Chapter 117:

Waffles for breakfast

The Y-files [GL]

Even though I had just woken up, I felt like I had just laid down to go to sleep. I still felt super tired. Probably because I had stayed up late yesterday writing that bloody funeral speech. It was difficult to write a speech about somebody you did not really know as well people think you knew them.Bookmark here

Especially after reading those diaries. Those diaries had made it a lot harder for me to write something nice. I felt myself get angry each time I thought about them. I am not sure what I would do if Louisa would be alive today and I would know what I know now. Luckily Anna had helped me. I had video-called her for help. She got me into this mess, so it was only right she would help me.Bookmark here

After finishing the speech we kept on talking for a while. We discussed the new volume of Sleeping Princess, where all hell had broken loose. I was amazed at myself how absorbed I had gotten into that story. We were predicting how the story would most likely go, but it was pretty tough to do. There were still so many variables. I felt like it would take quite a few more volumes to work everything out.Bookmark here

In the end, Anna told me she was really glad she found someone like me with who she could share anything. My heart was beating so fast after that. But I am sure chatting away with Anna was not why I was tired because I felt really alive and energized during all of that. I must have been writing that speech. Yep. I'm sure it was the speech.Bookmark here

Well, time to get up. It was still early because I had put my alarm a little early, so I would have time to prepare a special breakfast. The apartment still lay dead. I quickly freshened myself up in the bathroom and put on my apron. I had been without my kitchen for long enough now, I had some catching up to do! Considering everything that happened the last few days, I felt stressed enough to chop some stuff up, I had to make something sweet for breakfast, so I decided to bake some waffles.Bookmark here

It had been a long time since I had made waffles. I started making the dough by precisely measuring all the ingredients for a nice batch of Flemish waffles.Bookmark here

While the first batch of waffles was baking, I put on the percolator so that we would also have fresh coffee at the breakfast table.Bookmark here

Everything was coming together nicely. Finally, I was in my kitchen. The place where I wanted to be. It was the first task in ages that really gave me a real feeling of accomplishment, even if I only had time to make something simple like waffles. At the bureau, every accomplishment seemed like a fleeting thing, since we were always rushing to the next crisis.Bookmark here

Today wouldn't be much different. Not only did I have to give a speech at the funeral, but we would also have to get the voodoo dolls inside Louisa's coffin.Bookmark here

Shivers went over me, just thinking of the prospect, and if that wasn't enough already, after that we would have to go to Maxima's ball, which was another troublesome prospect.Bookmark here

I sighed to remove all those depressing thoughts and focused on my cooking. It was clear that just baking waffles would not be enough for me, so I started making a special white chocolate sauce and cut some bananas into slices, and then, to add a unique touch to the dish, I prepared some caramelized peanuts.Bookmark here

The waft of coffee and waffles had woken up the house, and mom and Frank made their way to the kitchen.Bookmark here

“You're a darling for making coffee dear!” Mom said. After taking a cup of coffee, mom helped me by setting table.Bookmark here

The doorbell rang, that had to be Anna. “You go, sis! I will take over for a second!” I did not like leaving the kitchen halfway through, but for Anna, I could make an exception. I ran to let Anna in. After giving her a good morning kiss, I rushed back to the kitchen.Bookmark here

I took back over from Frank and told him to take the plate with the waffles that were already done back with him.Bookmark here

That way everyone could start already while I finished up in the kitchen.Bookmark here

I could hear the cheery noises of everyone tasting my waffles, which made me hungry too. So I hurried up. I cleaned up while the last waffles were baking and except for the waffle iron, I left the kitchen as I found it.Bookmark here

When I arrived at the breakfast table, I noticed that Sam still wasn't up.Bookmark here

“Shall I wake her up?” I asked mom.Bookmark here

“No dear, she's up. She is just taking her time in the bathroom.” Mom chuckled a bit at the end of that sentence. It was clear she thought this was funny.Bookmark here

Well, whatever. Time to eat. I sat down next to Anna and started preparing my plate. The taste was splendid. I was right about adding those caramelized nuts to the white chocolate! Bookmark here

Although silent, the atmosphere at the breakfast table was really enjoyable. I guess everyone was enjoying the food so much, they did not make an effort to talk.Bookmark here

When Sam came out of the bathroom. She had put on some make-up and was clearly dressed to impress.Bookmark here

“Do you have plans for today?” I asked. I was pretty curious. It was the first time I saw her putting that much effort.Bookmark here

“N-no. Why do you ask?” Sam was a little startled by my assessment. Did she think we would not notice?Bookmark here

“Just because you look like you have a date,” Anna answered her. I could see that Sam's reaction made Anna want to tease her.Bookmark here

Mom left out another little chuckle.Bookmark here

“I just felt like making myself pretty today,” Sam said a bit annoyed.Bookmark here

“Well, you always look pretty!” Frank said a bit nervous.Bookmark here

“You really think so?” Sam asked shyly.Bookmark here

“Yes, I almost didn't notice you did something special, if the others here had not said it, it would have passed me by.”Bookmark here

I could see Sam was about to explode at that statement. Frank could be such an idiot at times. How could he ruin his compliment like that?Bookmark here

“Frank apologize!” Mom suddenly said strictly. “That is nothing to say after she did all that effort to look pretty.”Bookmark here

“I'm sorry... That came out wrong. I did not mean it like that. I meant it when I said you look pretty.” Frank said. Luckily mom was there. Otherwise, I'm sure we would have witnessed another fight.Bookmark here

“I-it's nothing,” Sam said looking downwards.Bookmark here

Sam sat down nervously and started filling her plate. While passing her the white chocolate sauce, Frank accidentally touched her hand. Instantly the both of them pulled their hands away.Bookmark here

Mom who was watching everything unfold quickly grabbed the carafe and looked at the both of them and then sighed.Bookmark here

“S-sorry, I did not mean to,” Frank said.Bookmark here

“No, it was my fault. I should not have pulled away like that.” Sam replied.Bookmark here

“Yesterday it was war, now they are a pair of idiots. At least it is going in the right direction and we can have breakfast again in peace.” Mom mumbled.Bookmark here

Anna chuckled at that. I was amazed at how effective mom's scheme was. I certainly needed to remember this, it might come in handy one day at the bureau. After all those rows the last days, the two of them sat there shyly almost not daring to open their mouths. I glimpsed at Anna, I was so happy that we were together and no longer needed to go through all of that. I took her hand and gave it a little squeeze. She looked at me and I saw a playful smile come on her face. She fed me a piece of waffle with a bit of chocolate sauce, which I happily received. I had gotten used to her feeding me in the meantime and did not feel as embarrassed about it as I did at first, so I just opened my mouth. But this time, in the end, Anna's hand moved a little.Bookmark here

“Oh no, clumsy me.” She said, and then proceeded to wipe away some white chocolate sauce from the side of my lips with her finger, and then licked it up. She looked at me with a challenging look in her eyes.Bookmark here

Mom stopped our little game by sighing and said “Well, at least starting tomorrow, I won't be the only one to feel left out.”Bookmark here

That was right, tomorrow mom was going to introduce us to her mystery bloke. With all the emergencies we had faced, it had completely passed my mind that that was tomorrow already.Bookmark here

But I did not get much time to let my mind wander to the fact that mom found someone new because Anna asked “Did you finish the speech?”Bookmark here

“I ended up doing it as you told me. I'm still not 100% sure about doing it this way though.”Bookmark here

“Trust me people will love it, they don't care if the details don't fit. It is all about giving things meaning.” Well... I certainly hoped Anna was right. There was no changing what I wrote now.Bookmark here

“I'll also be coming this afternoon.” Mom then said. “I am curious what you will say. That girl visited here after all. I am sure her parents will appreciate me taking the time to come.”Bookmark here

Now I started to feel nervous. I wanted to avoid mom talking too long with Nicole and Josh. Anything that could come out of that, could only be troublesome for me later.Bookmark here

After breakfast, I went back to my room and prepared a little suitcase with the black dress Thea made and also packed my make-up and all the voodoo dolls. I made sure to bring the book and relevant diaries too. Just in case we wanted to go over some of the specifics again.Bookmark here

That should do it, now I was ready to leave for school, I tapped Anna, who was happily talking with mom, on her shoulder to show her that I was ready to leave. I noticed that Frank and Sam were still eating their breakfast silently, super nervous in front of each other.Bookmark here

“Have fun the two of you!” Anna said to them and then winked to mom, who instantly chuckled.Bookmark here

“Let's go!” I said pulling Anna along, saving Frank and Sam from more teasing.Bookmark here

Belgian triviaBookmark here

Belgian wafflesBookmark here

I have noticed that abroad “Belgian waffles” have spread and made a name for themselves. Those sugary waffles are what we call Waffles from Liege. You can often find street vendors that sell them. There are also waffles from Brussels, which you can find in a lot of taverns in the afternoon, a bit like a snack for tea time in England. They are large waffles made from fluffy yeast dough. When people just bake waffles for something like a children's party, it's usually just regular Flemish waffles, which is a type of vanilla waffles. They are usually served hot like pancakes with powder sugar. Waffles are a big thing here. There is even an old comic called Nero, where every volume ends with everyone eating Flemish waffles together.Bookmark here

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