Chapter 4:

Just what the doctor ordered

The Hives Chronicles

'What happened, doc?'Bookmark here

'Allergic reaction.'Bookmark here

'Was it the bees?'Bookmark here

'I already treated you for the bee stings. It was probably something food related.'Bookmark here

'I was eating bees.'Bookmark here

'You are a fucking idiot™️.'Bookmark here

'I also ate some chocolates.'Bookmark here

'Did the chocolates have nuts in them?'Bookmark here

'Yes. All kinds of nuts.'Bookmark here

'You may have a nut allergy.'Bookmark here

'No— No… No– It can't be.'Bookmark here

'Just don't eat nuts lmao.'Bookmark here

'Doc, you don't understand. How can I, ShittyAcorn, have a nut allergy?'Bookmark here

'I have anal cancer.'Bookmark here

'What am I supposed to do now?'Bookmark here

'I already gave you a shot. You can go home.'Bookmark here

'Your shots are like magic, doc. What do you put in them?'Bookmark here

'Heroin.'Bookmark here

'Is that supposed to be good for you?'Bookmark here

'I don't know. If I had a medical degree, I might have known. Although, even then I might not have told you because of how annoying you are. All I know for sure is that whenever I give someone heroin, they stop complaining. And if there's one thing in this world that I can't stand, it's whiny sons of bitches like you.'Bookmark here

'Thank you, doc.'Bookmark here

'I hate you. Get out of my clinic.'Bookmark here

I got out of his clinic. I realised that I needed to find a new doctor. A proper one. The mafia doctor wouldn't cut it anymore.Bookmark here

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