Chapter 0:

A Hope Within the Darkness

Exit 101

The world is full of history. Therefore, the universe is full of mystery. To create a new history humans have to unveil this so called mystery. But it is completely useless to chase after that which fate has been decided from the very beginning of the creation.

The universe is huge. There is no end to it. Also there is no beginning to it. But Why there is not? Why?? Why???

Or what if there is an end out of our reaching!

How foolish! What am I even talking about? Am I out of my mind? Am I even conscious?

Yes, I do am conscious. I want to know the truth hidden in the truth.I need to get out of this universe. So, I must find an exit.

Cuz it will end the misery and sufferings of my life and a new chapter of hope will begin. Just like the Sun breaks down the twilight.

Exit 101

Exit 101