Chapter 46:

Ark 5 After story: Goddesses talk 2

From Assassin to Demon lord

„Are you out of your mind goddess of night?! You know who that guy really is?“

„Oh, you talking about my cute darling?“

„Yeah! That Zaru you protected! He’s an All-blood! ******* All-blood!“

„Yeah… he’s such a sweet boy…“

„This isn’t time for your sexual delusions! He’s an All-blood for my sake!“

„Calm down, goddess of demons-chan, here drink this tea I made~“

„Ya ******* me off right now, you know!? You know what happened with the last all-blood we had here right?“

„Ah, the god slayer right?“

„Yeah our current World god. You know what will happen when he finds out an All-blood was born again?“

„Well~ he will probably just give him his protection~“

„You know what that would do right? The world will fell from ballance like when we got drunk! World god have to keep his world ballanced at all cost!“

„And is it that bad? Zaru may even kill some of the Seven sinful. If that happen… hehehee… he would be almost god-like entity… and I could **** and ******** with him finaly!“

„Do you really think he’s into that kind of girls Goddess of night-chan?“ Goddess of elves asked with a smirk while sipping the tea.

„Grrr… you’re right… I should let him do ***** and ********** maybe even **** to me… he he heee…“

„She’s a lost cause... That boy turned holy sword into demonic blade before becoming [True demon lord], let me remind you that even seven sinful when they had my blessings couldn’t do that.“

„Does that mean he’s stronger then them now?“ Goddess of sword asked curiously.

„No, not even close, but he will get there one day… and when that happen… I don’t think I will be able to stop him… even if I took his blessing he would be strong enought to beat a demi-god. Even God’s appostole won’t stand a chance.“

„Then let’s see how he grows and bring chaos to the world together!“ Goddess of night smiled.

„And I‘m goddess of demons here?“

„Just like Zaru say: And you call me a demon lord?“

The group of goddesses continued drinking tea and eating cookies, all of them dreaming about future full of chaos and events, after all in realm of gods, where there’s not much things you can do, moving people and their hearts is the only fun you can have.

Tony Raven