Chapter 125:

Interlude: Getting the girls ready for the ball

The Y-files [GL]

Sandra's POVBookmark here

It's always exciting when your daughter takes another step toward adulthood. Tonight Elodie was going to a high society ball. Rosa was still working so including Fien, I had three girls to make pretty for tonight. At the same time, I was looking forward to spending some alone time with Rosa tonight, with three kids in the house, it isn't always easy to find time for ourselves.Bookmark here

The girls had been given dresses and shoes by Thea Tralic. It was still hard to believe my baby girl was now an apprentice from the famous Thea Tralic. She sure had made a path for herself and made some very good contacts. It seemed like she had a bright future ahead.Bookmark here

Even though I wouldn't sacrifice the happiness I found with Rosa for Elodie and Eline, I still felt a little guilty about putting them through this predicament. I knew it would not make up for it, but I decided to go all out to make this night as memorable for our girls as I could. In my excitement, I had even gotten them some extra make-up that would fit the colors of their dresses, and I had gotten Eline and Elodie matching necklaces, with the date of their first ball engraved on them. Even though my initial motive might have been a guilt trip, along the way I had gotten super excited about making them pretty for the ball myself. I wanted to do my best to give them a beautiful memory.Bookmark here

For Fien on the other hand, I had gotten a silver tiara. I knew it would look cute on her golden locks. She and I had grown really close over the time she lived here, I felt a little sad that she was going to go back.Bookmark here

While I was preparing everything so the girls could get ready as soon as possible, after their rehearsal, the landline rang. When I picked up, I heard Charlotte's voice. She sounded like she was in a panic.Bookmark here

“Calm down sis, and begin from the start. What happened?”Bookmark here

“B-ball! Fien is going to a ball tonight!” Charlotte sounded like that was a disaster on the same level as a level 7 earthquake on the Richter scale.Bookmark here

“What about it? I am preparing everything for them at the moment. I even got her a cute tiara.” I said with a little dreamy voice.Bookmark here

“Y-you don't understand. She got a personal invitation to accompany Maura Lyst tonight. She has a date with the daughter of one of my bosses.”Bookmark here

I was really glad Fien wasn't home right now. Charlotte would probably have messed up her mood for the entire thing.Bookmark here

“You mean little Maura, she came by the other day. She was really friendly, and I had the impression that both of them got along great. They both go up completely into those cute books our Elodie reads. I'm sure everything will be just fine.”Bookmark here

At least it wasn't some rich boy. Those pesky brats can't be trusted. I would rather die than entrust a cute girl like Fien to a boy like that.Bookmark here

“B-but they are both girls. Fien shouldn't be like that. This is all Mark's fault for buying her those stupid books. I knew I shouldn't have let her go and sell that stupid fan story she wrote.”Bookmark here

Now I felt offended. Charlotte knew about my wedding plans. Unfortunately, getting mad here, wouldn't help Fien, so I said:Bookmark here

“Now listen Charlotte, you raised Fien to be a strong and smart girl. I've seen her make pretty responsible decisions in the time she was here. Shouldn't you trust her? I am sure she wouldn't do anything she doesn't want to do, and it is not like she is going alone, Elodie was invited too.”Bookmark here

I heard Charlotte sigh.Bookmark here

“You know that if she messes up, it could cost me and Mark our careers. Everything we worked so hard for.”Bookmark here

Now we were getting to the true heart of the matter. Charlotte and her precious career.Bookmark here

“I am sure we can trust Fien. She has a lot of good friends she can trust.”Bookmark here

While I was saying those words, Fien entered through the front door, followed by Mia, a tough-looking delinquent type of girl. Even though she had been here, and had been very nice, I knew of her reputation. Why were these two suddenly acting like the best of friends?Bookmark here

“Thank you for teaching me all that stuff on how to interact with Maura tonight!” Fien said to Mia.Bookmark here

My jaw dropped. I just reassured Charlotte, but trouble seemed to be on the horizon. I needed to check what that is all about this instant!Bookmark here

“Sandra, what is going on? Is that Fien I am hearing?”Bookmark here

I can't tell her what just happened. I need to solve this myself.Bookmark here

“N-nothing to worry about. I will call you back later.”Bookmark here

I put down the phone and made my way to Fien and Mia. Mia greeted me politely and said “Thank you for the other day. I promised Fien to help her get ready for the ball.”Bookmark here

I looked worried at Fien, but she seemed really happy at the prospect. Fien must have noticed my worry and said.Bookmark here

“Don't worry. Mia might look tough, but inside she is really sweet. She is always helping people! She also helped Elodie and Eline make up by talking to Elodie. She's one of my best friends.”Bookmark here

The tough Mia suddenly looked really shy at all the praise Fien was giving her, and I could see a different kind of character in her.Bookmark here

“You really did that for my Elodie?” I asked Mia.Bookmark here

Mia nodded and said a bit shy “It was nothing really. I couldn't bear seeing her like that anymore.”Bookmark here

I felt a little tear rolling down my eye, and said “Thank you.” I took a step forward and embraced a completely surprised Mia. “You don't know how much that little gesture means to me. Whatever other people may say, you are always welcome in our family.”Bookmark here

Mia stood there blushing heavily at my compliment, it was clear to me she was not used to being thanked. I noticed a little smirk form on Fien's face, and then she said “Wanna go to my room, big sis?”Bookmark here

Mia staggered and said “S-so cute!” Fien took Mia by her hand and dragged her along to her room. When and how did Fien become such a player? If what I just witnessed was anything to go by, it wasn't Fien we should be worried about tonight, but Maura.Bookmark here

When a couple of minutes later Eline and Elodie entered, I had no choice but to put my worries about Fien to the side for a while.Bookmark here

These two were enthusiastically talking about the ball, so I called them over to give them their gifts.Bookmark here

When they saw the matching necklaces their eyes opened wide.Bookmark here

“You can open them, I engraved your names and the date on the backside, and you can put a picture inside. I wanted to take your picture once the two of you got dressed.”Bookmark here

Eline had a little tear in her eye and then embraced me.Bookmark here

She said, “Thank you, it's beautiful... m-mom.”Bookmark here

It was the first time she called me that. Just a simple word, but it meant the world to me. Eline was really doing her best to accept me as her stepmother. I was pretty sure I would remember this moment for the rest of my life. I couldn't be happier.Bookmark here

Elodie then hugged the both of us and said “Yes mom, it's fantastic. You shouldn't have.”Bookmark here

When they noticed all the make-up I got them, to match their dresses they became even more elated.Bookmark here

“Just promise me you will let me help you put it on.” I looked forward to dressing up my girls for their first fancy dress night by themselves.”Bookmark here

“Of course mom!” Elodie said.Bookmark here

But first, all of you will have to take a shower to wash away the sweat of the day. Tell Mia and Fien, when it is their turn.Bookmark here

The excitement I witnessed caused a lot of chaos in the house, but it was a nice kind of chaos.Bookmark here

When they came back from the shower, we started doing their makeup, before putting on their dresses, so that we would accidentally make spots on those beautiful silk dresses.Bookmark here

When I finished making Elodie pretty, I was surprised. I could no longer see the little child I knew, instead, there stood this pretty and impressive young woman in front of me, and with the way she looked at Eline, I could tell she was madly in love.Bookmark here

Eline also looked pretty and a lot more powerful with makeup on. Those two really complimented each other in every way.Bookmark here

After I put the finishing touches on both of them, they turned around and with a smirk on their face, they said together.Bookmark here

“Now it's our turn, mom”Bookmark here

Before I could protest, I was sitting in the chair, getting my make-up done. Eline said with a bright smile on her face”Bookmark here

“We know you are looking forward to a night alone with mom tonight. We will make you extra pretty for when she gets home.”Bookmark here

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