Chapter 1:

Unfertilized egg

Ápeiron (Hanged Man's Route)

Normally, if someone from our world could witness the beautiful view of our planet from space, they would be amazed at its beauty, but if that same, let's say "Earthling" saw the non-earth, they would feel a strangeness similar to what you would feel when entering to the uncanny valley but now on a planetary scale, what we would see as blue now has a grayish tone, and the continents try to roughly resemble those of our world, failing in the process, it is as if a child had given the planetarium a spin from top to bottom and would have ripped off several pieces of the continents and islands and then put them in the positions that would have seemed more fun leaving a messy mess, but what could compete more for your attention if you could see it would be the huge circle of fire visible from space, with smoke so black and thick that seen from above it seems that some higher force opened a great hole in the earth and second would definitely be the ridiculously huge body of ice where the equatorial zone should be, the ice mass covers from the lower part of a hypothetical mexico to the upper part of a hypothetical brazil and you could swear to see that there are mountains of black snow and red that would have nothing to envy the tower of babel in height, a view that would seem to someone outside this world, an apocalyptic version of our world after global warming, a natural disaster or perhaps some conflict that irremediably sabotaged the very structure of the impure and material world.

In this "Earth" there is a continent in the shape of a boa after eating an elephant (reference to the little prince) and in the center of the lump, in a wasteland surrounded by all kinds of hostile ecosystems from mountains, jungles and savannahs, but the strangest thing is a kind of colossal semi-transparent structure in the shape of an ostrich egg, the structure was so tall that it could easily equal everest and so big that you could store tokyo, delhi, Chongqing, Sao Paulo and mexico city and still have some space left, many would describe it as a real abomination of all kinds of unknown metallic materials and bright lights of all colors that gave the city a futuristic cyberpunk aesthetic. In this small country in a city called Meridian millennium in the western part a little far from downtown, in a boarding school within a large campus school? on the fifth floor of a building in room number 84-b, at 2 am on a Monday morning a young man is awakening from what appears to be a terrifying dream.

Paradigm shift

My name is..............Gael.........Devia...... I don't know why I suddenly begin to doubt my own sense of existence, I find myself unable to calm my heart and my breathing is erratic (it almost seems as if I'm not breathing at all), I'm not able to calm my heart.The darkness and clutter of the room only makes me more nervous, I hold my chest tightly as I roll on the floor as I roll across the littered floor as if on fire, the sweat and my eyes bloodshot Accompanied by the bags in my eyes, just look at the grotesque expression (similar to "The yawn" in the Museum of Fine Arts, in Budapest, but with open eyes and blood coming out of the pores of the skin) that I am putting through from the reflections of the TV and mirrors only makes me feel alien in my own body. Suddenly I am assailed by many memories derived from my current emotions, traumatic experiences coming back to me like when the priest of the church almost suffocated me in the blood of God, the terror I felt when the rat separated them in the corner of my room waiting to suck my blood as soon as I gave up my act of playing dead in bed, when he.... passed away after an agonizing end, when the next door neighbor was kidnapped and I couldn't sleep thinking I might have It was me, all the times I fell to the ground after receiving a painful blow or stab, death whispering to me every time I got seriously ill or injured, the existential horror of not knowing my place in the world and the feeling that assaulted me of it So that a pedophile abusing a small and defenseless child, came the terrifying and disturbing feeling of emptiness, the sudden nothingness. 

After what for me were hours of sinking into the void (although if you look at the clock it was only about 10 minutes at most), the good memories and experiences that I had during the 17 years that I lived began to come back to me. filling me little by little, friends, family, the memorable moments like: when I got up from the ground after each blow, he like many of the boys with whom I fought until we drew blood, we became friends, the liberation after distancing myself from the cult of beleth, every birthday and delicious food, the moments that the old monster, olivia, chaw and I shared before never seeing each other again in this life, all kinds of positive experiences came back to me. And the emptiness vanished as if it had never been there. 

Among all the mess in my bedroom, I felt alone but not sad or happy anymore just a neutral state, after looking in bewilderment for a short time I turned on the lights and checked in a completely instinctive and mechanical way if there was nothing under my bed , in my closet, in the corners of the room, only to not find anything or anyone, thanks to any higher entity there was nothing after the bizarre experience I decided to open the curtains to get "fresh" air, fresh that word makes me wonder what would the real fresh air feel like beyond the protective barrier before the millennial earth but it is an irrelevant thought I decide not to delve into it any further, after bathing in the synthetic light of red light, blue sky?, it has been millennia since the sky was blue, damn digressing again, where I was normally there are usually synthetic clouds made by a cloud generator but now there is a big and huge cloud of a black color and I would swear to see green effects with traces of dying faces coming out of the cloud, but that is absurd there are no natural clouds here how is it even possible that there is a cloud with an appearance so full of duplicity being so natural and at the same time so alien to my world as it can be, I look at her fascinated for a while but I decide to do what every good protagonist of an horror story or videogame would do, ignore things and not give them more importance after all, I can't do anything to change something anyway

I realize I just made another dumb mistake, I didn't write down the dream I was having and now I've completely forgotten about it, never mind, as I've always decided to minimize things and try not to get too hung up on them, seeing in that ugly space man watch my mother gave me when I was a boy, I have decided to take things easy and sleep a little more to be prepared for my school schedule, the school is very strict and has little hesitation when it comes to handing out punishments, really I hate this site but this is my last year and I will be able to leave this slave factory, remembering that thought I decide to read an old comic recovered from a distant time and uploaded to the hermes network, this is about an alien monkey who wants to find a piece to build a grail defeating 7 servants with his masters, using the chakra power to activate his bankai, thanks to the power of friendship and Christ the king awakens a guardian spirit while he poses and I fell asleep again. curses I was curious how he was going to defeat the father homunculus

I got distracted again, behave yourself, stay focused, be serious, what was I talking about?,never mind, I look at all the mess and destruction in my room and if it wasn't for the fact that I can still see the electronic lock glowing red, I would like to think that some asshole, drugged me and destroyed my room after stealing and gambling all night, although it would also be unlikely that the Cabrakan group neither they nor some overly violent student would do something like that in the safe zone of the dorms there are specific areas where you could truly hurt someone with little or no consequences within the campus itself, well first I decide to turn on my viewer to watch the news as a mechanical and routine act I have had for a long time, as always there is nothing good, while listening I look at myself in the mirror (Thank God it didn't break completely) messy dirty brown hair, the popular sheep hair, cute, an elongated face with a slim physique unremarkable, the most remarkable would be the gray eyes and the slightly reping nose added some fight marks scattered throughout the body, the most special would definitely be a cross-shaped scar on the shoulder and hand marks on the neck, back, wrist, etc.

As He bathed half quotient half asleep in a curious piece of machinery called a humidifier that actually served the same function as a shower head, although if you ignore the peculiar machinery that replaces objects of daily life, on a cursory glance many of you might have thoughts like "Look at that It's the future" but the most observant will think something like "It's not just futuristic looking showers, TVs, toilets and refrigerators" which is half correct, the function is the same, in the strange looking television called a visualizer, a transparent glass floating, as thin as a window with multiple connections imperceptible to the eye, transmitted a news program called "Palabras más, Palabras menos" on signal 55, at first glance it seemed like the stereotyped news channel, although a very limited number of people to whom our protagonist does not belong, you could notice that the entire program was made digitally, nothing that was seen and the screen was not real, neither the voices, nor the attractive female and male presenters, nor the stage, nothing was real, everything was a digital holographic transmission in real time, with the sole purpose of making the disclosure of information more convenient, the news of the day talked mainly about the increase in activity throughout the millennium land that has been in a state of turmoil for 5 years since the activity began in addition to the appearance of abnormal phenomena recently far and wide, many of these phenomena could easily be described as the will of God in our time, although in this future something as illogical as the existence of God is something that public figures will not say out loud.Among the news, things like: The increasing increase in criminal activity, the appearance of the cloud and the cult of beleth, the number of people being sent outside the barrier to secure territory, the common people being unaware of the increasing abnormality , but some feel a bad omen approaching at great speed.

After exactly 10 minutes Gael came out of the shower in 5 minutes he was dressed, combed, put on deodorant, cut nails, brushed and made up to hide his eyes, dressed in gray pants, black long-sleeved dress shirt with red tie with mandala print , elegant black hat, black shoes and stockings with fingers in addition to the same mandala print, now clean and tidy, he opened a steel cabinet and then pressed a button, activating a mechanism that opens a kitchen, 15 minutes later our protagonist prepares some " empanadas" enough for breakfast plus packing for recess, then he packed everything he might need for his work, put all the utensils and dishes in the cleaner, brushed, ate some breath mints to grab his previously prepared backpack, to finally open the electronic padlock walking nonchalantly through the corridors until you reach the elevator.