Chapter 1:

Chapter 1: Act of Survival

Diary of Void: The Millennium War

Touimai, Sagen RupublicBookmark here

The sound of artillery was typical in the urban city of Touimai, Sagen Republic. Why? It's because the city was 3 kilometres away from one of the bloodiest fronts of the war. You might think that since the city is close to the frontlines that the citizens of Touimai have already been evacuated already. But no. The Sagen Republic's politicians and nobles are so corrupt that they only defend their country in order to protect their wealth and power. 
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And for the unfortunate 2.4 million citizens including myself, who are unable to evacuate, under the excuse of "defend the city to the last man" by the politicians, only work camps or death awaits them once the forces of the Second Entanian Alliance surround the city and capture it. Bookmark here

Ugh... I wish I had some food at least, but I guess everyone is thinking about that as well. 
Looking around, I desperately look around for some leftover food. 
I'll bet the higher-ups are enjoying a feast without a care right now. Bookmark here

There was no food to be found anywhere. The only useful things that I did find were old and broken robotic parts among the rubble. After a few minutes of searching, both high and low, I gave up. I then carried the items I found useful back to where I was staying. 
To my surprise, I didn't get confronted by anyone. Usually, I will get confronted by Jack and get only a third of my spoils back to my base. Bookmark here

This... is unusual. Did Jack finally starve to death? It's possible but it's highly unlikely. Maybe they scored big this time and didn't feel like apprehend by spoils today. 
The thought left my head when a quiet whistle could be heard. 
I dropped everything and ran into my base, ducked and covered my ears. Believe it or not, my base of mine, which I nickname HQ, survived hundreds of artillery shells and bombing in the past. It was made with spare parts I have collected over the years, mainly rusted steel and old parts of robots. Bookmark here

Seconds later, loud booming noises could be heard even though my hands are covering my ears. This lasted for over 6 rounds while I stared at my LED (self-made) clock hanging on a wall.
3 minutes? This is the longest shelling of Touimai yet. I have a bad feeling about this. 
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Yes, my hunch was correct. While I didn't know this but just then, the last remaining forces of the United Army perished. Meaning the entire front collapsed. The Entanian forces were coming to this city. Bookmark here

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