Chapter 0:

Prologue: Details of the War

Diary of Void: The Millennium War

Peace. Humanity's greatest desire for over a millennia. 
For over a millennia, a war, now known as the 'Millennium War' ravaged cities, towns, countries, humanity and even life itself. Bookmark here

80% of all living organisms perished in the millennia that the wars and battles ravaged through. From once a glorious continent filled with life, forests, rivers and lakes turned into a battlefield and soon after, a complete wasteland. A wasteland so large in fact, it covers around 26% of all land found on the planet. Bookmark here

The Millennium War was fought by 2 allied sides; the United Western Council (or UWC for short), fighting the Second Entanian Alliance (or SEA for short).
The UWC is made out of the Sagen Republic, Dusmoru Kingdom, West Ruovil, the Pravlo Empire and 15 other countries. Bookmark here

Unlike the UWC, the Second Entanian Alliance is only made up of 8 (or 6) countries. Those were the: Eastern Sagen Republic, Futosaire, North, East and South Ruovil (also known just as Ruovil), the mighty Cloud Empire, the Groyu Peninsula and finally, the Juyu Archipelago Oligarchy. Bookmark here

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