Chapter 2:


The Demon Saint is Missing, so I Ran Away to Another World Vol. 12

***The Holy Palatial Gardens***Bookmark here

The demon ambassador to Chersea, Lady Kalen Gratianni, waited at the reception room of the Saint’s palace. For some reason, she was summoned there for an urgent matter, though the messenger of the Human Saint refused to disclose why her presence was required. In any case, as the Lady Madelaine Rubinforth’s servants was treating her well, she had no protests about the sudden meeting.Bookmark here

“…”Bookmark here

And then, just as she was about to drink her tea, a pair of paladin guards appeared at the door and stood at the sides. Then, the Human Saint walked in the room, accompanied by the Beastman Saint, as well as another familiar Saint…though Lady Gratianni knew, Lady Seirna’s presence there meant no good. The demon ambassador quickly put down her tea cup, fixed the creases of her gown, and stood up in reverence for the holy women.Bookmark here

“My apologies for the sudden invite, Lady Gratianni,” Lady Madelaine greeted her with a smile, though the demon ambassador could tell that the Human Saint had grave worries in her mind.Bookmark here

Ah, it’s no issue, Your Holinesses,” the demon ambassador curtsied, though her eyes were stuck at the Saint of the Flame.Bookmark here

“Do not worry about her, milady,” the Human Saint reassured her. “The Lady Seirna had some private business with me.”Bookmark here

“I assume this private business is all about my people?”Bookmark here

Seirna suddenly burst into laugh, then she said, “How bold of you to accuse me of wrongdoing, Lady Gratianni! Don’t you remember that it is your people who gave birth to those weirdoes who call themselves the ‘Knights of Cassandra David’?”Bookmark here

Oi, I thought Maddie would be the one to speak, Lady Seirna?” Ruro countered. “Shutting your mouth will be helpful this time, you know?”Bookmark here

“I’ll speak whenever I wanted, and I’ll shut up whenever I like,” the Saint of the Flame replied. Nevertheless, though she took a combative instance against the Beastman Saint’s words, Seirna did allow Madelaine to speak.Bookmark here

“Lady Gratianni, you need not to worry,” the Human Saint reiterated. “Consistent with my policy, I don’t want any wars with anyone, including the mighty demons—your people. However, there are a few things I’d like to discuss with you.”Bookmark here

“I’m listening, Your Holiness,” the demon ambassador bowed.Bookmark here

Madelaine gestured for every one of them to sit. However, for some reason, Seirna remained standing, though she moved towards the windows…a considerable distance from the Human Saint and the demon ambassador. Meanwhile, Ruro took the empty chair between the Lady Gratianni and Madelaine.Bookmark here

Taking a quick glance on the Saint of the Flame, the Human Saint continued her talk with the demon ambassador. “Milady, I summoned you here because of two things: one, I demand a report on the activities of the Lord Kuro of Arles, who is in your territory under the protection of the Princess of the House of Usarved. And second, about the ‘Knights’ who came to our territory and is sowing discord among my people.”Bookmark here

Lady Gratianni was taken aback by Madelaine’s words, for she didn’t know about the Lord Kuro, nor the issue about the ‘Knights’. Madelaine, Ruro and Seirna were all aware of this; they were looking into her mind all this time.Bookmark here

“Y-Your Ho-Holinesses…” the ambassador was panicking, “I-I swear to your names…I am not aware about the Lord Kuro, n-nor about the ‘Knights’ presence here!”Bookmark here

“It’s true, don’t worry,” Ruro reassured her. “We can see through your thoughts, Lady Gratianni.”Bookmark here

“However,” Madelaine was firm, “I’m going to request something from you, milady.Bookmark here

“A-Anything, Your Holiness! As long as it is within my power, I’ll cooperate.”Bookmark here

“Yes, first, I demand a regular report on the Lord Kuro’s activities in Cherflammen. His location, his actions, and his companions. You’re free to tell your mistress, the Lady Noir of the Usarveds, of my request to you. I’m sure she’ll cooperate…after all, Kuro is mine.”Bookmark here

“!!!” The moment Madelaine said that last part of her statement, a nearby tea cup broke cleanly into two equal halves, much to everyone’s surprise—except for the culprit herself.Bookmark here

“Second, Lady Seirna’s spies have determined a probable location of a ‘Knights’ base inside Chersea,” the Human Saint explained. “Now, we all know the rules set by our ancestors: the laws of each world will only apply to its citizens. However, it is a different matter when a foreigner in our lands are causing trouble. As such, I summoned you, Lady Gratianni, to notify your office about our plan to arrest and destroy the ‘Knights’ here in our territory. Isn’t that your people’s goal as well?”Bookmark here

“Indeed. Ever since the disappearance of Lady Natasha and of the Devil of the Grey Parka, the ‘Knights’ have slowly gathered strength and supporters—especially in Cherflammen.”Bookmark here

“Yes, that’s true. And as a favor to you and your master, we’ll move against your enemies, for the sake of peace between our nations.”Bookmark here

“Your Holiness,” the demon ambassador then asked, “can I know the place where this ‘Knights’ base is located?”Bookmark here

Maddie reached out to Seirna, who brought out a paper and handed it to her. Then, the Human Saint removed its seal, and presented it before the Lady Gratianni. The demon ambassador was silent for a few moments, reading the contents of the letter. However, as she reached the end, her calm expression changed into a terrified look.Bookmark here

Lady Gratianni quipped, “B-But, Your Holiness…while I understand your position in this matter, I…I still have to send messages to our prince, Hurion Devras, about your plans. This place in the letter is the private property of the Lord Haya of the House Usarved, which is guaranteed diplomatic immunity by the kingdoms of Nerfes and Halveth.”Bookmark here

“Yes, I am aware of their bilateral treaties. And as for your messages, you may start sending them now,” Maddie replied. “But, I guess you didn’t understand me when I told you about my course of action. I am not asking for your lord’s consent, Lady Gratianni; as I said, the laws of each world will only apply to its citizens. Prince Hurion Devras’ words aren’t needed for me to ensure the safety of my people.”Bookmark here

“Are you coercing me to comply, Your Holiness?”Bookmark here

“No, I’m just notifying you of what I will do. And I’m sure, with the wisdom of your lord, he’ll do the same the moment he’s presented with the same events and choices.”Bookmark here

The demon ambassador was silent for a few moments as she pondered on her situation. However, all of them knew that in that room, the Human Saint was the most powerful person present, for this was her world. Besides, it’s not like Lady Gratianni was given options—she was there only to be told of what was about to happen to some of her people.Bookmark here

“Your Holiness, I’m just requesting that, if ever you captured my fellow demons, please hand them over to Prince Hurion Devras.”Bookmark here

“Of course, for that is the rule. Your people will be tried according to your laws; nevertheless, they need to be expelled from our territories,” Madelaine reached out a hand for a shake. “You have my word as a Saint for that.”Bookmark here

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