Chapter 25:


My Devil Is A Beautiful Female

"Excuse me, which one is the portal to Deylan?"Bookmark here

"It's this one. Go through this portal. Before you guys enter, please show me your IDs."Bookmark here

"Here."Bookmark here

After checking their IDs the guard lets them enter the portal.Bookmark here

*Swoosh*Bookmark here

The trio, Shira and Akira come out of the portal in Deylan's capital 'Jouran'.Bookmark here

After following Akira and walking through Jouran for a few minutes, they reach a gate. Beyond the gate is a castle.Bookmark here

"Whoa!" The trio's reaction is the same after seeing the castle in front of them.Bookmark here

"Let's go inside." Akira saysBookmark here

Everyone follows behind him. After walking for another few minutes they come in front of a door.Bookmark here

*Knock* *Knock*Bookmark here

Akira knocks on the door.Bookmark here

"Come in!" A young man saysBookmark here

*Creak*Bookmark here

Akira pushes the door open.Bookmark here

When the door opens, they see a young man with very pale skin and sharp, reddish-brown eyes with long lashes and very bright red hair. Dressed in simple, yet elegant clothes of aristocratic style.Bookmark here

Sanji is also there, sitting on his desk, doing some paperwork.Bookmark here

"Welcome!" The young man says.Bookmark here

"Ahh… yes thank you." Akira and Shira Bows a little while entering the room.Bookmark here

The group stops in front of Sanji and kneels.Bookmark here

"We are here, your Majesty." Akira speaks.Bookmark here

"Stand up." Sanji saysBookmark here

The group then stands up.Bookmark here

"I came here, as you asked." Shira says politely.Bookmark here

"Looks like you have fully recovered from that incident" SanjiBookmark here

"Yes…" ShiraBookmark here

"Shira, I have a proposal for you." Sanji.Bookmark here

"Ask away, Your Majesty."Bookmark here

"I want you, to train under me." Sanji saysBookmark here

"HUH?!?" Everyone's reaction is the same.Bookmark here

"Your Majesty, I'm grateful for your proposal. But may I ask why do you want me to train under you?" Shira asksBookmark here

"You see, your power is terrifying. If you lose control of that power, 'the whole world' would be in danger. As the Supreme King, I can't let that happen and counter it before it happens."Bookmark here

"Shira's power can put the whole world in danger? Just how terrifying is that power?" Renjii mumblesBookmark here

"Uhh…I think you are exaggerating a little, father." The young man speaks up.Bookmark here

"Don't get me wrong, Jin. He is very powerful. If he can control his power he can easily become 'Divine Commander'!" Sanji saysBookmark here

Jin Akanishi is the youngest son of the Supreme King.Bookmark here

"D-Divine Commander?!" Everyone saysBookmark here

Hearing about Shira's dangerous power, the trio is silent. Sweats are coming down from their forehead.Bookmark here

"I see. But I'm afraid I have to decline that proposal." Shira.Bookmark here

"Huh?" Everyone's reaction is the same again. Who in their right mind would decline a proposal from THE Supreme King?!Bookmark here

"Are you serious, Shira?" Akira asksBookmark here

"What is the reason for your rejection?" Sanji asksBookmark here

"You see, I am currently in charge of these 3 idiots." Shira saysBookmark here

"h-Huh?"Bookmark here

"Since I'm in charge of them, I can't abandon them. As their guardian, I need to protect and train them until they become strong." Shira saysBookmark here

Hearing Shira's reason for refusal, the trio blushes.Bookmark here

"Hearing this from an old man makes me feel weird." Mio saysBookmark here

The Supreme King is surprised. His eyes are widened while hearing Shira's reason.Bookmark here

"I see… That's too bad." Sanji says while shaking his headBookmark here

"Umm your majesty, I would like to talk about something with you, if you don't mind." Shira asks SanjiBookmark here

"Sure." Sanji repliesBookmark here

"It's kinda personal, so…" Shira saysBookmark here

"Okay." Sanji replies and looks towards everyone in the room.Bookmark here

Taking the hint everyone leaves the room.Bookmark here

"So, I really want to become stronger. To be honest, I don't want to miss this opportunity, so I would like to train under you. But as you know I also need to take care of a team."Bookmark here

"Hmm…" Sanji expressesBookmark here

"So, give me a few days. I will teach them some things which will help them for now." Shira says.Bookmark here

"Okay, I have no problem with that." Sanji replies with a smile.Bookmark here

"Thank you very much, your majesty!" Shira saysBookmark here

To Be Continued…Bookmark here

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Name: Jin Akanishi || Magic: UnknownBookmark here

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