen screamed at me and fired a [Holy Strike] at me, just to be absorbed by my Demonic blade.

Miira got swallowed by black cocoon, just like I before I become a demon lord.

„Now. We still have the [Dimensional lock] in place, so… how am I going to torture you bitch?“


I jumped with all my strenght and cut of fingers on her hand that was closer to me. Then after landing back on ground I used thread control to take her down to my reach.

„Bad thing with spiritual-based beings, without physical body, is that if you don’t do damage to their souls, you can’t kill them so… go darkness magic: ‚Soul chain eater‘

[Soul chain eater]. Spell of fifth tier dark magic. The target is bind with chains that eats soul of the target very slowly and painfully. This spell was created by Demon lord Gabriel, also known as The Eighth Sin. Demon lord of Agony Gabriel the Fallen. He was killed in the end, but entire army that went against him got cursed with this spell and everyone died in less then a month. Another important thing is that it can’t be cured with light or holy magics.

„AH! Aaaaaaaah! Noooo! Su-such paaaaaaiiiiin!“

„Soul cleaner, activate.“

With single slash I cut her entire body in half diagonaly. Turning her body into particles of light.


„Miira you woke up already?“

I quickly turned around and I saw adult looking woman with black bird-like wings and black halo behind her head.

And for whatever reason she was naked.

„I-is that you Miira-chan?“

„Geez! Onii-chan you are rude! Don’t stare so hard.“

„S-sorry Miira. Here’s a blanket.“

I took a blanket from magic bag and handed it to her.

„I-I don’t really mind… if it’s you… onii-chan…“

„Did you say something Miira-chan?“

„Nothing! Now, tell me, what happened? It seems like we are same height now… wow I even have same black hair like you Onii-chan!“

Yes, her looks changed. Her face was still same, big round blue eyes, small straight nose and nicely shaped pink lips.

Newly her hairs changed from blond to black like mine. Her height was comparable to mine, but she was still a little smaller. Just to be sure I used Identify.

Name: Miira
Race: Dark Angel
Class: Dark Healer
Level: 1

HP: 100
MP: 10,000

Strenght: 100
Deffence: 100
Dexterity: 1,000
Magic: 10,000
Luck: 1,000

Skills: Black magic, Dark heal, Surgeon, Certain outcome, Magic power control, <Limitless growth>

„Wh-where did you got Heroic skill?!“

„Probably from that possesion? So how’s it looking? Am I amazing? I am right?“

„Of course you are! Dark angel, this is first time I get to see one.“

„Dark angel? I thought that they are just a myth,“ Lizzie added.

„Well at this point at time they are, but when [War of gods] striked this continent some of angels on Holy mountain got turned into Dark angels and war broke out between the two. In the end Angels won with enormous losses. Only about one hundreath of all angels survived that war and thanks to their involvment with demon lord wars their numbers don’t grow that rapidly.“

„Wow, I’m rare! Better treat me carefully oniiiii-chan!“ Miira smiled and then continued with serious face: „And tell me Onii-chan, who is that woman next to you?“

„You mean Lizzie? She’s my wife.“

„W-w-w-wife?! Are you for real onii-chan?! Did you compleatly forgot about me?!“

„H-how could I forgot about my little sister!

Miira hit her head on my chest pouting: „I wanted to always take care of you, like you did for me when we were little.“

„So you want to marry your Onii-chan, Miira-chan?“ Lizzie smiled from my side.

„What da’ya want, old hag?“

„Hmmm, well I was about to allow you to join Zaru’s harem as the third wife, but probably not.“

„Wait! Let me in!“


„I love you onii-chan! Please take good care of me in the future as well!“ Miira smiled and kissed me, no tongue sadly.

This is progressing rather swiftly… wait Lizzie, why are you smiling?

„So Miira-CHAN want’s to join Zaru’s harem.“

„No. I want to marry Zaru-onii-chan, becouse I love Zaru-onii-chan. Longer than anyone else. I loved him even before I knew my feelings!“

„Jokes on you Miira-CHAN, I also fell in love with Zaru the moment I lay my eyes on him.“

„M-me too.“

„And how did you get here Yuki?“

„O-onii-chan don’t tell me you proposed to such a little girl?!“

„Did this birdie just call me a little girl?!“

„H-hey Miira! Calm down a little! Since when did you got into your rebelous phase?“

„You were gone five years onii-chan! You know how hard it was on me and Father Monday? And I’m nineteen already!“

„„Monday?““ Yuki and Lizzie said quizzicaly.

„Carl Gregor Monday, pastor in church of Goddess of Fate, also Director of orphanage in Capital of Mutasa kingdom, aka Father Monday. He’s the men who raised me, Miira and the rest of the kids. Also Miira if you want someone to treat you like a big girl then act like one.“

„Onii-chan is a big meanie!“

„No, I’m a demon lord, king even… jeez! And barely month and a half ago I was still a human…“

Oh I forgot about this guy… I looked at the hero. And took out magic sealing bracelet, fixing it onto his left arm.

„Oy! You there! Take this guy to the jail here on the last floor for now. That magician girl will be going together with that tied girl to our special guest room.“

„Y-yess! I will guide them there!“ one of the Naga soldiers yelled out.

„Now…“ I turned around to see Miira blushing next to Lizzie.

„…and that’s what is done between the two adults.“

„W-what are you teaching Miira, Lizzie?“

„Nothing really! She just said that she wish to sleep with you so I told her what is supposed to happen when men amd women sleeps together.“

„Sometimes… urh, Miira, please calm down…“

„Zaru, could I ask for a favor?“

„Uh… what is it Yuki?“

„Could we use your bedroom tonight?“


„I mean just the three of us. Me, Lizzie and Miira. I was thinking…“

„That’s good thinking Yuki! Come Miira! The night is still young!“

And with that Lizzie grabed Miira by her wing and took Yuki like sack of potatoes and left. Compleatly forgotting that Miira was still only covered with blanket she left.

Of course they lost the blanket on the way. Luckily no-one was around at that time, and I found out only becouse I took the route to my office by bedroom sector.

‚Be strong Miira…‘ I give a silent prayer and continued to my office, where I crashed at the couch.


Late at night, I woke up. Fia was shaking with me.

„Lord Zaru it’s an emergency!“

„Wh-what happened?!“

„The hero! He freed himself!“

„What? How?“

„When they brought him to his cell near the lab I got an idea I wanted to test so I entered the cell and did some experiments.“

„Wh-what kind of experiments?“

„I took some of his blood and hairs… he was bind to his bed so he couldn’t escape, but when I left and locked the door behind me he started throwing himself from side to side and riped the ropes and freed himself. So I run here to get you.“

„I understand. I will go take care of him. You will tell me what you want to do with that blood and hairs you get from him later.“


I get out of the office and through the hallway I got to the Throne room.

„Damn it! Damn it! This stupid thing won’t even dent!“

What is he doing with that throne?

„If – if I break this stupid throne… I can destroy that stupid dungeon core and weaken that shitty demon lord.“

That’s too bad for you hero. That thing isn’t hiding dungeon core, sure it’s connected but the real thing is in bottom drawer of my table in office. And how did you get that idea hm?

„What’re you doing here Hero? We are trying to sleep here you know?“

„Huh!? Demon lord what are you doing here?!“

„This is my home, so I return that question to you.“

„Like I would told you! [Crimson ball]!“

The hero chanted, but the spell didn’t activate.

„That bracelet make’s you unable to use magic, did you forgot?“ With those words I sent some killing intent at him, which made him faint instantly.

„Yare yare. What am I going to do with you if you… faint… …here. You seriously pissed yourself?!“

After that I had to pull him to his cell and on my way back I used [All-Clean] spell, to get rid of the urine on the floor.

„Heh, last time I used this spell I was cleaning blood… those were simpler times.“

The next morning I headed stright to the dining room and I met there Lizzie, Yuki and Miira.

„Zaru dear! Good morning!“ Lizzie smiled.

„G-good morning – dear…“ said Yuki blushing and playing with the ring on her ringfinger.

„Good morning you two. It seem like you have awfully lot of emergy.“

„B-big brother Zaru! I-I … I decided that I will become your third wife please take good care of me!“ Miira bowed deeply.

What? Is she thinking that I would reject her? Why is she trembling?

„Miira… You know that you are my little angel right?“

Miira looked at me with teary eyes.

„Oh, so this is that legendary sister of yours Zaru-darling,“ Hestia said with a smile.

„Legendary sister?“ Miira tilted her head.

„You see, when I started training him he said: ‚Until I’m strong enought to protect my sister I can’t rest!‘ and continued his training while blood was dripping from him. It was quite sexy for us Vampires.“

„Oh, shut it Spartan!“ I called back at Hestia with embarrasment in my face.

„What did’ya call me bean sprout? Wanna go sparing again?!“

„Bring it on blood sucker!“

After that a match was held outside of dungeon area in northern part of Snowy mountains.
That fight lasted for a week and white peaks of mountains were dyed red. Ester dukedom in Astenna kingdom reported this incident to the royal capital as ‚Red peaks incident.‘
And thanks to the red peaks filled with blood, a lot of strong monsters found their way to the Astenna kingdom, which in turn shifted balance of power in Astenna kingdom. But that is story for another time

Tony Raven