Chapter 24:

Visiting Deylan

My Devil Is A Beautiful Female

"Oh, once Shira wakes up, tell him to come and meet me in Deylan." Sanji saysBookmark here

"Okay, Sir"Bookmark here

"Then, I will get going." Sanji then vanishes.Bookmark here

"Take Shira to his room and treat him." Reine says to RoyBookmark here

"Me?" Roy asks while raising his eyebrowsBookmark here

"Yeah, obviously." Reine says and sighsBookmark here

-Bookmark here

-Bookmark here

Roy carried Shira to his room and treated his wound. While doing so, Mio and Renjii woke up.Bookmark here

Reine and Akira went back to their bases. And Hirohito also left.Bookmark here

Right now,Bookmark here

Mio and Renjii are sitting on the couches.Bookmark here

"What happened?" Renjii asks to RoyBookmark here

"Hmm? What do you mean?" Roy replies as he doesn't understand Renjii's question.Bookmark here

"What happened after we fainted?" Renjii asks againBookmark here

"Oh, nothing important happened." Roy says in a nonchalant voice.Bookmark here

"Why do I feel like something important happen…" Mio says while squinting her eyes.Bookmark here

"The Supreme King just came here and left. Nothing else happened." Roy repliesBookmark here

"Hmm…I se-Wait! What did you say?!" Renjii saysBookmark here

"Oh, His Majesty came here. Why tho?" Mio asksBookmark here

"I think because of Shira." Roy repliesBookmark here

"Wait! Why are you so calm about it?!" Renjii asks MioBookmark here

"Calm about what?" Mio repliesBookmark here

"…" Renjii stays silentBookmark here

"I already met His Majesty a lot of times." Mio repliesBookmark here

"Huh? How- oh, you are a noble…I forgot." Renjii saysBookmark here

"Hehe" Mio smirksBookmark here

"I am going to my room, bye." Roy says and leavesBookmark here

-Bookmark here

-Bookmark here

Inside Shira's room,Bookmark here

"Ughh." Shira holds his head as he sits up in his bed.Bookmark here

Shira's eyes are covered with bandages.Bookmark here

'What happened? My whole body hurts…' Shira questions himself and tries to remember what had happened that left him in this state.Bookmark here

He then remembers his fight with Hirohito.Bookmark here

'Right…' Shira thinks to himself and sighsBookmark here

Shira then looks out of the window in his room and sees that it's late night. So, he decides to sleep until morning.Bookmark here

-Bookmark here

-Bookmark here

Everyone is having breakfastBookmark here

While they are eating, a portal opens and Akira comes out of the portal.Bookmark here

"Akira?"Bookmark here

"Yeah, I thought Luke was somewhat fully healed by now, so I came here to take him to His Majesty. So, can you come today, Shira?"Bookmark here

"Why does he want to see me?"Bookmark here

"I don't know the reason."Bookmark here

"Can I take them too?"Bookmark here

"Sure, why not."Bookmark here

The trio just listens to their conversation.Bookmark here

-Bookmark here

-Bookmark here

Everyone finished their breakfast went to their rooms to get ready.Bookmark here

"Is everyone ready?" Akira asksBookmark here

"Yeah."Bookmark here

Akira then opens a portal.Bookmark here

"To Deylan?" Shira asksBookmark here

"Yeah."Bookmark here

They then walk through the portal.Bookmark here

They came out of the portal in front of a big tower, which is made out of skulls.Bookmark here

"Whoa, are those skulls real?!" Renjii asks with a shocked expressionBookmark here

"No way, they can't be real. How can you make a tower out of skulls?" Mio repliesBookmark here

"They are real…" AkiraBookmark here

"Let me tell you about this place's history. The 10th Supreme King made this place. He was the most brutal person. He killed millions and millions of people. He was ruthless. When he became the Supreme King he made this place with those skulls. So, that people remember him for generations." Akira explainsBookmark here

"I am getting chills just by hearing that!" Renjii saysBookmark here

"Let's go inside to get a permit to enter Deylan" Akira saysBookmark here

They all go inside the tower.Bookmark here

Every wall inside the tower is made of skulls. It's like a haunted tower!Bookmark here

They go upstairs and see a man sitting on a chair. He is writing something.Bookmark here

"Hello, I am a Sargent. My name is Akira Satou. We are here to get a permit to enter Deylan."Bookmark here

"Very well. Everyone, please write your names and ranks here."Bookmark here

After writing their names and ranks, they each received a paper. They can use this paper as an ID.Bookmark here

"Thank you."Bookmark here

"You're most welcome"Bookmark here

"What is this paper?" Roy asksBookmark here

"This is like an ID. With this, you can enter Deylan." Akira repliesBookmark here

"I see." Roy nods and saysBookmark here

They go to the portal.Bookmark here

"Can't you just make a portal straight to Deylan?" Mio asksBookmark here

"No, there is a barrier that prevents portals from opening." Akira explainsBookmark here

"Excuse me, which one is the portal to Deylan?"Bookmark here

"It's this one. Go through this portal. Before you guys enter, please show me your IDs."Bookmark here

"Here."Bookmark here

After checking their IDs the guard lets them enter the portal.Bookmark here

*Swoosh*Bookmark here

To Be Continued…Bookmark here

[Author Note]Bookmark here

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