Chapter 8:

Chapter 8: Gorilla


I kept running through the city, people yelping and jumping out of the way as they saw me coming. “Where the hell are you taking me?!” The cobra guy asked. “To the park!” I responded as I turned the corner and saw the park. “Everyone! Please moooove!” I shouted. The people seemed confused at first, but soon quickly started to leave. Once most of them left, I lifted the cobra guy. “No, shit, WAAAAIT!!!!” He shouted as I slammed his body against the ground. His body bounced back a little as he stayed on the ground, wheezing for air. He growled as he strained to get up. “I will NOT lose to some barbarian like YOU!” He panted. “It if makes you feel any better, I’m not having much fun either.” He looked at me confused, “Yeah, you’re not really a challenge. And I love a challenge!” He grit his teeth and then smirked, “You want a challenge?” He opened his mouth, and let this liquid drop on the tips of his claws. He chuckled, “Even get scratched, and my venom will course through your system.” I got back into my stance, “Now things are getting interesting.” I said. “COME ON!” He shouted as we charged at each other. He took a swipe, but I ducked at socked him in the stomach. He got pushed back and held his stomach for a second, then bolted toward me. He swiped his hand at my face and I barely dodged it, but my left cheek was cut. “Nngh.” The cut stung really bad. Cobra guy smiled, “Heh, I have the most potent venom of any of my fellow serpents in the facility. The more I cut you, the less of a chance you’ll have to win. You might even die!” I groaned as it became harder to breathe. I looked at the bite he gave me earlier, the wound was swollen and purple. I had to win now, or else I won’t be able to get help. “I WILL win.”

*A small bug-like drone was hovering over the fight between Ferral and Cobra* We continued to watch 9320 and 3485’s fight. “Ha! I told you 9320 was still too weak.” Dr. Johnson said, “This fight was over before it began.” The other doctors looked at him and then continued watching. Dr. Aero leaned to me, “We better do something, or 3485 will perish.” He whispered. “Indeed. Tell them to release Experiment 8752.” I told him. He nodded and called over one of the guards. The guard leaned in and looked at Dr. Aero, “Yes sir.” The guard walked off. “Do you truly think we need to use 8752 this early into 9320’s training?” Aero asked me as we watched the fight. “Yes, 9320 needs the stimulation of battle.” I responded, “3485 alone won’t cut it.” My gaze was set and focused on 9320 as he was slowly widening the gap in strength between him and 3485. He was learning. Adapting. Evolving.

I kicked the cobra guy into a tree and kneed him in the stomach, causing the tree to break. He rolled across the ground, stopping by a small lake. Bruises and blood littered his body and cut deep and small littered mine. He tried to get back up, but it was obvious he couldn’t continue. “Alright, you seem to be done. So you should go back home, okay.” He got on his hands and knees and looked up at me, “Don’t treat me like I’m trash! This fight isn’t over.” He hissed. “While I’d like to keep going, I’ve already won. Besides, your little venom thing isn’t really hurting anymore. Which sucks because I liked the-UH!” I was hit by something and smashed into a small building (the park’s restroom). “What are you doing Cobra?” A large muscular man asked as he stood over the cobra guy. He forced himself up, “Gorilla? Why are YOU here?” Cobra asked. “I was told you’re having trouble. You should feel thankful.” Gorilla responded. “Tsk. The Failure is more persistent than I thought.” I see.”

I got out of the rubble and shook my head, “Uwahaha! Who did that?! Now THAT was a hit!” I looked to see another person was there with the cobra guy. This new guy was stocky and had black fur from his forearms down with large hands. His skin was dark from his elbow down and he had ape-like feet, and he had very short dark-silver hair. “Who are you?” I asked. “I am 8725: Silverback Gorilla.” He responded, “And I’m here to stop you and bring you back to the facility.” “So what you’re saying is you wanna fight too? Alright! Cobra guy was getting pretty boring” I said. “FUCK YOU!” Cobra guy yelled. “Unlike Corba, I WILL take you down.” Gorilla guy said. “Well, we’ll see about that, but a new challenge makes me excited!”
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