Chapter 0:

Entrance to the unknown dimension

Ápeiron (Hanged Man's Route)

In a world where there is nothing as far as you can see, or it would be more accurate to say that this is what a man born blind would see every day since birth, this does not mean that people in these cases see black. They simply see nothing. Absolutely nothing. In this place?, time?, space?, existence?, it doesn't matter, it is completely normal for the human mind unable to comprehend what is going on to go into a state of complete shutdown as a self-defense system to protect itself from extreme panic and all kinds of horrible thoughts as if there is no heaven or hell this is where all souls end up absolute nothingness and oblivion, I am dead, this is what a certain person felt before..........,thoughts that would not let you reach the realization of rest, never more. Until the sculpture collapses in on itself and as God said (I think?) everything that comes from nothing will return to nothing.

If I had to describe how I feel it would be something similar to the 'Chinese Drop' torture. It was an extremely piercing and excruciating method of torture, which caused unbearable physical and mental pain that not only took the victim's life, but also slowly alienated them. I find myself immobilized face up or I am down, to the left or to the right it is impossible for me to know which is extremely exasperating and I am beginning to feel more and more fear, pain, horror and all kinds of indescribable sensations that invade my soul. But as ridiculous and absurd as it may sound, what scares me the most is the existential emptiness, that tranquility and peace that is completely alien to my own being, being so calm in these circumstances scares me even more, only for the fear to be swallowed by the emptiness, and not to feel anything ever again.

I can't feel anything anymore.....pain...fear....uncertainty.....anything.....anything I just want to feel something..........I don't remember who I am anymore........I don't even know if I'm alive or dead........I get all kinds of disjointed memories and thoughts lacking solids and sense. .........I see a lonely boy with a hat.......I see happy people......I see sad people........I see dead people..........and suddenly I don't see anythingמזל טוב.
from the point of view of a third party, the whole agonizing process can be seen as that of a foreign substance slowly diluting in water until after a long period of time it ceases to exist and becomes part of the water eternally, only in this case the unknown substance is actually a human silhouette that rapidly decomposes in a grotesque way the skin and hair disappear leaving only the naked flesh as if there had never been skin and hair in the first place, then the flesh slowly disappears until only the bones are left and as if it were an act of morbid magic only the soul remains which cannot be perceived with the naked eye and a long time later there is nothing, absolutely nothing, only a space that cannot be defined in any way and where nothingness is unlimited. You might guess how painful and frightening the experience is, but if you ever felt anything at all it was nothing but absolute nothingness, there was never anything to begin with.