Chapter 43:

Ch 43 - The Brightest Light

St Chaos Healer

In front of me stood the famous ceremony hall premises. It had an enormous oval-shaped building with adjacent rows of row-shaped buildings connected to it. There was just a little garden at the front followed by iron fencing covering the entire premises.Bookmark here

The city guards were prowling like a bunch of busy bees.Bookmark here

“So that must be the ceremony hall, huh.”Bookmark here

That place stood like a sore thumb, a sure place to conduct the ceremony.Bookmark here

My road wagon stopped about 500m away from the ceremony hall premises as no vehicles were allowed near the premises.Bookmark here

I got down from the carriage and I looked around. What I noticed was there was a long queue of boys and girls of my age heading towards the premises. Definitely must be fellow candidates heading for the ceremony hall as well.Bookmark here

I quickly made my way and joined the end of the queue.Bookmark here

In front of me stood 2 boys, one tall and the other a plump kid who was having a loud conversation. There was even the petite-looking girl who was standing beside them.Bookmark here

“Where did you get those robes from?” asked the tallboy.Bookmark here

“Oh, these? They are made from the skin of the raging stone goats that my dad hunted with his party members. Even my pants were made from them as well.” said the fat brat.Bookmark here

To his response, the tallboy had a smug look,Bookmark here

“That’s cool but check out my gloves. This was made by the paws of the wild menace lynx that my big brother hunted last month. It can even spring the claws whenever I want.”Bookmark here

Saying so the tallboy stretched his palm and small sharp fangs appeared from the tips of his fingers.Bookmark here

“Wow! That’s so cool.”Bookmark here

“Stop that!” Suddenly the girl exclaimed, “Why are you carrying such a dangerous thing around?”Bookmark here

“Why not?” asked the tall brat in an annoyed tone.Bookmark here

“Because we are heading to the ceremony hall! What if the faculty members saw it.”Bookmark here

“Nevermind that. Tanya, so what equipment are you wearing?”

“Me? Oh, I am wearing…”Bookmark here

The three friends continued the discussion of their equipment in detail.Bookmark here

These brats are in a different league.Bookmark here

They haven’t yet completed the ascension ceremony but were armed with adventure class gears already. This is what sets apart us commoners from the elite.Bookmark here

From the way they talk, their parents must be adventurers and have hunted a lot of monster beasts. So chugging out a few of these gears to their kids would be no big deal.Bookmark here

I stood behind them eagerly waiting for the queue to move forward. The queue was moving rather at a slow pace for some reason.

One thing I noticed was that most of the kids here knew each. They already had started making groups and banded together.

Bookmark here

I don’t plan on joining any such friend circle for the time being. Making friends with kids wasn’t my strong suit. I was a loner even back in the demon realm, so I prefer to work alone.
The only thing I want right now is just for this ascension ceremony to go without any trouble.Bookmark here

“Tch, look at these pathetic peasants.”
Suddenly someone with a cocky voice shouted from behind.Bookmark here

I turned around and saw the mysterious speaker standing behind me who also had joined the queue for some time now.Bookmark here

There were about another three young boys who were dressed in flashy outfits.Bookmark here

They were dressed in linen clothes with red, purple, and green velvet fabric each. In their arms were jewelry-like bracelets and rings as if they had just robbed the jewelry store down the lane.Bookmark here

From the first glance, I could tell they were definitely the offspring of those scummy nobles for sure.Bookmark here

I know that nobles love to show off their wealth but what’s the point of wearing jewelry in the ceremony hall. This trio looked like a bunch of apes for sure.Bookmark here

They were truly an eyesore.Bookmark here

“What did you say?” suddenly the tall boy in the front asked.Bookmark here

His brows were knitted.Bookmark here

The way things were going, there seemed to be a fight about ensuring this place anytime now.
The trio from the adventuring family vs the flashy noble trio.Bookmark here

The noble guy dressed in red stepped forward.
He had a long pointy nose and narrowed eyes like a feline. From the looks of it, he was definitely the leader of this noble trio.Bookmark here

He looked at us with a contempt gaze like we were some dog shit on the sidewalk,
“You got wax in those ears of yours? I said you guys are pathetic peasants.”Bookmark here

I just moved to the side and pretended to be the air.

Bookmark here

This got nothing to do with me. I already had my fill fighting with nobles.

Bookmark here

The tall boy was agitated as he stepped forward,Bookmark here

“Why you-” but he was suddenly stopped by the girl.Bookmark here

“Stop it, Harry! Just ignore him.” said the girl.

Bookmark here

She then turned towards the pointy-nosed noble,Bookmark here

“Jason, will you stop picking fights from the first thing we meet.”Bookmark here

So the pointy-nosed brat was Jason huh.Bookmark here

It seems both parties knew each other.Bookmark here

“Tanya, I had no plans on picking a fight but when I heard you guys making a deal of those measly gear, I couldn’t stomach it. Even my servants have better gear than that crap,” replied Jason with disdain.Bookmark here

“You bastard! This gear is a precious gift from my brother!” shouted Harry.

Bookmark here

“Yeah! My parents gifted me my outfit this birthday! You better take it back” said the plump brat.Bookmark here

“It just shows your family is worthless as well. I use such worthless gear as fuel for my firewood at my house. Hahaha” laughed off Jason.

The other two noble lackeys also joined in mocking them and laughed it off.Bookmark here

“That’s it! I am gonna punch that smirk off his face this instant,” shouted Harry.Bookmark here

“Oh, you wanna pick a fight! Bring it on!” said Jason.Bookmark here

“I am gonna bash in that beak of a nose of yours!”Bookmark here

“How dare you bring up my nose in between.”Bookmark here

“Guys please stop!” Suddenly the girl shouted as she stood in between.Bookmark here

“Why are you stopping me!” shouted Jason and continued to point at Jason, “He’s the one starting all this.”Bookmark here

“Well I wouldn’t have bothered to say this, only if you three had kept your mouth shut”

“This is my mouth. I’ll do as I please!”Bookmark here

The heated discussion started to get more intense as the words of war started.Bookmark here

In the heat of the moment, I slipped past the trio and joined the line ahead.Bookmark here

The queue in the back had started growing, meanwhile, the line in the front was almost empty.Bookmark here

I was actually standing in between the two-party in the queue.Bookmark here

So while they were busy arguing, I went forward quietly.Bookmark here

Jumping the queue is bad but it’s their fault for not going ahead.Bookmark here

They can fight and kill each for all I care, I just wanted to make my way to the ceremony hall on time.Bookmark here

The queue was moving ahead quietly.Bookmark here

But it wasn’t long before the adventuring trio finally returned. They somehow end up making peace with those noble trio. Damn it!Bookmark here

“You there! How dare you cut in the queue,” shouted Harry who was still annoyed.Bookmark here

Ah shit.
I thought they would surely end up fighting and killing each other.
So it was all bark and no bite, pathetic.Bookmark here

I just stood silently and blatantly ignored them as if I was deaf.Bookmark here

“You tomato head! I am talking to you,” said Harry angrily.Bookmark here

Now that he couldn’t hit those noble brat Jason, he was trying to take off his anger at me.Bookmark here

Wait for a second, he didn’t just call me name, did he-Bookmark here

I turned back glared at the brat angrily,Bookmark here

“What do you want?”Bookmark here

“Get out of the way! We were here first,” replied Harry.Bookmark here

“Yeah, stealing a place is bad.” added his fat friend beside him.Bookmark here

I just casually put my little finger in my ear scratching carefreely,Bookmark here

“Oh, I just saw an empty queue and I just walked forward. I did not forcefully capture your place. It's your fault for leaving your place like that.”Bookmark here

But Harry was adamant,Bookmark here

“Now that we have returned, go back to your place.”Bookmark here

Now his tone was annoying me.Bookmark here

“What do you take me for? I am not your pet dog of yours, so you can order me around. I am not giving my place. Now just shut up and leave me alone.” I replied in an annoyed tone.Bookmark here

“You also have an attitude problem, huh,” Harry started pulling his gloves and the claws snapped out of his finger, “It seems you have to be taught a lesson in a hard way.”Bookmark here

Is this little shit trying to threaten me?Bookmark here

I turned around and started cracking my knuckles.
I wanted to avoid unnecessary trouble but this guy just wanted an excuse to fight.

“Just because you have that armed with clawed gloves you think, you are the shit,” I replied.Bookmark here

“What did you just call me?” asked Harry as his smile became twisted.Bookmark here

“You got shit in those ears of yours. I called you shit, you little shit.” I replied with a brazen smile.Bookmark here

I thought that the adventurer kids wouldn’t be scummy unlike those arrogant noble brats but I was wrong.Bookmark here

Everyone in the line started gawking at us with anticipation.
A couple of my fists in the gut would be enough to put this brat to knock him out.Bookmark here

Harry aggressively started walking toward me,Bookmark here

“You bastard-”Bookmark here

Once again the girl from their trio stepped in-between and stopped Harry.Bookmark here

“Stop it! If you use that armed gauntlet on a fellow unarmed candidate, then you have to kiss goodbye to the mage title.”Bookmark here

Hearing that Harry suddenly stopped.
He bit his teeth while glaring at me.Bookmark here

Damn, out of this trio only the girl had some brains.
The other two are just dumb schmucks. Just because they have a little adventurer class gear, they think they already become an official mage.Bookmark here

“Hehe,” I laughed, “you should thank your dear friend for saving you from ruining your life.”Bookmark here

I waved my hand,
“Shoo, now. I have better things to worry about.”Bookmark here

“You there!” Suddenly the girl shouted.Bookmark here

“Huh?” I turned around.Bookmark here

The girl was glaring at me with shrewd eyes,Bookmark here

“Where are you from? And why are you wearing those monitor bracelets that are worn by the outer district candidates?”Bookmark here

Suddenly the candidates around me burst into a muttering frenzy.Bookmark here

“What bracelet?”Bookmark here

“I heard mama told me worn by the outer district rats”Bookmark here

“He is a rat? But he looks like a boy.”Bookmark here

“No clue.”Bookmark here

“He is an intruder!”Bookmark here

“Is he a thief? Should we call the city guards?”Bookmark here

That girl really is a piece of work!
She really had to announce my bracelet like that.Bookmark here

I tried hiding my bracelet by covering it with my hand so far. I only forgot to hide it when that idiot Harry started picking fights.Bookmark here

The crowd around me suddenly started becoming hostile.
Meanwhile, that sly girl had a smirk on her face.Bookmark here

The sly girl stepped forward,Bookmark here

“You can just deny that it isn't the monitor bracelet. Now there’s no turning back.” said the girl while smiling innocently.Bookmark here

She’s a quite cunning vixen.Bookmark here

I guess, hiding behind the shadows is a bust.
One great man once said, ‘If you can’t live like the darkest of the shadows that no one has seen, then you must become the brightest of the light that no one would ever dare to look at.’Bookmark here

I took a deep breath as the hostile crowd started surrounding me,Bookmark here

“Heh. Yes, this is indeed the monitor bracelet and I am from the outer district. So what?”Bookmark here

The girl looked disappointed,Bookmark here

“You idiot, you shouldn’t admit such things”Bookmark here

Huh? What’s with her reaction?Bookmark here

“You!” suddenly the pointy-nosed brat, Jason made his appearance, “These vile adventurers are already occupying our district like parasites. Now worthless scums from the outer district are also daring to trespass in our district.”Bookmark here

Ah the nobles, the worst enemy of us peasants.Bookmark here

But violence isn’t the best solution so let's try to reason with them,Bookmark here

“Listen, I didn’t trespass-”Bookmark here

“Shut your mouth, you lowly scum! Your mere talking is polluting the atmosphere of this district that I am breathing now.” shouted one of Jason’s lackeys.Bookmark here

Attempt one is a failure.
But I shouldn’t give up hope. They may be arrogant noble shits but they surely would not try to pick a fight with me. After all, Emerald Lions are the ones backing me.Bookmark here

It’s better to resolve this matter with proper discussion. Bookmark here

I surely wouldn’t want to resort to violence and bring trouble to my parents.Bookmark here

So I take yet another deep breath,Bookmark here

“Listen, I am not intruding. I entered the noble district with the permission of Emerald-”Bookmark here

“Huh! You still haven’t bowed your head and apologized to us for your transgression! You outer district worms have truly no manners.” shouted the 3rd noble brat.Bookmark here

That’s it!Bookmark here

“Shut up! Could you let a guy finish talking!” I rebutted at the top of my lungs.Bookmark here

“That’s enough,” shouted Jason.Bookmark here

He suddenly reached out to his pockets and took out two pieces of rectangle paper with a thread tied to them. On the paper, there were mysterious runes written over it that I couldn’t decode.Bookmark here

“Jason! What are you doing?” asked the sly girl with a worried look.Bookmark here

His two noble friends of his were taken aback,
“Jason, you don’t have to waste those on his kind-”Bookmark here

I felt a really bad omen coming from that paper for some reason.Bookmark here

“Silence,” shouted Jason, “He shall pay for his insolence and this will be a grim reminder for others as well.”Bookmark here

He then grabbed the end of the tying thread of the paper.Bookmark here

My instincts were telling me to stop that brat before he could undo the thread.Bookmark here

As I was about to step forward, suddenly a man appeared in front of Jason and grabbed his hand, stopping him from unwinding the thread from the paper.Bookmark here

He was dressed in light iron armor from head to toe and a short sword hanging by the hip. From the looks of it, he was one of the city guards who was patrolling this area.Bookmark here

Everyone was stunned seeing him appear out of nowhere.
I didn’t notice him until he stood in the front.Bookmark here

“Young master, Jason.” said the guard in a stern voice, “Resorting to the usage of mana equipment near the premises of the Ceremony Hall is strictly forbidden.”Bookmark here

Even Jason was petrified but quickly came to his senses and shook off the guard’s grip on his wrist.Bookmark here

“Is that right? Well, I wouldn’t have to resort to this only if the city guards could do their job.” Jason suddenly pointed at me, “How could you let the lower class outer district candidate like him walk in the same queue as me, like we are equal? Not to mention he’s wearing that purple bracelet holder and not even the golden ones. Is the city guard security truly this pathetic. I am truly disappointed”Bookmark here

The mysterious city guard then turned his head towards me.Bookmark here

He had this lifeless eye as he stared at me.Bookmark here

Now what? Do I have to duke it out with the city guard?
Or am I going to prison for real?Bookmark here

But the city guard quickly turned his head back to Jason,Bookmark here

“Oh, that kid. He is in the clear. He is a golden pass holder.”Bookmark here

“What?” Jason was stunned.
Even the rest of the candidates were shocked.Bookmark here

Oh, what a shocker.Bookmark here

“That runt is a golden pass holder. By whose approval?”Bookmark here

“He belongs to the house of the Emerald Lions. Also, lieutenant Kieth personally escorted him in this district. So I would suggest you won’t cause any more trouble.”Bookmark here

“That can’t be,” said a shocked Jason.Bookmark here

“It’s true. Anyway, I would suggest keeping the queue moving ahead if you still wanna participate in this year’s ceremony. I’ll be taking my leave now.”Bookmark here

Saying so the city guard walked away going back to his patrol duty.Bookmark here

Now people were staring at me with awe.Bookmark here

“Hmph. That’s exactly what I was trying to tell you. But you didn’t listen.” I said.Bookmark here

“Just because you have the golden pass, don’t act cocky!” shouted Jason.Bookmark here

I turned around following the queue while scratching my ear carefreely,Bookmark here

“Yeah, yeah. Whatever.”Bookmark here

The queue finally moved forward and I finally entered the ceremony hall premises.
There was a bit of questioning during my entry but the guards did allow me to enter without any problem.Bookmark here

Well, it is still too early to relax.Bookmark here

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