Chapter 127:

A dance with Trixy

The Y-files [GL]

“Let's hurry!” I did not like being late, but that was exactly what we were. Late. I always considered people that are always running late, not in control of their lives. They are chasing it.Bookmark here

After we got home late from the cremation, Josh and Nicole really kept me way too long, and if that wasn't enough one thing after the other happened, resulting in us being late now. Anna did not seem really bothered by being late, but for me, it was the first time that Anna's family had invited me to a party, and I wanted to leave a good impression. For once I did not want to be the focus of attention or make a fool of myself. I wanted everything to just run smoothly, and being late was a way to draw attention in a negative way.Bookmark here

We got out of the taxi. Anna and I helped each other straighten each other's dresses after the car ride. Thea had really outdone herself for our dresses. Anna was wearing a white dress that went too dark in gradients by the ends, and my dress was the opposite.Bookmark here

“So you can complete each other in more than one way.” Thea had written in a note packed with the dresses. Having a friend like Thea really was amazing for these kinds of occasions. Anna looked absolutely astonishing in her dress. Every glimpse I got of her made my heart beat faster.Bookmark here

We made our way to the entrance and were led to the ballroom. I was amazed by the size of the room and the beautiful gigantic crystal chandelier that was hanging in the middle of the room. The butler announced our presence.Bookmark here

All eyes in the room turned toward us, and I could a low murmur start. It seemed that our arrival would have put us in the spotlight anyway. I had no idea announcements like that were still done.Bookmark here

Maxima was talking to Kath. When she heard the announcement she immediately waved us over.Bookmark here

While we were walking over I heard whispers like “Isn't that the heir?”, “I heard she finally took her rightful place,” and then I heard someone say “I heard the queen has taken an interest in the girlfriend.” What was that all about. I decided not to let it bother me. It was all just gossip after all.Bookmark here

“Anna, it's fantastic to finally see you again at a family party. I'm honored you chose my birthday for your return.” Maxima said to welcome Anna. Anna answered by wishing Maxima a happy birthday and giving her 3 kisses.Bookmark here

“And Claire, I'm honored that you chose my ball as your introduction.” What did she mean by that? We had already met. Anna saw my confusion and quickly whispered to me “First ball.”Bookmark here

I noticed that my confusion had created a little smirk form on Maxima's lips. I remembered Anna's warning. Maxima was using this ball to test me. So I quickly copied Anna and wished her a happy birthday and gave her three kisses.Bookmark here

Maxima clearly wanted to say something more, but Kath interrupted her.Bookmark here

“Anna, Claire, I am so glad the two of you could make it, we must make sure to talk later in the evening.” She gave both of us three kisses and sent us on our way. For once Kath actually saved us from Maxima's games.Bookmark here

Maxima looked a bit disappointed, and I heard Kath say to her “You'll get plenty of chances later, the dance is about to start, let the children enjoy themselves.”Bookmark here

Luckily the gossip and stares had died down, I guess the novelty quickly dissipated. We were greeted by a lot of people. It went all so fast I do not think I would remember any of them on the next occasion. After several of these encounters, we finally met with a friendly face. Thea greeted us cheerfully with Narcy next to her. I couldn't help but notice the choker that was accentuating Thea's dress. They really had that kind of a relationship, didn't they? Narcy was super friendly to Anna and acted like they were the best of friends. My guess was that she was making an effort to leave an impression on Kath, who was the main sponsor of BOZAR. Or could it be that she was just happy to see someone she knew?Bookmark here

I complimented them both on their outfits, and Thea said “You like it? I let Narcy pick it out for me from my catalog. She has such great taste, hasn't she?” Narcy looked proud at the compliment Thea had passed her.Bookmark here

We kept talking for a while with them and we were discussing the play and the costumes when suddenly around us people started applauding and we looked toward the stage to see Tory in a fabulous dress walking to the center of the stage.Bookmark here

When she noticed us, she looked surprised and gave us a little wave.Bookmark here

“As requested by your host, tonight, I will play some waltzes for you. I will play for 45 minutes, then there will be a break, and I will return for another part later in the evening” She said humbly and made a little bow toward the public. There was a small round of applause while she made her way to the grand piano that had been prepared for her.Bookmark here

“Shall we?” Anna said while reaching out her hand toward me.Bookmark here

This looked all so formal and I thought Anna looked really cool by doing all those little gestures. As I took her hand, I realized I would have to trust Anna to lead me and let Anna be in control. I felt a pearl of sweat running down from my forehead because of the prospect. Every time I let Anna be in control, things got out of hand. And now, she would be in complete control...Bookmark here

Anna held me tight and whispered. “Relax, I got this.”Bookmark here

This was just a dance. Not much could happen from just a dance, right?Bookmark here

I looked up into her eyes and gulped. Anna was acting really cool and dependable, wasn't she? She is my girlfriend, I should trust her.Bookmark here

When the first note started, Anna guided me, and I let her. We were hovering over the dance floor, while the room seemed to be spinning around us. For some reason, dancing with Anna went a lot easier than dancing with Narcy. Anna's warmth spread through me while she guided me by the waist. Our movements were so in sync, that it felt like it did not matter where I ended and she began. We felt like one. I am sure that the way our dresses swirled must have looked like we were one single entity from the outside.Bookmark here

After the first dance, we stopped and applauded, when I noticed a beautiful woman with a powerful presence making her way straight toward us.Bookmark here

“I'm sorry Anna, but I am cutting in. I have to make sure my little Annya is in good hands.”Bookmark here

When Anna noticed the woman, she turned pale and nervously said “T-Trixy? O-of course.” Anna bowed to her, gave me an apologetic nod like she has no other choice but to do as she said, and left me with this stranger.Bookmark here

“I am sorry, but I seem to be at a disadvantage. Who are you?”Bookmark here

The woman looked at me inquisitively and then started laughing. “Just call me Trixy like Anna used to do. I'm Anna's childhood friend. She used to come and play at my house all the time.”Bookmark here

Another childhood friend. For a shut-in, Anna seemed to have gathered quite a few beautiful women as childhood friends. She seemed to be waiting for me to take her hand and lead the next dance, so I said “I'm sorry, but I only learned how to waltz yesterday, I can only do the female part of the waltz.”Bookmark here

“My mistake, you seemed to me like a girl that likes to be in control.”Bookmark here

“H-how?” How did she know? We only just met.Bookmark here

“Call it intuition, maiden of the yurivolution. .” Ah, that explained a lot. She knew me as the Yuri Jeanne D' Arc. Then she added, “I just can't imagine my little Anna as the dominant one.” She clearly had a completely different image of Anna than the one I had. Even though Anna had a meek side, Anna could be really strong and indomitable. I often felt like it was impossible to beat her. What kind of person would say something like that about Anna?Bookmark here

She took my hand, and as soon as the dance started she led me all across the dance floor. I noticed everyone else had stopped dancing to watch the two of us dance. My hope of not being in the center of attention for one night had vanished in a flash. Who exactly was Trixy?Bookmark here

She led me in a completely different way than Anna. A lot more forceful, but my dancing techniques would not allow me to do anything else except be led by her, so I did my best to just follow her to wherever she guided me.Bookmark here

During the dance, she started talking to me. “I heard you caught the queen's attention by writing her a letter.”Bookmark here

“I only know I sent it to help my friends. That's them, I said as we passed Elodie and Gazette in the crowd. I know nothing of how the queen reacted. To be honest, I am surprised she already got it.”Bookmark here

Trixy laughed. “Well, it was handed to her personally.”Bookmark here

She guided our dance to the center of the floor and said “Tell me more about why you wrote her.”Bookmark here

I looked at her and said “You aren't a reporter, are you? I was told to keep this away from the press.”Bookmark here

Trixy giggled. “You sure are funny, I can see why Anna likes you. Rest assured. I have nothing to do with those vultures.”Bookmark here

I decided to just tell Elodie and Gazette's story, and how the love of their mothers was going to result in them being unable to ever get married.Bookmark here

“That sure is quite the predicament.” She said with a more serious look in her eyes.Bookmark here

After the dance Trixy said, “Follow me, I have some things I want to discuss with you in private.” It was clear to me she wasn't taking a no for an answer, and seeing how Anna reacted to her, my guess was that it wasn't really an option.Bookmark here

My eyes quickly looked for Anna, who was looking at me, I felt bad for having to leave the dance.Bookmark here

“Can't it wait until after the dance?” I tried.Bookmark here

“I'm afraid I'm not sure I will be here that long.” She answered, clearly amused. It was clear to me she wasn't used to taking no for an answer. “But I will make sure, you will be back well before the second part.”Bookmark here

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