Chapter 37:

Chapter 29.5 Queen of Velia’s Status Update

Transmigration to the Otherworldly Heavens

Queen of Velia’s Status Update - Chapter 29

Name Desideria de Velia Vorstelijk

Special Name, applicable only in some situations: Lady Little Red Birdie

Level 7

Potential LVL 17

Race Human

Titles Divine Mammaries, Honorable, Queen of Velia, Royal, Royal Household Master, Skillwise

Special Title, applicable only in some situations: Dark Rose Society’s Underling

Thrones Kingdom of Velia

Household de Velia, Vorstelijk

Statistics She has a personal Royal Statistician for that.

Skills Blackmail LVL 6, Common Language LVL 5, Diplomacy LVL 13, Etiquette (Velia) LVL 12, Language (MISC) LVL MISC, Language of Heroes LVL 1, Mediation LVL 9, Perfect Body Mask LVL 6, Rulership LVL 15, Speechcraft LVL 10, Velian Language LVL 10

Magic Schools Information Magic LVL 4

Spells Fake Status LVL 4, Status Check LVL 1

Hobbies Bathing, Reading romance novels, Tournaments

Luck Good

Crimes & Bounties Peeping at Heavenly Jewels (Heavens) (Recidivism) - ------


Human – Sapient humanoid of perfectly average stature. Humans are capable of anything. Even the things they really ought not to do. Some scholars believe that claims of their supposed intelligence and sapience are not to be trusted. There is no manly romance in picking this race upon character creation. Basically a loser normie casual gamer choice.

Little Red Birdie – Virtual made-up species of little birds covered with red plumage.

Phoenix – Almost mythical species of bird-shaped spirits. They are connected with the element of fire, be it elemental or otherwise. Known for its high vitality and what appears to be self-resurrection.

Spirit – Being made mostly of mana. Often tied to a specific place or element.


Dark Rose Society’s Underling – Fake and low title in a fake organization of Dark Rose Society.

Divine Mammaries – have one’s breasts recognized by the Heavens.

Honorable – make a meaningful oath and continue to uphold it. Lost if you become an oath-breaker.

Royal – be a part of a recognized royal family.

Royal Household Master - become the master of a divine household.

Skillwise – learn sufficient amount of knowledge regarding various skills.


Blackmail – proficiency in using inconvenient truths against others. Rhetoric skill.

Common Language - proficiency in speaking, reading and writing Common. Language skill.

Diplomacy – expertise in conducting diplomacy. Rhetoric skill.

Etiquette (XXX) – proficiency in behaving socially as expected and accepted by the surrounding population (in XXX). Rhetoric skill.

Language of Heroes - proficiency in speaking, reading and writing one or more of Earth’s languages. Language skill.

Mediation – proficiency in causing two arguing sides to settle for common ground. Rhetoric skill

Perfect Body Mask – ability to hide one’s emotions from showing via body language. Technique skill.

Rulership – expertise in ruling over others. Technique skill.

Speechcraft – proficiency in writing and conducting speeches. Rhetoric skill.

Velian Language – proficiency in speaking, reading and writing Velian. Language skill.


Information Magic – magic for gathering or obscuring information. Often mistaken with Throne System Magic due to deliberate misinformation by System.


Fake Status - Throne System Magic – obscures or changes information about a living being from being obtained by lower level Status Check – Level Cap: 10

Status Check – Throne System Magic – displays information about a living being – Level Cap: 10