Chapter 3:

Chapter 3: The Day I met Her - The Fall of Touimai (Part 2)

Diary of Void: The Millennium War

Touimai, Sagen RepublicBookmark here

After the usual shelling of Touimai, there was even more rubble from the mostly abandoned glass skyscrapers. Bookmark here

The first few moments after a shelling are the most valuable, since you know, free resources! Maybe I'll strike big today! 
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With that thought in mind, I immediately rushed out of HQ and headed down the alley toward a bunch of densely packed skyscrapers. The only downside of those skyscrapers is they are over 1.3 kilometres away from HQ, and if I wanted to go there, it's a pain in the ass. 
Why you may ask? Not only it's over 1.3 kilometres away, most of the roads are filled with large concrete blocks blocking the way. And even if there are roads that don't have concrete blocks blocking the way, then large gangs who you don't wanna mess with are guarding them as they claimed the roads as a part of their territory. I soon covered the 1.3 kilometres within 20 minutes which isn't bad, I'll say so myself. Bookmark here

Oh? That faint sound... 
I quickly stop and hide behind a wall. And making sure my escape route is safe and secured, I peeked over the wall. What I saw was the largest amount of people in a while. There stood an organic tree, with its leaves orange and red, falling gracefully to the ground in the middle surrounded by a wall of people, and behind them stand looming glass skyscrapers and buildings. 

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There are at least 150 people here! And about a third of them are wearing the same colours... are they in the same gang?
I wondered. The gang had around 20 men and 30 women all dressed in orange and each person had a unique get-up. Bookmark here

"Okay okay, everyone settle down!" shouted a man wearing a bright orange mask with white on it. "Everyone will get their fair share of this treasure chest! So please line up and wait your turn." Bookmark here

What? This city is basically a free for all! First come first serve is what they say anyway. 

The man in the orange mask was approached by a huge man with bulky muscles and long blonde hair. He held a strange item in his hands. He pointed the item to the head of the orange vest person.Bookmark here

Wait a minute... isn't that 'Gun Lord' Sachiga? The one that possesses the most amount of both laser and material guns?  And that gun... M9-LASER SA (Semi-Automatic) wasn't it? 
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Sachiga's name is far spread across the city and possibly the areas around Touimai as well. His name also can strike fear into many people alone. Even if you took away Sachiga's gun collection, he would be still driving people into fear alone still. That's how deadly this man was. Bookmark here

"Hey. If you're new to this city, how about I teach you what are the rules here? It's straightforward. The weak die and the strong survive." He said in a casual tone. Bookmark here

The man in the vest looked calm as ever. Bookmark here

"Ah! You must be 'Gun Lord' Sachiga! Welcome, welcome! What could we, the Orange Clowns do for you today?" Bookmark here

Orange Clowns? That would explain his way of speech and the weird get-up they all have.Bookmark here

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"What you could do for me is get YOU and your fellow clowns get out of my sight. This city has been abandoned by the upper ranks of this country, so it's now a free-for-all. We do not share valuables with strangers." He replied. "So now scram off, unless you want your head blown up." Bookmark here

The Clown leader still remained calm. Backing off slowly, he pulled out his own pistol from his waist, what seemed to look like a laser-powered CZP-10 within a second and pointed to Sachiga's forehead, along with knocking out the M9-LASER SA that Sachiga was holding to the ground.  Bookmark here

"My goodness, you certainly have some altitude. Due to certain events in my past, I wanted to help the citizens of this city but due to your altitude and by your words, shall we settle this with a battle and the winner gets to keep all of these valuable materials?" The Clown leader said. Bookmark here

"Oh? That was some nice moves right there." He replied to the Clown leader while taking out another gun. This time it was a material fully automatic SCAR-H and in his other hand, a SCAR-L (Both without the scopes). Both SMGs had a massive ammo magazine attached to them. "You want a duel? Fine by me."  Bookmark here

Apart from the Orange Clown group, and Sachiga, there were mixed responses among the rest of the citizens there. Sure, building material, daily life equipment and other important items could be found here however this is a duel to the death. Moreover, most of the citizens here don't own firearms so they would be at a massive disadvantage. Bookmark here

After waiting a bit, those who wanted to leave, left while those who wanted to gamble their life for these valuables stayed. Bookmark here

 I think it's best for me not to get involved with this. 
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Quietly and quickly, I ran out of the square park where they were grouped. As I ran, their voices slowly faded from my ears. Sounds of battle and firearm firing replaced most all other sounds.  I never saw 'Gun Lord' Sachiga ever again after this. According to future rumours, he lost the duel. 

Another 20 minutes passed, and I was back at HQ. After resting a bit and feeling down that I was unable to get anything, I decided to search in another part of the city. Bookmark here

Since that duel is in the North-West, and all roads leading to the major factories of the city in the East and South are either properties of someone or it's blocked. That means only West Touimai is available. Guess I have no choice then. Bookmark here

West Touimai is where a lot of the oldest parts of the city are located since it was the area where Touimai was originally founded. It got nothing really useful since all of the buildings are the old type made with stone, and steel, unlike the modern-day building which is made out of mostly carbon fibre and plastic. 
While dodging people and gangsters, I safely made it to Western Touimai. Bookmark here

"As expected... it's fenced off from the rest of the city." I remarked. 
It seems that they have reinforced the fence with cameras and low powered electric wiring huh.Bookmark here

But that didn't discourage me. As I knew a secret hole in the fence which has been there for years up to this point. 
In the North-Eastern parts of West Touimai, where no one lives, I guess the authorities didn't bother reinforcing this part eh? 
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"Ugh. Finally here. Let's not keep our hopes too high." I said to myself. Bookmark here

Upon further exploration, I found items that could have been over a few centuries old. After entering what could have been a storage facility, I finally found some food. Bookmark here

"Oh finally! Some food! Here we got..."
This is extremely lucky! All of this canned food is less than a month old, so they're pretty fresh! Bookmark here

After stocking up with new materials and food, I prepared to leave. But one thing did catch my eye. 
In a corner, hiding behind several old and rusted steel barrels, a human-shaped figure was lying there. Bookmark here

I decided to go check it out and walked to the corner. What I found was a super lucky find. Bookmark here

"A new android! What a find!" Bookmark here

With pale white skin, long silky ruby hair, rosy lips, a body more representing a female and wearing white clothes in a fashion I had never seen before. Slowly, I touched the back of her neck. Most androids have their power buttons there. Before my hand reached her nape, Bookmark here

"Programmed DNA of 'master' collected and confirmed, activating all systems."Bookmark here

"Wah?!" I instinctively let out. 
The android has been given life. All of her systems started to work and once she fully stood up, she opened her eyes. 
A lavish shade of light pink irises stared into my eyes. It felt like she could see my soul. Bookmark here

An awkward moment of silence before it was finally broken by the android opening her chest and a mini-monitor was shown. 
It turned on and I saw a man in a white lab coat with a grin on his face. Bookmark here

"I greet you Void." He said. Bookmark here

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