Chapter 4:

Self-proclaimed 'God' - Fall of Touimai (Part 3)

Diary of Void: The Millennium War

"I greet you Void." the man said. 

A thousand things filled my mind. 
I had never given out my name to anyone. How did he know my name? But put that thought aside for later I will need to know if he is a noble or politician.

"Huh. Are you a high-ranking politician?" I asked him. 

His face was the same as ever, only wiping off that grin on his face.

"High-ranking noble or politician?" He said. "Oh dear, oh dear. My authority does not bind me only to the Sagen Republic but to the whole world. I guess in simpler terms you can call me 'God' of this world." 

I scrambled my brain to figure out what the man could possibly mean. 

The man self-proclaiming as 'God' seemed to notice my confusion and continued. 

"Do I really have to spell it out for you? You, this android, this run-down storage facility, Touimai and everything to ever exist in the world, let it be from the start of dawn to current events, I and my personal hand-picked team created them." 

"What...?" I replied. 

"You heard me." 'God' replied. 

If he does really claim to be the 'God' of this world, then he should know about my curse that killed all of its bearers... Should I ask him about it?

"Ah? The curse right? Well, sorry fella, I made that curse, especially for you but somehow it affected your whole bloodline even before you were born." 'God' answered. 

He answered my question?! Does... this mean he could read thoughts? But that's impossible even with the latest mind-reading technology! 

"Yeah sorry, you weren't answering so I had to peek into your thoughts. And yes, I can read thoughts. Didn't I say I was the 'God' of this world? Mind-reading my own creations is an easy task."  

"Tsk. Fine. I recognize you as the creator of this world. And exchange, do please tell me more about this curse I bear." I said. 

There isn't much of an option. The android is holding a laser-powered SMG at me and judging by the weight of the gun and the muzzle size along with this 3-metre gap between us... it would take around 3.7 - 3.8 nanoseconds for the light bullet to reach me.  

"Ah! So you DID locate the hidden SMG! Bravo Void, not many people can even see the SMG in this dark room, even if you have night-vision eyes." God replied. 

My eyes stared at the screen with a blank face.  

Panicking, God quickly got his thoughts together. 

"Ahem! Anyway, I decided to put a curse on the main test subject we were following." He explained. "Now this 'curse' may seem bad due to it killing all of its bearers but that was really just me killing them myself. So please don't worry! Just think of this curse of a non-physical chip that allows me to modify yourself and things around along with communicating with you but I had to set it up, hence this meeting."

I stared at him with uttermost confusion at what he said, with most of the things he had shown me on the monitor not making any sense to me at all. 

"Oh, one last thing. You can keep this android as your partner in the upcoming 'Defence of Touimai' if you choose to fight, and all future events so please bring her along with you. And I can't have you always calling me God or Creator since it kinda embarrasses me, so just call me Uto. Anyway, I'm out!" Uto said. 
The mini monitor showing Uto turned off and retreated into the android's chest, disappearing fully. 

The next thing I knew, the android changed from her previous white clothes to the usual average clothes for the citizens of Touimai in a blink of an eye. 

"Order One completed. Order Two commencing." she said in a human-like voice.