Chapter 3:

beez nuts

The Hives Chronicles

I was about to die after the bee attack but one of my business associates just so happened to be swinging by my house that day and saw me writhing on the ground in pain. Bookmark here

At first he didn't even recognise me because of all the hives and the bee stings and everything. But fortunately, I was wearing my signature costume that I have a dozen pairs of. He took me to the underground mafia doctor since the police will catch me at a normal hospital. Bookmark here

I was given a bunch of shots and I was OK after some time and went home. Lots of my business associates, I found out had sent me get-well-soon gifts. Mostly they were packets of crack cocaine with a few boxes of chocolates but I was so touched that I started crying. Bookmark here

I also had the beehive removed by a bee expert who hated bees. He gave me the hive after smoking it and driving away all the bees. Bookmark here

'Bunch of honey in there. But be careful. Might also be a bunch of roasted dead bees.' Then he went away.Bookmark here

Sure enough, there were a bunch of roasted bees in there. By that time, I was already very high and itchy because of all the crack cocaine and I wasn't thinking straight. I thought that the bees looked really tasty so I took off the stinger off one of them and tried it. Bookmark here

'BEEES mmmmmmmmmmmm.'Bookmark here

I was scarfing them down like popcorn. They were really tasty. But in my highness I got carried away and opened one of the chocolate boxes.Bookmark here

My throat started itching and it was hard to breathe. I drank some water but it made me even more thirsty. Within five minutes, I was on the ground again.Bookmark here

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