Chapter 1:

So It Begins

The Magic Eyes

‘It was the evening of June 8th when the attack happened. I remember it like it was yesterday. The air was warm and humid, the moist smell of a brewing storm surrounded the town I lived in at the time. I believe the name of the town was Spellbrook. I was playing hide and seek outside with my two best friends Shane and Zeno while my mother and father were cleaning up from dinner. It was my turn to hide so I climbed up high into a tree and watched the boys look for me. They were never good at seeking when it came to me. I had the nickname ghost for the longest time from them because of how good I was at hiding. I guess it served me well since..well..’ Jade took a deep shaky breath and let it out, her eyes closed in thought. ‘I remember how right when I was about to come down, those men rode in on their horses. Their eyes glowing a deep dark red as if they were angry was a haunting sight to see. But nothing will be more haunting than the sights I saw next. They took my friends..they burned my home down..I..I…’ Suddenly, Jade awoke with sweat pouring down her face and tears welled up in her eyes. She sighed and slowly sat up, now looking around her to grasp her surroundings. ’Another nightmare...when will these end? I can’t keep losing sleep over this.’  The young woman thought to herself as she stood and slowly made her way over to her bathroom. She turned the water on and splashed herself in the face, wiping it off with a nearby towel. After standing there for a few moments in silence, she managed to convince herself to look up. She let out a sharp breath as she stared at herself, now studying her eyes. They were black with deep blue and red flecks through them the same as they had been for seven years now.  Jade had not yet seen another pair of eyes quite like her own and she was happy for that. In fact, she could hardly remember what her eyes looked like before then. After a few moments of staring, a yawn broke her out of her trance now making her realize that she was still waking up. As she walked out of the bathroom, she glanced at the clock on her wall to read June 7th, 3:30 am. Seeing this time, she decided to take a walk and get away from her home. She needed the fresh air and more than that, she enjoyed the stars. She took a step outside and felt a warm breeze cross over her that made her shiver with delight. She lived on the very edge of town so it was only a twenty minute walk to her favorite cliff where she would often spend her nights, thinking. In order to get there, she would need to follow a trail up until the halfway mark then make a sharp right off of the trail only to follow the stones she placed down. As she made her way there, the smell of rain began to sting her nose and the breeze became cooler. A storm was arriving soon and the woods was not the best spot to be caught in the middle of one. She shrugged it off though thinking she would only spend a few minutes there before heading back to her home. As she made her way off of the trail, a loud branch snapped behind her making her jump. After a moment of standing there in silence, she continued with her walk, chalking up the noise to being an animal of a larger size. After another few minutes of walking, she arrived a sense of peace now calming her. She stood there staring at the black sky now thinking of her two friends wondering if they were still alive. Jade stayed at the cliff for around half an hour before turning to head back home. When she turned around, she was greeted by two men with dark red glowing eyes that made a pit form in her stomach. She was too fearful to do anything but stand and stare in disbelief at these two men. “Why…?” was all she could muster out in a shaky, soft voice filled with terror and sadness. Before they had the chance to say anything, she forced herself to run. She ran as fast as she could, unsure of where she was going or how far she was from her original trail. The two ran after her, quickly growing closer to her. With the little hope that was left in her, she jumped into a bush and covered her mouth, tears now violently running down her cheeks. After a few short moments of silence, she felt a cold hand grab her shoulder pulling her away from her hiding spot. She fought against this for only a couple of seconds before feeling a needle enter her neck. This was the last thing she could remember before everything went dark. 

Sophia Animus