Chapter 0:

Prologue: Details of the War

Diary of Void: The Millennium War

Peace. One of humanity's greatest desires for over a millennium. 
For over a millennia, a war, now known as the 'Millennium War' ravaged cities, towns, countries, humanity and even life itself. 

80% of all living organisms perished in the millennia that the wars and battles ravaged through. From once a glorious continent filled with life, forests, rivers and lakes turned into a battlefield and soon after, a complete wasteland. A wasteland so large in fact, it covers around 26% of all land found on the planet. 

The Millennium War was fought by 2 allied sides; the United Western Council, later known as the United Front, fought the Second Entanian Alliance (or SEA for short).

Each country on either of the allied sides had a reason to join. Whether it was for land, resources, influence or just protection against the other side, there was only one reason every country had in common. And that was power. 

With the war held in an almost deadlock state, one single battle may prove fatal to the other side's chance of victory. New technologies were being thought up, created and developed to increase the chances of victory, the time was truly one of bloodshed but also one of advances in technology. 

This was what he entirely wanted. A world that was consumed in war and conflict so he can test his own weapons to strike back at those who killed the ones most important to him. When did it happen again..? A few thousand years ago..? 

No. When did it happen? Millions, billions, or even trillions of years ago was it? He cannot remember how long it has been. But the names of those he cherished, he would never forget, even until the end of time, space and everything else, and he would remember them even after his death.