Chapter 9:

Chapter 9: Cobra and Gorilla


I was knocked back near the water after the gorilla guy threw a right punch at me. I blocked it, but this guy’s pretty strong. He was strong but slow and the cobra guy was fast but weak. The two of them together really made the fight way more exciting. “You are quite the capable fighter,” The gorilla guy said as we punched and blocked, “But a meer wolf could never compare to the power of the silverback gorilla!” He backhanded me across the face and I was sent flying. I crashed into a park bench and when I started to get up, the cobra guy tried to slash me with his claws, but I ducked and then saw the gorilla about to slam down on top of me. I yelped and rolled out of the way. I jumped back up, “Whew! You guys really are putting up a fight.” I said, “But I’m not done yet!” I charged at them, a huge grin on my face.

*Meanwhile at the Facility* “I-It’s incredible!” One of the doctors said as the battle with Gorilla, Cobra, and The Failure continued. “How can 9320 keep up with those two?” “Yeah, and on top of that, it looks like he’s actually got them on the backfoot!” They all were in awe and disbelief at 9320’s showing. But I’m not. He was created to be a fighter. A weapon. I observed him more, seeing him enjoying himself with each traded blow. His savagery and lust for battle boiling up more and more. No matter what Dr. Amber did to him, she could never drive him away from his true purpose….to fight and win. The combination of the strongest wolf species in the world: Canis lupus occidentalis(Mackenzie Valley Wolf), Canis lupus lupus(Eurasian Wolf), Canis lupus arctos(Arctic Wolf), Canis lupus pambasileus(Interior Alaskan Wolf), and Canis lupus nubilus(Great Plains Wolf). These five species combined make what 9320 is today. He just needs the right stimulation to bring out his TRUE potential….

I grabbed corba guy by his legs and slammed him against a basketball pole. When he hit the pole, he coughed up blood and the pole dented. He fell to the ground and I kicked him in the ribs and he flew across the basketball court, hitting the pole on the other side. “HAHAHAHA!” I let out a loud laugh. One that I’ve never done before. The gorilla guy came charging at me and he threw a punch, but I grabbed it with ease. “W-What the?” He was said in disbelief. “Kehehe…” I smiled at him with a big grin on my face. He stepped back, looking kinda scared, but his face turned into anger as he went to throw another punch. I dodged it and my left claws into his chest. He screamed in pain as I dragged my claws across and blood started coming out of the wounds. He fell to his right knee and placed his left arm over his chest to cover the wounds. I grabbed his head and began to knee him in the face multiple times. I did it until his nose was broken and bleeding. His body fell to the floor, barely conscious. I stood over him, grinning, “AWOOOOOO!!!!” I threw my head back and howled at the sky. I had won, and now….I grabbed the gorilla guy by his hair and was ready to finish him off. Just like the scientist who trained me told me. I raised my right hand, aiming for his throat. “W-Wait…” He said weakly, but I had already begun to follow through.

*STOP!* My body went to a complete stop as I heard mother's voice…..*8 years earlier* I was only 10 at the time, doing my first real fight with one of the security guards. I had clawed him and knocked him to the ground. “Good 9320, good.” My trainer said, “Now finish him…take his life.” I nodded and sat on top of the guard. I raised my right hand, aiming for his throat. He looked scared, but I followed through, it was the only way to win. “STOP!” Mother shouted as she burst into the training room. I lowered my hand and she picked me off the guard. She looked at me kinda mad, “You should NEVER take another person’s life. ESPECIALLY if they don’t deserve it.” She said, “Why?” I asked, “That’s what I was told to always do in a fight.” “Because, if you do, you’d be taking them away from their family and loved ones.” She told me, “Now, I’m not saying it’s okay for everyone to be spared, but I want to promise you that you'll never take a life, as long as they have done nothing seriously wrong. Promise me.” She looked rather upset, and I didn’t like seeing her upset, “Okay. Anything for you.”

*Present Day* I snapped back and stared down at the gorilla guy, who looked frightened. I dropped him and took a step back *Promise me…* mother’s voice echoed through my head. “Okay.” I said under my breath. I looked back at the gorilla guy who had started to get back up. “Hey, you guys weren’t going to try and take my life or do anything bad, right?” I asked. He looked at me confused, “No. We were sent out here to only take you back to the Facility.” He responded. “Well, then I won’t take yours. But I do want you guys to leave. I’m not going back, I have to be free.” He didn’t respond, he just started limping toward the cobra guy who was unconscious. “Whatever, I’m sure The Organization will find some other people to bring you back.” He picked him up and threw him other his shoulder. “We’re done here.” “Yeah, those wounds look bad. I wouldn’t want you guys to sleep forever.” He didn’t say anything, he just limped off, leaving me in the middle of the basketball court. I won, but I don’t feel good about it for some reason. Maybe I got a bit too excited. Gonna have to work on that. I stood there, just thinking until it I remember…“MS. CLARE!” I forgot all about her! She could be hurt, I gotta go find her! I ran off to find her, hoping she was okay. 

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