Chapter 1:

Short Story 1: Pathetic Fallacy

An Experimental Anthology of The Absurd

Clouds. They loom triumphantly and yet no light shines from them. Those grey puffs of dreary cotton: horrid, terrible, painful, terrifying.Bookmark here

Yesterday was raining, but why did it have to? Bookmark here

Something should be out to greet the crowd and greet the people: and there that something was… standing… raining. And after all that, it still stands.Bookmark here

A bell tolls from the church, overshadowed by those dreadful clouds. And those dreadful clouds are gathered by more clouds. Many clouds. So many clouds.Bookmark here

Something should be there. Something hurts. And yet, something remains.Bookmark here

How can the skies be so dark despite being so happy? The answer remains locked, just like that door. Bookmark here

When was the last time it was open? When was the last time it was opened from the inside?Bookmark here

A phone chants from a table. Chiming, humming, buzzing. But it is ignored.Bookmark here

The weather is…Bookmark here

Look at them, standing down there. Raining. What right do they have? Bookmark here

The chanting continues.Bookmark here

What right do they have?Bookmark here

The chanting continues.Bookmark here

Who is it from?Bookmark here

The chanting continues.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Yesterday was raining; there is no need for a reminder. Bookmark here

The bell tolls as crows fly through the dark clouds. Through that is the sun, beginning to leak its brightness through the triumphant puffs of grey.Bookmark here

The phone stops ringing.Bookmark here

“Hello?”Bookmark here

The door is unlocked.Bookmark here

It rains.Bookmark here

“I’m heading right there.”Bookmark here

I walk to the funeral, the grey clouds floating high.Bookmark here

The sun shines on a flowery grave, happy.Bookmark here

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