Chapter 26:


My Devil Is A Beautiful Female

"So, I really want to become stronger. To be honest, I don't want to miss this opportunity, so I would like to train under you. But as you know I also need to take care of a team."Bookmark here

"Hmm…" Sanji expressesBookmark here

"So, give me a few days. I will teach them some things which will help them for now." Shira says.Bookmark here

"Okay, I have no problem with that." Sanji replies with a smile.Bookmark here

"Thank you very much, your majesty!" Shira saysBookmark here

-Bookmark here

-Bookmark here

[Roy POV]Bookmark here

Akira leaves for some work.Bookmark here

"What should we do now?" Mio asksBookmark here

"Let's roam around the city!" Renjii suggestsBookmark here

"Sure." Jin repliesBookmark here

Hearing Jin's voice Renjii and Roy turn to Jin and ask him about him.Bookmark here

"Oh, sorry for not introducing myself. I am Jin Akanishi."Bookmark here

"Akanishi?!" Renjii practically screamsBookmark here

"Yeah…?" Akanishi saysBookmark here

"You're his majesty's son?!" Renjii saysBookmark here

"Yeah." Akanishi repliesBookmark here

"Chill dude." Mio says to RenjiiBookmark here

-Bookmark here

-Bookmark here

After talking for a few more minutes they went out for a walk.Bookmark here

"This city is beautiful!" Renjii says with sparkling eyesBookmark here

"Well, it's the city where the Supreme King resides, so naturally it should be beautiful." Mio saysBookmark here

As they are walking they come across a big fountain.Bookmark here

"Whoaa!!" The trio exclaims at the same time seeing the beautiful fountain. The fountain is built with white and blue marble.Bookmark here

"Everyone's reaction is the same when they see this fountain." Jin saysBookmark here

"I can guess why." Mio saysBookmark here

"It's so beautiful." Renjii saysBookmark here

"This is not an ordinary fountain." Jin saysBookmark here

"What do you mean?" Roy asksBookmark here

"It was built by the Twelfth Supreme King! It is said that if you throw a coin in the fountain and wish for something it will come true! This has been a rumor for generations now." Jin saysBookmark here

"Really?!" The trio says in syncBookmark here

"I don't know if it's true or not. But you guys can try it." Jin saysBookmark here

The trio then each takes out a coin and throw it in the fountain.Bookmark here

They all wish for something.Bookmark here

But among them Renjii's wish is different.Bookmark here

'I wish I can meet with my brother again.'Bookmark here

"There are a lot of coins in the fountain." Mio saysBookmark here

"I guess people come here often to wish for something." Roy saysBookmark here

"Let's go." Jin saysBookmark here

They then start walking again.Bookmark here

After two minutes of walking around, they see a graveyard approaching. But it is no ordinary graveyard.Bookmark here

"Is that a noble's grave?" Roy asks while pointing towards a grave. The grave that Roy is pointing at is different from the other graves. By the looks of it, it is maintained very well.Bookmark here

"Hey! Put your finger down!!" Mio says and grabs his hand, and lowers his hands.Bookmark here

"Don't point at graves! It's bad luck!" Renjii says to RoyBookmark here

"Okay…" Roy saysBookmark here

"That grave is the Twelfth Supreme King's!" Jin saysBookmark here

"Ohh! That's why it's so different from the other ones." Mio saysBookmark here

"Yeah." Jin repliesBookmark here

"Who is the twelfth Supreme King?" Roy asks.Bookmark here

"Shimutsuki Kuro! He is the strongest Supreme King by far!!" Jin saysBookmark here

Everyone's eyes widen in shock.Bookmark here

*Ring* *Ring*Bookmark here

Jin's Communication Crystal suddenly starts to go off.Bookmark here

Jin picks up the Communication Crystal.Bookmark here

"Hey Jin, Come back to the castle with those three students of Shira. There will be going home now." Sanjii saysBookmark here

"Okay!" Jin repliesBookmark here

Jin then puts the Communication Crystal back in his pocket.Bookmark here

"Alright, guys we are going back to the castle." Jin says to the TrioBookmark here

"Already?! I want to see the city more…ahh" Renjii saysBookmark here

"Don't worry. I will show you guys more of the city next time, for now, let's go back. They are waiting for us." Jin saysBookmark here

"Okay!" The Trio says in sync.Bookmark here

-Bookmark here

-Bookmark here

Jin and The Trio return back to the castle. They make their way to Sanji's workroom.Bookmark here

When they open the door they see Sanji, Shira, and Akira standing.Bookmark here

"Is…Is something wrong?" Jin asksBookmark here

"No, everything is fine." Shira repliesBookmark here

"Let's go back." Shira then saysBookmark here

To Be Continued…Bookmark here

⁅ ZonePedia ⁆Bookmark here

Name: Shimutsuki Kuro || Magic: UnknownBookmark here

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