Chapter 1:

Chapter 1: Not your Average Day

The Spark In Your Eyes

*Ring Ring Ring* Bookmark here

The echoing sound of an alarm clock ringing was enough to wake the sleeping figure that was lying on the bed wrapped up in a thick blanket that had flowers adorned on them. The figure was Ayumi Yamamoto an 18 year old school girl who is going into her final year at her high school Kyokai Academy. Bookmark here

Ayumi let out a quiet groan as she slowly rose up from her bed, she stretched her arms up into the air whilst letting out a tired yawn. "Man why does school have to start early" Ayumi complained aloud. Ayumi got up and groggly began going about her usual routine for school which started off with hygine washing her face and brushing her teeth. After leaving the bathroom Ayumi walked over to her closet and grabbed her school clothes, which were neatly placed in the closet, Ayumi had a thing for things being in the correct order some might say she had slight OCD not that she cared. After putting her school uniform on which consisted of a white buttoned shirt, a black and white striped tie, a black blazer and skirt, Ayumi walked over to the large set of draws which sat opposite her bed and grabbed a hair brush that was lying on top of the counter, she then walked back into the bathroom and brushed her hair whilst staring into the mirror. Once her hair was nicely brushed Ayumi made last minute adjusments to her uniform making sure her shirt was tucked in her tie was up and her skirt was the proper length. Bookmark here

*Sigh* Bookmark here

"Ok you are going to have a good day today" Ayumi said to her lone refelction in the mirror. Bookmark here

Suddenly Ayumi could see her eyes in the mirror slowly change from their usual hazel colour to a dark red, her iris slowly transformed to slits almost like a cats eyes. Ayumi closed her eyes and took a deep breath. When she opened her eyes they were there normal shape and colour once again. Bookmark here

"Not today, i can do this, everything is going to be fine" Ayumi reassured herself before leaving for school. Bookmark here

Kyoukai Academy was only a few minutes away from where Ayumi lived so she conversed to school by walking which she did not mind, Ayumi enjoyed the peaceful serenity of being able to walk to school and take in all the sites, even if those sites were just the hustle and bustle of the town around her. Bookmark here

Ayumi arrived at school and headed straight to her classroom which was located on the second floor of the main school building. Upon arriving at her classroom Ayumi realized she had arrived at her class earlier than she thought and there was no one in the room yet. Ayumi walked into the empty classroom and made her way through the rows of desks to her desk which was located on the 3rd row of desks at the back of the classroom by the window. Ayumi loved where her desk was located it was close enough that she could clearly hear the teacher but far enough away that she was not the center of attention. Ayumi sat at her desk crossed her arms and placed her head in between them, After a while Ayumi slowly closed her eyes. Bookmark here

Ayumi opened her eyes and was surprised to see that the classroom was still empty, she turned her head sharply to look at the clock it read "9:30" the class should have already been in session. Ayumi looked out the window and saw both the tennis courts and break rooms outside were completely deserted. She was seemingly all alone. Bookmark here

Out the corner of her eye Ayumi saw a figure pass by the classroom door, Ayumi quickly got out of her desk and ran to the classroom door to try and catch up with the figure. When Ayumi reached the door she peaked her head out and looked down the corridor both ways but it was completely deserted. Ayumi walked the full length of the hallway to see if she could see anyone but no one was in sight, all the classrooms were empty it was as if no one had been there to begin with. Ayumi slowly made her way back to the classroom, as she got closer she realized the classroom door was closed even though she could have sworn she left it open. Bookmark here

Ayumi etched her way closer and slowly opened the door. Bookmark here

The door slid open. Bookmark here

Ayumi's eyes widened and a look of shock ran up her face, the classroom was covered in blood from the floor to the walls to the ceiling and lying on the desks were her fellow classmates. They all had their throats slashed and their eyes were gouged out of their heads. Ayumi hands cupped around her mouth to stop her from screaming or vomiting. Ayumi looked over at her own desk and saw the same figure that she had seen before standing beside her desk look out the window. Bookmark here

Ayumi slowly approached the figure Bookmark here

"H-Hello" Ayumi called out Bookmark here

No response. Bookmark here

Ayumi etched closer. Bookmark here

"Excuse me- what...what happened here" Ayumi said as she slowly reached her hand out to touch the figures shoulder. Bookmark here

As her hand made contact with the figures shoulder, the figure quickly spun around to face her. Ayumi was in complete awe at what she was seeing. Dark purple hair, the same hazel eyes, it was her Ayumi was looking at herself. Her mirror image was covered from head to toe in blood, her eyes were a deep red and her iris were the shape of slits. In her left hand she carried a pair of sisscors. Bookmark here

Ayumi's mirror image cocked its head to the side. Bookmark here

"You cant escape me, this... this is what you are going to become" Ayumi's mirror image said with a sadistic grin on its face. Bookmark here

The mirror image let out a menacing cackle and raised the sisscors up in the air. Bookmark here

Ayumi was completely frozen in fear, she did not know what else to do other than close her eyes and wait for the inevitable.Bookmark here

"AYUMI WAKE UP" A voice called out. Bookmark here

Ayumi's let out a frightend gasp as her head shot up from the desk. she looked to her left and saw a boy standing by her desk leaning over towards her with a hand on her shoulder. The boy were the same style uniform as Ayumi and had white spikey hair with the bluest eyes one could imagine. This boy was Sora Nakamoto he was also in his final year of highschool and was one of the few people that spoke to Ayumi on a frequent basis, he was the closest thing to a friend that Ayumi had at school. Bookmark here

"Ever the sleepyhead Ayumi" Sora said with a giddy smile on his face. Bookmark here

Ayumi still had a look of fear on her face but managed a slight smile at Sora's joke. Bookmark here

"Are you ok Ayumi you look like you have seen a ghost" Sora asked with a more serious look on his face. Bookmark here

"Yes i am fine, just had a bad dream is all" Ayumi replied. Bookmark here

"Well that is what you get for sleeping in class, i know playing the rebellous school girl is hot and all but it won't do your grades any good" Sora said with a slight chuckle. Bookmark here

Ayumi shot him a sly look and smiled. She always enjoyed Sora's company he was her escape from the struggles and stresses of everyday life. Sora had been friends with Ayumi ever since they first joined Koyukai Academy after they were paired together to do a science project. Ayumi was never one to thrive in conversation or socialism in fact she activly avoided it, but there was something about Sora upon meeting him that Ayumi just could not shake. Bookmark here

Sora took his set next to Ayumi and the class began.Bookmark here

The bell rang to signal the end of the lesson, Ayumi got up and started to pack her books and other bits of equipment back into her school bag. "So when are you letting me treat you to lunch" Sora's voice called from beside her. "When Hell freezes over" Ayumi replied with a wink. Bookmark here

"Hmmm, ill get right on that then" Sora retorted with a grin on his face. Bookmark here

Ayumi left the classroom and headed towards the cafateria. Bookmark here

After arriving at the cafetaria Ayumi got her food from the counter, her favorite Chicken flavoured Ramen, a simple but nourshing meal at least thats the way Ayumi always viewd it. Bookmark here

Ayumi sat down at an empty table and began eating. Suddenly she could feel her phone vibrate in her bag so she stopped eating and began fishing through her bag to find her phone. After finding her phone Ayumi saw that she had a new message, it was from Sora. Bookmark here

"Working on freezing hell over will have to join up with you some other time, dont wait for me" Sora. Bookmark here

Ayumi smiled and shook her head. Bookmark here

"What an idiot" She said with a smirk. Bookmark here

Ayumi returned her attention to her food. Bookmark here

Suddenly Ayumi shot up out of her seat and the same look of fear returned back to her face. The bowel of ramen infront of her was filled to the brim with blood and there were eyes and instetinal matter floating on the surface. Only this was no dream. Ayumi ran out of the cafateria leaving her food and crowd full of confused students behind her. Ayumi ran to the restrooms and burst through the door, she quickly made her way to the mirror. Ayumi saw her refelction, her eyes were a deep red and her iris transformed into slits. She quickly looked down at the sink that was situated below the mirror, she turned the tap on and began panickingly washing her face. Ayumi's breath quickened and she could feel her heartbeat thumping inside her chest. Bookmark here

"Calm down, calm down, calm down" Ayumi repeated. Bookmark here

Ayumi took a few long deep breaths. Bookmark here

She opened her eyes and looked at the mirror, her face had returned to normal and nothing but her regular refelction was looking back at her. "that must have been a hallucination i saw ealier in the cafateria" Ayumi said reassuringly. Bookmark here

"I can do this, i just have to get through this day without anymore outbursts" Ayumi said aloud. Bookmark here

As soon as the day ended Ayumi quickly made her way out of the front doors to the main school building and headed home, Ayumi turned down a narrow side street that surved as a shortcut to get to her home. Ayumi's attention was firmly locked on her phone as she walked, she was locked in a text conversation with Sora who was being his usual Jovial self which lucky for him Ayumi usually didn't mind. Bookmark here

"Hey Girlie" A voice called out. Bookmark here

Ayumi was broken out of her focus and she lifted her head and eyes away from her phone and looked ahead. A male figure wearing a balck polo shirt and jeans with a black cap on that slight concelead his face was leaning up against the wall about halfway down the sidestreet. Bookmark here

"Can i help you" Ayumi said hesistantly. Bookmark here

The man smiled slyly but did not reply. Bookmark here

Ayumi slowly forward, she could see the end of the side street it was only a few meters away. Bookmark here

"Can you help me, yes i think you can" The man said coldly. Bookmark here

Before Ayumi could react the man had grabbed her by the throat and pushed her up against the wall, He was using his other hand to cover her mouth. "You scream and you are dead bitch" The man said in a dark tone. Bookmark here

Ayumi struggled to get free but she was powerless, she could not even scream. Tears began welling up in her eyes and she began wimpering. Bookmark here

"As soon as i get what i want from between your legs, ill let you go how is that slut" The man said coldly. Bookmark here

The man reached into his jean pocket and pulled out a penknife, he bought the knife to Ayumi's shirt cut directly downwards, pieces of fabric and buttons from the school shirt fell off and hit the floor. Bookmark here

"MMM i cant wait to see what you got down there" The man said with a sadistic smile on his face, Bookmark here

The man ran his hands down Ayumi's body until he found himself cut off from his goal by Ayumi's skirt. Bookmark here

Ayumi felt her breath quicken and her heart felt like it was gonna burtst free from her chest, she felt as if she could black out at any moment. The man continued his forced assualt slipping his hand underneath her skirt. Bookmark here

"Damn this feels better than i thought it would" The man said with a sick grin. Bookmark here

"You think you know how turn a girl on" A dark cold voice said. Bookmark here

The man stopped his assault and looked up at Ayumi. Bookmark here

Her face was dark and cold, her eyes were a deep red and her iris was the shape of slits. Bookmark here

"Let me show you what turns me on" Ayumi said with a smile. Bookmark here

Ayumi grabbed the mans face and dug her fingers into his eyes. The man screamed in pain which forced him to remove his hands from underneath Ayumi's skirt. Bookmark here

"That's a girls special place, you should not touch without permission" Ayumi said mockingly as she dug her fingers deeper into the mans eyes. Bookmark here

The man dropped to the floor wailing in pain, his eyes were bleeding profusly. Ayumi did not stop her relentless assault she jumped onto of the man and threw punch after punch until the mans face was covered in cuts and swelts. Bookmark here

Ayumi wrapped her hands around the mans neck and squeezed. Bookmark here

Kill Kill Kill Kill- Kill him now - do it - Kill him Echoing voices in Ayumi's mind repeated.Bookmark here

Ayumi tightend her grip and squeezed harder. Bookmark here

The man gagged and chocked and struggled for breath until- Bookmark here

"AYUMI!" A familar voice shouted. Bookmark here

Ayumi turned her head still with her hands around the mans neck, she saw Sora standing at the end of the Sidestreet with a shocked and concerned look on his face. Bookmark here

Sora ran as quickly as he could into the Side street and managed to pry Ayumi off of the man who lay prone on the ground not moving. Bookmark here

"Ayumi what's wrong, why are you doing this" Sora said with a tone of urgency. Bookmark here

"He- he attacked me and now i am going to kill him!" Ayumi shouted. Bookmark here

"What" Sora said Bookmark here

He looked at her body and noticed her shirt was in ribbions and her skirt was pulled up. He then looked at the body that was still lying prone on the floor and the pieces of the story all fell together. He turned back to face Ayumi. Bookmark here

"Hey Ayumi looked at me, look at my eyes, you need to calm down" Sora said softly. Bookmark here

Ayumi struggled to pry her eyes away from her assaliant, but she slowly managed to lift her eyes up from the body lying on the ground and her eyes met sora's. She was reminded of how beautiful blue his eyes were.Bookmark here

Sora pulled Ayumi close to him, he was a good deal taller than her so she was able to rest her head on his ches with ease as they embraced. Bookmark here

"I've got you, shhh just calm down, you're ok" Sora said softly. Bookmark here

The words resonated through Ayumi's body and she felt her self slowly calm down. She pulled herself back from his embrace and look at him. Her eyes had returned to normal. Bookmark here

"Thank you Sora" Ayumi said. Bookmark here

Sora offered no response, he turned his attention to the body on the floor. He kicked the shoe of the man lying prone on the ground and heard a low muffled groan as a response. Bookmark here

"So he is still alive then, good" Sora said sternly. Bookmark here

He walked up beside the man and lifted him to his feet. Bookmark here

"Now get the fuck out of her or it will be me that ends your life" Sora said with a look of rage on his face. Bookmark here

The man ran out of the side street with speed that would make most professional sprinters jealous. Bookmark here

Sora turned back to face Ayumi. Bookmark here

"Ayumi i- i saw your eyes" Sora said. Bookmark here

Ayumi stood frozen at loss for words.Bookmark here

She had no idea what to say.Bookmark here

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