Chapter 116:

Excerpt from Gwyn’s Journal – Pronunciations

The Nonpareil of Resh (Act 1)

In an effort to practice spelling out the names of the many words on Resh, I thought I would also write how they are pronounced. I suppose this is an unhelpful guide to most; the denizens of this world already know how to pronounce their own worlds, after all.

Still, it’s my journal, and I can do what I like.

First up is Aqueenian.

It is pronounced uh-queen-ian. It may be the easiest to write out since the ‘A’ is the only part that isn’t plain on how to say.

Next up is Hobusian.

This is pronounced ha-boo-sea-en. I thought it needed two b’s in the center for a while, but fortunately, text to speech on this planet corrected that.

Afterward is Netzian.

The pronunciation is net-zee-en. I asked Hal where the word originated and why it would have replaced ‘human,’ but he didn’t know either.

Next up is Bentulousian.

This is a tough one to write for sure. The pronunciation is bent-uh-loo-zee-an. It is also the longest, it seems, of all the species names on Resh.

Last but not least, is Zenotote. I said Aqueenian might be easiest, but I would have to change my perspective by getting to this word. The first word is Zeno (Zee-know), like the philosopher and the second word is tote (towt), like the large bags.

Author Note:

I was just thinking this might be long overdue. It's my first time trying to make a pronunciation guide, so please let me know if anything needed clarity.