Chapter 3:

A fateful encounter with death- pt.1

Off kilter war of random occurring events

A bright and wonderful day has passed and it seems to have fallen into night. I'm walking on strolling along the side walk with people here and there passing straight through me. I truly am a ghost.

I found a bench under neath a street lamp and sat down. I yawned and just as I was about to doze off I heard something.

"Hey little girl are you O.K?"

I responded, irritated, and unsure which genre it would be to come here and harass me for my lack luster existence. " I may look like the pervious person but I am not her! I am a man!"

I rested my face in my hands hoping to fake fall asleep, I didn't want to deal with another persons trash talking.

"Could've fooled me... well you really do look like her."

I looked up next to me and there was person in a trench coat with a hood. I couldn't quite make out the face though. "Who are you?"

"I am horror and I would like to know if the shoujo genre would like to partner with me?"