Chapter 4:


The Demon Saint is Missing, so I Ran Away to Another World Vol. 12

***The Lord Haya’s Manor, somewhere in Chersea…***Bookmark here

A train of black carriages were parked at the courtyard of the demon noble’s manor, complete with a set of demon servants and demon guards’ retinue to escort the convoy to its destination. The human maids were busy going in and out of the massive oak doorways of the house, with some of the demon servants and guards helping them to load the baggage of their lord to a few of the coaches.Bookmark here

“…”Bookmark here

Meanwhile, the owner of the property, the Lord Haya himself, was with some of his demon and human aristocrat friends in the garden, observing the movement of his retainers.Bookmark here

“It’s been unfortunate that you need to come back to Cherflammen as soon as possible, Lord Haya,” one of them commented. “Just as when we’re about to seal a lucrative trade deal with your people…”Bookmark here

Ah, it’ll be temporary, Lord Kempis,” the paralytic demon replied. “I just need to see my sister at the soonest possible time.”Bookmark here

“Yes,” the human Lord Kempis nodded. But then, he brought up another topic, “by the way, about the weapons you promised for my men…”Bookmark here

“I’ll give it to you once I return from Cherflammen,” the demon reiterated. “For now, there are things I need to settle there, and I’m afraid I might have to resort to threats in order to get my demands fulfilled. You know how hard-headed my own folks can become.”Bookmark here

“I understand, Your Lordship. I guess we have to delay our plans for Chersea.”Bookmark here

“Indeed. I also told the other lords supporting us to stand down for the meantime. While it is true that the Demon Saint Lady Natasha Bellingsen and the Devil of the Grey Parka Sir Loin of Steak are both missing, in their absence, the Saint of the Flame is moving in the shadows. She’s gathering support for her schemes to bring the ‘Knights’ down.”Bookmark here

“That accursed woman is meddling with us once again?”Bookmark here

“Of course, for it is in her nature to go against my people, Lord Kempis,” the paralytic demon chuckled. “What she’s unaware of is that her master, that unscrupulous former god, Gaius, is just using her as a puppet for his own plans.”Bookmark here

“Lord Gaius?” the human paused for a bit. “Wh-What do you mean by that, milord? The Lord Gaius? The deity of old?”Bookmark here

The Lord Haya nodded, and he never hid his amused smile, “Hah! It seems that it caught you off-guard. Well, let me tell you a little secret…your god, the one who brought our beloved hero in this land, is backing us. We have his tacit support.”Bookmark here

“B-But…this is…impossible! He hated the demons, and even more so the humans who cooperated with them!”Bookmark here

“I won’t ask you to believe, but the evidence is there. You saw the weapons my followers have; those are from the Lord Gaius—brought from a land with far more advanced technologies than what the Dwarves have at their land in Equality.”Bookmark here

The human noble was so shocked he could not speak for a few moments. And then, when it sunk unto him, he knelt before the paralytic demon and said, “You really are blessed, Lord Haya. Even the former gods bow to you…”Bookmark here

Hmph. Make no mistake; I know that Gaius is just using us for his own benefit, so I’m using him as well to strengthen our cause,” Lord Haya said. “When the time comes, I want you to be ready to make the sacrifice.”Bookmark here

“Of course, milord. Even without your request, I will gladly give everything for the ‘Knights’.”Bookmark here

“It’s good that we understand each other,” the paralytic demon smiled. “And I shall never forget my pledge to your house once the ‘Knights’ are victorious, both here and in Cherflammen. My clan, the Usarveds, will welcome you into our fold once the conflict is over.”Bookmark here

“Thank you for your words of assurance, milord,” the human noble bowed. “May you have a safe trip back to your lands.”Bookmark here

Bookmark here

***A few distances away from the Lord Haya’s manor…***Bookmark here

Hidden inside the forests surrounding the demon noble’s property were several squads from the Paladin Corps, led to that area by the agent of the Saint of the Flame, Umberto Benicci. Ever since the Human Saint woke up, there was a growing cooperation between her and Lady Seirna, as Chersea faced a greater threat than a bunch of demon cultists bent on starting a bloody war of annihilation against the humans.Bookmark here

“…”Bookmark here

Led by the vice-captain of the Paladin Guards, Dame Sasha Atkins, they’ve been monitoring the movements of people in and out of the area since they arrived there a couple of days before.Bookmark here

“You see that demon in the wheelchair?” Umberto asked the Dame, who was looking through her spyglass. “That’s our target, the leader of the ‘Knights of Cassandra David’.”Bookmark here

“Sure?”Bookmark here

“Yes; though I haven’t seen his face, I’m absolutely sure of that wheeled-chair. Plus, his sitting height is a giveaway. I’ve seen the leader of the ‘Knights’ many times before, and I can tell that demon’s sitting height is the same.”Bookmark here

Dame Atkins gave him an affirmative sign.Bookmark here

“I must warn you though,” the old spymaster continued, “that demon’s a dangerous one. He’s got monstrous creatures at his disposal; not to mention, a group of human and demon lords ready to defend him should the need for it arises.”Bookmark here

“Surprise attack then,” the paladin vice-captain curtly answered.Bookmark here

“If that can work. But I suggest we wait for the Saints to reinforce us; I already sent a message to Her Holiness Lady Seirna. They must be working on notifying the demon ambassador, Lady Gratianni, of the Usarved demon’s arrest.”Bookmark here

“The coaches.”Bookmark here

“We can keep an eye, I guess? Follow them throughout their journey up to the borders of Chersea and Cherflammen.”Bookmark here

The vice-captain of the Paladin Guards was silent. Deep inside, she was weighing on her options: the first choice was to conduct a surprise attack on the human and demon nobles that gathered in the manor, though doing so might cause unnecessary bloodshed on her ladies, since she was only given the instruction to watch the area for movements. Not to mention, according to the Saint of the Flame’s spy, the main target—the Lord Haya Usarved—got monsters ready to fight for him.Bookmark here

These creatures are unknown to any of them, so Dame Atkins never wanted to risk a battle.Bookmark here

The second option, however, would end up in cross-country chase wherein the paladins would have a hard time catching the entire leadership of the ‘Knights’, automatically failing in their attempt to decapitate that cult in one fell swoop.Bookmark here

And there’s also the diplomatic side of things. The Lord Haya Usarved was not just a demon; he’s also from a prominent demon clan. And while there were evidences of him plotting against the peace between humans and demons, his sudden arrest without the proper notification of the demon ambassador could trigger an unstoppable chain of events that could also end up in conflict.Bookmark here

Dame Atkins is in no condition to start a 12th Human-Demon War.Bookmark here

However…Bookmark here

“Vice-captain!” it was a paladin scout, who just came back from her reconnaissance patrol. “The second squad on the other side of the forest saw people moving from inside the manor. It seems that rather going outside, there is also a flow of baggage further into the house. We believe that the convoy at the courtyard is just a ruse designed to confuse us.”Bookmark here

The Dame Atkins folded her spyglass and stared at Umberto. Both of them had the same idea…Bookmark here

“Underground route,” the curt paladin muttered. Then she gave the signal to the scout to alert the other squad that they were about to rush in.Bookmark here

“That demon…” the spymaster smirked as he pulled out his matchlock and loaded it, “…he knew we are here all along!”Bookmark here

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