Chapter 0:

Grey metamorphosis

Harvest moon

"Nobility, commoners, knights, thieves...all are meager titles humans give to each other to bathe in their unbound lust for order. They seek order in a world birthed by disorder."  A distant yet close voice echoed.Bookmark here

Unbound, by out...I simply was. Bookmark here

The only thing I could feel and see was a rich blue hue of a radiant sphere a splendid radiance bathing the nothingness that I was. From the blue casting onto the nothingness, my physical came to be. Bookmark here

"We must guide the misbegotten children."  The voice whispered seemingly closer.Bookmark here

"Within. Without. Lust for it, that which is unique to the blue. That which has made you, you."  Bookmark here

My eyes stayed glued to that sparkling surface, throbbing, pouring into the emptiness of me...molding me. Bookmark here

Permeating the darkness of the universe. Bookmark here

"Beautiful, without an understanding of anything...of words....order or chaos. In due time, that which is dull and empty shall consume this hue, this beauty, eternally."Bookmark here

Those were the last words I heard before...Bookmark here

Before what?Bookmark here

...Bookmark here

A distant knock thrust my eyes from oblivion into the lightBookmark here

A voice trailed behind, muffled by the greatness of these walls which cradled me. Bookmark here

Again, the voice rang, this time forming words. "Lord Lun, the council has been assembled. "Bookmark here

I pulled myself up from under the pile of sheets on me. Sitting, the purple satin that clad my dull flesh began to slip. Bookmark here

I took a moment and looked around, rubbing my eyes, in the process. Bookmark here

"Lord Lun?" The voice beckoned once again.
Bookmark here

"Council Man Drrogi." I muttered emerging from my daze "What is the matter?" Bookmark here

"Your mother, the Queen has fallen ill." He said in a hesitant voice, the shakiness apparent even from behind that gargantuan door. Bookmark here

I cleared my throat for a moment as silence befell the great room I inhabited and looked to the circular vaulted ceiling. Taking in the mighty dynasty of marble above me. The intricate curves the vaulted ceiling held as it spiraled downwards from a single point overhead. Bookmark here

"May I visit her?" I inquired as my eyes traced the murals and glyphs etched into every square inch of stone. Bookmark here

Whispers formed behind the door. They crept through the "thousand man room"--as known by the servants--seeping into the floor, windows, and emptiness that stretched far and wide. Bookmark here

I knew far too well, that my request was farfetched and would be dismissed. Such was the fate when the news of my felled father reached me. Bookmark here

"I shall rest now. Beckon my name from those great doors once I am actually of concern to these loving subjects." I said, silencing the whispers.Bookmark here

"V-very well Lord Lun, we shall leave you to it." the council said in unison.Bookmark here

I drew in some air and threw my upper half back onto the bed, allowing the pillows behind to catch me. Bookmark here

My head turned to the window drawn to the light like a moth. Bookmark here

"What is it that I shall do on this fine day?"Bookmark here

"Nothing...slumber sleepy egg for your birth is nigh." slithered somni from the depths of my mind...or perhaps that of another.Bookmark here

"A reasonable response, as if you have not told me this for the past seventeen years I have awoken and pondered this very query."Bookmark here

"..."Bookmark here

"..."Bookmark here

"...beware, wretched king, for you have no mother or father, sister or brother. Thus you must consume the very fabric of existence. The very blue sphere that has molded your cast. The very blue that you will hatch within..."Bookmark here

The light from the window dimmed. It's vague white now becoming a dull grey. Colorless and boring, such is the light of what Somni recalls as 'dusk'.Bookmark here

"Blue...?" I thought to myselfBookmark here

The darkness came following the dullness of dusk. Consuming everything, even my very body, leaving me unbound, by out. Bookmark here

Night, like always, was dreadful. Bookmark here

"Blue...sphere," the last thought I formed before slipping into the world of dream...or nothing.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

 Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Bookmark here

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