Chapter 23:

Father vs Son

My Devil Is A Beautiful Female

Now, they are all sitting at the dining table eating their breakfast which is mostly cold.Bookmark here

But they eat it regardless.Bookmark here

After finishing their breakfast, they are all doing their own stuff in the living room. But suddenly they feel an immense pressure approaching their door.Bookmark here

"So, he came here himself." Shira says with a shocked expression while looking towards their door, waiting for it to be burst open.Bookmark here

Suddenly someone kicks the door and it breaks apart from its hinges.Bookmark here

'Who is this guy? He literally broke the iron door with one kick!' The trio thinks.Bookmark here

A man with blonde hair, a very tall guy fully covered in golden armor that fully covers his body from neck to toe, walks toward the living room with a big sledgehammer resting on his right shoulder. He also has a big mustache that catches everyone's attention.Bookmark here

Shira goes to confront him and stands face to face with that man.Bookmark here

"GET OUT OF HERE RIGHT NOW!" Shira says with a heavy toneBookmark here

"Is this how you to talk with me?" The man repliesBookmark here

"I said, Get out of here right now, Hirohito!" Shira again growls at the man.Bookmark here

"What if I say no?" Hirohito says with a creepy smileBookmark here

"Is he Mr. Shira's father, one of the generals?!" Renjii mumbles.Bookmark here

Hirohito vanishes and appears in front of RenjiiBookmark here

"Who? Me?" Hirohito asks Renjii.Bookmark here

Shira shouts from behind "Renjii step back!"Bookmark here

"I am sorry, I didn't introduce myself. It is a pleasure to meet you. I'm Hirohito Torizawa. I 'directly'serve the Supreme King as a General."Bookmark here

Hirohito then sits on a chair and looks at the trio.Bookmark here

"You guys look like good persons to me." Hirohito saysBookmark here

The trio starts to sweat all over.Bookmark here

Hirohito continues "Can you guys help me to break the wrong idea of Shira? He thinks he is stronger than me" Hirohito says with a gentle smile.Bookmark here

"Shut up and get out of here!" Shira shoutsBookmark here

Hirohito stands up and moves towards Shira at full speed and kicks Shira in his stomach. Shira flies outside of the house and hits a concrete wall.Bookmark here

*Blegh*Bookmark here

Shira spits some saliva. He then stands up and walks forward.Bookmark here

Hirohito also starts walking towards Shira. They came face to face again.Bookmark here

Hirohito starts to release his aura. Shira also does the same and releases his fire aura.Bookmark here

"Your fire is no match in front of my power!" Hirohito sneersBookmark here

"Are you sure about that?" Shira saysBookmark here

"Of course" Hirohito says with a smirkBookmark here

Shira then covers both of his hands with fire and punches Hirohito in the head.Bookmark here

Hirohito's whole head gets covered in flames but it extinguishes without leaving a single scratch.Bookmark here

Shira steps back but Immediately Hirohito goes forward and smashes hits Shira's head with his Left hand.Bookmark here

Shira spits out some blood from his mouth.Bookmark here

Hirohito then starts to attack with his Sledge Hammer but Shira dodges it again and again.Bookmark here

Suddenly Hirohito comes close to Shira and says "You made a big mistake"Bookmark here

Immediately Hirohito kicks Shira in the stomach and Shira flies through a tree and hits another tree.Bookmark here

"Hahah- Looks like I have to go all out." Shira saysBookmark here

After saying that, Shira start opens both his eyes.Bookmark here

Blood starts slowly coming out of his eyes and Shira's laugh gets creepier and creepier by the second.Bookmark here

"Are you sure, you can handle the backlash?" Hirohito saysBookmark here

Ignoring Hirohito, Shira shouts "Nature Magic: Nature Emerge."Bookmark here

Shira's body then emits five different auras at the same time!Bookmark here

Out of nowhere a portal opens beside their base. Out of the portal Akira, Reine and Takagi come out.Bookmark here

They come toward The trio that is standing near their base observing the fight. Akira then asks what had happened. Renjii explains the situation to them.Bookmark here

Suddenly Shira's aura gets ten times more powerful than his Normal aura. And he starts to lose control of his own body.Bookmark here

Renjii and Mio collapse from his aura but Akira and Reine catch them from falling.Bookmark here

Takagi and Roy are trying their best to stand in front of this aura, even Akira and Reine are having trouble standing straight up.Bookmark here

Shira starts running with his full power at Hirohito. Hirohito also runs with his hammer.Bookmark here

Hirohito gets hit by Shira's attack and Shira gets hit by Hirohito's attack. Both of them then fly away in opposite directions because of each other's attack.Bookmark here

Before they could hit something everything stops!Bookmark here

The time stops!Bookmark here

A person appears!Bookmark here

The man's attire consists of a shirt and pants of similar color and designs. The white shirt has a high collar with black fur at the end, and intricate gold and purple-colored designs on its circumference. The shirt also has long sleeves with light purple cuffs, which have similar black fur and designs. A pair of gold ring-shaped ornaments is also decorating the upper and lower parts of each sleeve. His brown pants are complemented by a pair of high boots of similar color, which have black fur at the collars as well.Bookmark here

The man hits Shira's neck; Shira collapses and falls to the ground unconscious.Bookmark here

Immediately the time starts again.Bookmark here

Everyone notices that Shira is lying on the ground unconscious and someone is standing next to him.Bookmark here

Seeing the man Akira, Reine, and Hirohito bows down straight away.Bookmark here

"Everyone, stand up" Hearing the man's order they all stand up.Bookmark here

"W-who is this?" Takagi asks while stuttering a little for some reason.Bookmark here

"Pftt…hahah" The man starts laughing hearing Takagi's questionBookmark here

"You don't even know who this is?!" Reine saysBookmark here

"Your majesty, we are so-" Before Akira could finish apologizing the man stops him.Bookmark here

"No need to apologize. The new generation has yet to see me." The man saysBookmark here

"I am Sanji Akanishi also known as the Supreme King." The man starts introducing himself.Bookmark here

"Th-the Supreme King?!" Roy and Takagi mumblesBookmark here

"What brings you here, sir?" Hirohito asksBookmark here

"I got informed that you were gonna meet with your son." Sanji saysBookmark here

"May I ask, who informed you?" Hirohito asks with a humble toneBookmark here

"I heard from 'Ryuma' that you were going to break his pride. But I guess I was wrong. Now as a king, I don't want one of my Generals getting killed by his own son. That's why I came here" Sanji says in a gentle voiceBookmark here

"Oh, once Shira wakes up, tell him to come and meet me in Deylan." Sanji saysBookmark here

"Okay, Sir"Bookmark here

"Then I will get going." Sanji then vanishes.Bookmark here

To Be Continued…Bookmark here

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